samson-vs-the-vampire-womenIt’s been a while since I did a Cheeseball cinema film and I figured with my 365 Movies in 365 days challenge almost coming to an end that I would try to fit one in. A couple of weeks ago, Chris Jericho posted something on Instagram about a legendary Mexican wrestler by the name of Santo and when i looked him up, he was basically a superhero. I also saw that Mystery Science Theater 3000 also covered today’s film (and that’s good enough for Cheeseball Cinema) which is known in America as Santo Versus The Vampire Women (in Mexico as Santo vs. las mujeres vampiro and the alternate name Samson Vs The Vampire Women). Professor Orlof (Augusto Benedico) is worried about a prophecy that says that his only daughter Diana (María Duval) will be the next Vampire queen. He learns that the prophecy is coming to life when a vampire by the name of Tundra (Ofelia Montesco) is on the hunt for her along with her henchman. So, the professor hires Santo to try and prevent the prophecy from coming true. The film also stars Jaime Fernandez (A Bullet For The General) as Inspector Carlos, Lorena Velázquez (Doctor Of Doom) as Zorina, queen of the vampires, Xavier Loyá (A Woman Without Love) as Jorge, and the film was directed by Alfonso Corona Blake (The Road Of Life).

santoI swear you watch these films to see just how cheesy they really are and this one definitely has it’s moments. If I was to talk to you about wrestling, I would compare this film to a wrestling film meets vampires. Santo is the face (good guy) of the film while Tundra and her three henchman (Fernando Osés, Guillermo Hernández, and Nathanael León) are the heels of the film. Tundra is basically their manager and they do her dirty work for her which is very typical of wrestling back then. It was also typical that they would get the face good, but he would eventually overcome and defeat the heels and save the day. The whole film plays out like that and we even get some wrestling matches as well. There is only one match that is worth watching and it’s the last one he has in the film, but you can see the beginnings of Lucha Libre wrestling in the film for sure. The cheesy parts of the film are like the bats that are obviously on strings or how the crowd can be heard chanting Santo at one point before they are dubbed to be saying Samson. I also loved how one Vampire tries to fly away, but as soon as he sees the cross on a building, he burns right up. The story is classic, but there are plenty of things to poke fun of in the film for sure. There’s no T&A here, but there is plenty of beautiful women as vampires in it. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I would have to give this one a 3 for a final grade because I did enjoy it (that’s cause I love cheesy films). 

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