george-michael-faith-b-25-02-2015I am probably going to get a lot of crap for this, but too be perfectly honest I don’t care. I will be honest that it wasn’t my intention to have this week’s album as not only the album of the week, but also the 200TH album ever reviewed by myself. 2016 has definitely been one of the worst years for music, sports, and various other celebrity deaths that I can remember as it has claimed some legends. This past Christmas, it was revealed that legendary British Pop singer George Michael had passed away from heart failure. So to honor the death of one of my favorite voices in Pop history, I have decided to cover his first solo record Faith as not only the album of the week, but also as the 200TH album ever. After disbanding his band Wham! the year before, George released his first ever solo album Faith on October 30, 1987. It would go on to be one of his most successful albums ever as it sold well over 25 million albums to date which means it overly surpassed Diamond status. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Charts and it produced six top five singles. George was also the first Caucasian artist to ever go number one on the R&B/Hip Hop charts with the three of the six singles.

george_michael_-_faith-back1. Faith– This is probably one of the most famous George Michael solo tracks with it’s rockabilly/Bo Diddley like guitar tracks as well as it’s  memorable lyrics. 5/5

2. Father Figure– A truly amazing track with it’s gospel like influences in a track that talks about power that a father figure has over someone. 5/5

3. I Want Your Sex (Parts I and II)– A funk style track that is divided into two parts on the original pressing of the album with the third part released later on. A lot of similarities between this and Prince is evident in the music. I think you can guess what the lyrics are about. 5/5

4. One More Try– A soulful track that explores a man who is afraid to enter a relationship due to the fact that he has been hurt so many times only to fall to temptation by the end of the track. 5/5

5. Hard Day– a dance track that sees the man struggling with a relationship where he’s just like love me already. 4.5/5

faith-promo-cd-blue_5006. Hand To Mouth– A very politcally charged track about immigrants getting denied access to the American dream during the Reagan years. 5/5

7. Look at Your Hands– A sax driven track that sounds like your typical 80’s song (which sounds a little outdated). 4/5

8. Monkey– Another dance like track that was a huge hit in the US in a track that is about getting rid of the proverbial monkey off your back. 4.5/5

9. Kissing A Fool– a Jazz like ballad that centers around George Michael’s fears of dating someone due to the baggage his life comes with. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– George was an amazing talent whose voice could resemble the greatness of Freddie Mercury at times. Some versions of the album featured the bonus tracks of a remix of Hard Day and the last part of I Want Your Sex. He proved with the album that he was an amazing songwriter and it showed on this. I am going to give the album 4.8 stars out of five for a final grade. R.I.P. George Michael (1963-2016)


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