father-john-mistyHere on Moshpits and Movies, we have already reviewed 200 albums spanning all sorts of genres and sub-genres from Metal, Rock, Death Metal, Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Classic Rock, Soundtracks, and so much more. I am a deep lover of music and I love all sorts of different kinds which is why I started doing the Album Of The Week. It’s 2017 which means new year to start reviewing old classics and discovering new artists as we move ahead with our first album of 2017. Ever since I saw Josh Tillman a.k.a Father John Misty cover the Nine Inch Nails classic Closer, I have become more and more interested in just who this guy is. I discovered that he is a Folk rock/Indie Rock artist and I have decided to cover his first album under the name Father John Misty in Fear Fun. The album was released on April 30, 2012 and it debuted number 43 on the Top Rock Albums charts and number 123 on The Billboard Top 200 charts, but as of 2015 it has only sold 83,000 copies total. The album features Father John Misty (vocals, guitar, drums, percussion), Jonathan Wilson (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Organ, Mandolin, Wurlitzer), Keefus Green (Piano, Synth), Gabriel Noel (Strings), Casey Wescott (Bass), Wylie Gelber (Bass), Zach Tillman (Bass), Ben Peeler (Pedal Steel), and various others on certain tracks.

father-john-misty-fear-fun-lp-21. Funtimes in Babylon– The track starts with the acoustic guitar in a very melancholic mood as he begins to sing and the rest of the band joins in. The track looks to be talking about doing all the indulgent things you can do before time is up. 4.5/5

2. Nancy from Now On– Another mellow track with more piano that talks about destroying everything in your life. I love his vocals on this track, very soulful at times. 5/5

3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings– A more upbeat track with a killer drum beat and more electric guitar than the previous tracks in a rack that you would think was about the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but it’s really about liking sex. 5/5

4. I’m Writing a Novel– an upbeat acoustic/electric track that has a little Jerry Lee Lewis flavor to it and I feel its a track that talks about how we shut ourselves out to the obvious. That is what I think with a line like “Now everywhere I go in West Hollywood
It’s filled with people pretending they don’t see the actress and the actress wishing that they could.” 4.5/5

5. O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me– Very gospel like beginning to the track with the organs, but it also drives the song forward as Tillman sings with soul. 5/5

6. Misty’s Nightmares 1 & 2– A classic sounding doo wop era track (only in the beginning) that talks about his worst nightmares. 4/5

fear-fun7. Only Son of the Ladiesman– This is probably my favorite track on the whole album and it’s one that kind of talks of how one thing dies only to give way to something else. Check out the lyrics. 5/5

8. This Is Sally Hatchet– A cool Beatles sounding track at times that I think he is addressing tobacco or something you smoke. 4/5

9. Well, You Can Do It Without Me– An upbeat CCR like song that I think that Tillman is talking about his former singer from Fleet Foxes in Robin Pecknold. 5/5

10. Now I’m Learning to Love the War– Another melancholic like sound that gets upbeat at times. The track seems to be talking about how we value things that essentially don’t really mean much to us in the end. 4/5

11. Tee Pees 1–12– A country like song that has that Hank Williams sound to it and whose lyrics could be going in any direction. 4/5

12. Everyman Needs a Companion– A very cool track on the album that has a really cool riff with the pedal steel, Mandolin, and 12 string guitar. It’s a straight forward track about how every man needs a companion. 5/5

My Final Thoughts-This is definitely different than what I am used to covering, but I like it because he mixes so many styles into his music.  I am definitely interested in listening to more from him and I want to take the time to thank Spotify for being cool and having his music. I am going to give the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.


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