almost-famousOne of my favorite comedians of the last five or so years has been the one and only Indian Canadian comedian I know Russell Peters. The last time I reviewed a special from Russell was a couple of years ago for his 2013 stand up special Notorious. Russell is the kind of guy who doesn’t pull any punches when he makes his jokes especially with his ethnic background. So, it was only natural that I was going to review his latest Netflix original stand up special Russell Peters: Almost Famous which was a hometown show for him at The Massey Hall in Toronto, CA. In the special, Russell not only uses his parents in this special, but also talks about topics like Asians, real doctors vs “Doctors”, aspirations of a 14 year old, a “hood” doctor, chicken plant, baggage handler, computers, plastic flowers, liking one of your kids better than the other, Russians, sleep, men going to the bathroom at night vs how women go to the bathroom at night, Canadian accents, and so much more in this hilarious one hour special.

russell-petersI truly believe that Russell hit another home run with this comedy special and the topics he touched upon especially when it came to the way he group up vs his own kid. I’m not sure if me laughing hysterically at when he pokes fun at his parents is racist or maybe just the fact that I have foreign parents so I know how funny it is poking fun at them. One of my favorite topics of his show was the part that had to do with doctors. He goes on a whole tangent about it, but it’s hilarious because in some weird way it actually makes sense if you think about it. The other part of the show I love is when he interacts with the crowd because in my opnion those are the priceless moments of the show when he gets to showcase his talent. He seems to have a lot of fun with their ethnic backgrounds and they don’t seem to mind either because it’s all apart of the fun. The other thing I love about the show is that he’s not trying to push a political or social agenda down your throats like I have seen in recent comedy specials. He gives you some life advice like you shouldn’t be afraid to travel, but if he does touch on anything political, it’s real quick and funny. You should definitely check it out on Netflix right now as we speak. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.


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