theo-vonWe’re trying to keep this train rolling with yet another Stand Up Comedy special, but this one is special in a way. The comedian that I chose for today has been gaining some notoriety for the comedy special that he recorded with Netflix. You either love him or you’ll hate him, but Theo Von, the MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge  star turned Stand Up Comedian released his latest special Theo Von: No Offense on Netflix in 2016. You already know from the title what you should expect from the special he recorded in his home town of New Orleans. In the special, Theo tackles topics like wanting to be murdered in New Orleans, Black Widows, family problems, being molested, having an older dad, Denny’s, drugs, internet dating, drugs, Yoga, Mississippi, being gay, meeting Brad Pitt, getting old, women with seven kids, farting, people we should get rid of, and so many more topics that he tells you no offense at the end of it.

theoI saw one reviewer say that if he is not Donald Trump’s favorite comedian, then he needs to start watching him and I am paraphrasing. They were basically commenting about that mentality of telling it like it is or at least the thought of having to do so. I thought Theo Von was hilarious and he’s the prime example of the kind of comedy that I like every once in a while. I like to hear someone make a joke out of something that I don’t have the guts to once in a while. There were a couple of instances during the show where the crowd just got very silent after a coupe of jokes. One was he made a monkey comment after talking about gay people and the other was about a woman who miscarriages by basically saying thank God his penis was still alive after living in there. Yes he gets pretty brutal, but it’s like he says at the end of it, if you were offended by any of his jokes then get the F*** out which is how I view it. If you are offended then do not watch the special at all, just turn it off. There are instances in the show where he is just great at storytelling like the one about meeting Brad Pitt which was amazing or the story about why all Denny’s restaurants suck. Check him out on Netflix if you dare, I am going to give him an A- for a final grade.


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