sixth-annual-monster-entertainment-awardsI hope that all of you are excited because since 2016 is finally behind us, it’s time to look to the future and celebrate the best of the year’s past. With that being said, it is time to announce that the Sixth Annual Monster Entertainment Awards is here and it’s going to be a special one because we’ve added categories almost everywhere. We are also once again teaming up with MRXPunchOut as they will be bringing the wrestling side to the awards and they have also added some new categories too like Tag Team of the Year, Match Of The Year, and Tag Team Match of the Year for starters. Over here at Moshpits and Movies, we have added Rock Music Video of the Year, Metal Music Video of the year, Rock Single of the Year, and Metal Single of the Year. There is also a new category in Soundtrack of the year that joins all of our other categories so it’s safe to say that this year’s award show is going to rock. We will be announcing all the contenders for each category very soon, it was a huge year so there is a lot to comb through before we make it official. So stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, but for right have a happy new year and hopefully 2017 is a lot better than 16.


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