ozzmosisI have decided to be nice to all of you out there and I have decided that I am going to give you a second album of the week this week. 1995 was a very weird time for the wild man Ozzy Osbourne as he was supposedly retired from the business, but he changed his mind and came back with a brand new album entitled Ozzmosis. The album featured regular Zakk Wylde (Guitars) and it featured the return of Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler (Bass) as well as Rick Wakeman (Keys), and Deen Castronovo (Drums). When the album was recorded, they intially had Michael Wagener produce the record and it featured a different lineup with Randy Castillo and Mike Inez. When Epic heard the demos, they immediately replaced Wagener with Michael Beinhorn and Castillo and Inez were also out because it sounded too much like No More Tears. This is also the only Ozzy record to feature Castronovo, Butler, and Wakeman and it did fairly well as it peaked at Number four on the Billboard Top 200 charts (which is the highest charted Ozzy album ever) and it went 2x platinum.

ozzy_osbourne_ozzmosis_back1. Perry Mason– Amazing Key section from Wakeman starts off the track with the killer bass that makes you think it’s a murder mystery as they pay tribute to the legendary detective. 5/5

2. I Just Want You– I have always loved the intro keys and the way Zakk comes in with the guitar as he is just wailing away, but this is also an amazing track that has Ozzy questioning everything in Logic in the lyrics. This is a Ozzy Masterpiece. 5/5

3. Ghost Behind My Eyes– A slower tempo track (Not a ballad!) from Ozzy that explores that voice in your head known as your conscious. 4.5/5

4. Thunder Underground– This is one of the most badass tracks on the record that features a killer bass line from Geezer and some bad ass chugging from Wylde as the song just sound monstrous coming out of your speakers. It’s a track about someone who is so full of themselves they can’t see it. 5/5

5. See You on the Other Side– an amazing track on the album that I thought for a while that Ozzy had written about Randy Rhodes, but it could be paying tribute to anyone lost. Fun fact: Lemmy Kilmister helped write this song. 5/5

ozzy_osbourne-ozzmosis-cd6. Tomorrow– The track begins with a cool bass line and a slowed down tempo that is almost eerie before it explodes in the chorus in a track that seems to be about a person who is just inhabiting the earth and not doing anything. 4.5/5

7. Denial– I really like the overall message of this song besides the fact that I love the mid-tempo feel to it. It’s a track about believing in yourself and never deny the truth. So many great lines in this song. 5/5

8. My Little Man– This is the only track on the album of the two Steve Vai written tracks (Lemmy also helped write this one) that made the final cut for Ozzmosis. It has a very Arabic feel to the beginning of the track which is cool and it continues on for most of the track. 4/5

9. My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide– A bad ass riff right from the get go opens this hellraiser about how Ozzy doesnt hide his personality. 4/5

10. Old LA Tonight– a ballad of sorts with a nice piano part that drives the song forward as Ozzy is addressing the time he separated from Sharon (that is what I assume). 4/5

My Final Thoughts– For a record that never really gets enough recognition, this was truly an amazing record that outranks all Ozzy albums that came out after it. It was definitely a different time that the Ozzman was in as he was trying to save Metal. I am going to give the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.


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