fear-factoryAt this point in the game, I have done over 200 album of the week reviews and I am shocked that I have never covered an album by certain artists that I love including the one today. When I was falling back in love with metal back in the mid to late 1990’s, there was one band that I saw live at an Ozzfest that had me hooked right from the start and that was Industrial Metal giants Fear Factory. When I looked to check out some material, Demanufacture was the first album that I was given to listen to by the band and it had me hooked for sure. The band at the time featured Burton C. Bell (Vocals), Dino Cazares  (Guitars), Christian Olde Wolbers (Bass), Raymond Herrera (Drums), and Rhys Fulber (Keys, Synths, Sampling, and Effects). This was considered the classic lineup of the band and it was the first time they had recorded together. The album itself is a concept record that follows a man who is battling against a machine controlled government with each song on the record a chapter in the man’s life. The band has stated that they took inspiration from the classic Sci-Fi film The Terminator when they wrote this record.

demanufacture1. Demanufacture– The title track kicks off the record and the story and it starts off with the factory assembling sounds and that sick double bass trigger before Cazares comes in with a crunching guitar riff that launches the band forward. The song follows a man who is sick of what is going on in society so he feels it’s time to revolt. 5/5

2. Self Bias Resistor– The song kicks off with high energy metal assault that is just pure brutality, but it’s a great pump the blood through the veins kind of song as the person in the story is literally pumping everyone up for battle trying to motivate them. 4/5

3. Zero Signal– An interesting track that fades in from nothing with a Terminator like riff before it differentiates itself with the synths and the double bass triggers and that machine gun like bass and guitar riff. The story follows the man as it seems that things are hopeless because he is down over what he sees. He’s almost lost hope during this never-ending battle. 4/5

4. Replica– This is probably my favorite track on the whole entire album and a concert staple for the band. I feel the song is being sung from the perspective of the machine because he is built to hate, but I think he realizes that too and wants to change. 5/5

5. New Breed– a straight up all out industrial metal assault that hits you like a jackhammer about a new breed of soldiers that only know to fight because that is all they have been bred to do. 4/5

6. Dog Days Sunrise– This is another favorite of mine on the record because the tempo is slowed down and very different. It’s a cover of Head Of David track and it’s an industrial metal dance track that everyone can jam to. 5/5

fear_factory_-_demanufacture_cd7. Body Hammer– This is a groove metal track at heart that reminds me a little of something that Pantera would have done except you just add the samples and stuff. Our main character is in peril as he sees so many of his own dead and he wonders if he’ll live to see the day they overcome or will the world as they know it end? 5/5

8. Flashpoint– I love the intro with the drum beat along with a killer bass line before Cazares tears it up with the guitars. The track is about someone who feels the need to lie to survive and he knows that he’s wrong. 4.5/5

9. H-K (Hunter-Killer)– It sounds like a lot military chatter in the beginning, but this is one of the most bad ass songs on the record when the music launches. The double bass triggers, razor fast tuned down guitar riff matches with the keyboard playing is just amazing. This is about the guy aknowledging that at this point he is a criminal and they have sent a terminator to kill him. 5/5

10. Piss Christ– an insane track that at times sounds like steel hitting steel along with the drum track. The song is about we worship leaders and dictators like they are Gods as they control our every thought and move. 4.5/5

11. A Therapy For Pain– The last track on the album that starts with the synths and some heavy bass riffs along with the power chords. The song seems to be about how he has been in this battle for so long that he welcomes death, but no matter how hard he tries to get there, it just doesn’t happen. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– These guys were amazing because they took death metal like riffs and mixed it with industrial metal and clean singing. They stuck with a concept and they ran with it as far as the story is concerned. Even though, we’ve heard stories like this one before, it’s still cool to hear re-imagined with music. I am going to give the album a 4.5 for a final grade.



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