billIt has been quite some time since the last Tuesday Stand Up special, but I figured that with already a month gone by in the year that I should start watching some of this years specials. The stand up comedian I chose for today won the first ever Stand Up Special Of The Year award for his comedy special Bill Burr- I’m Sorry You Feel That Way for the Monster Entertainment Awards. Bill Burr is one of my favorite stand up comedians that is out there in the scene who occassionally does movies and has an awesome animated series on Netflix called F Is For Family. So, it was only natural that when I saw he had a brand new special on Netflix called Bill Burr- Walk Your Way Out that I was going to check it out. The special was filmed at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN and in the special Bill tackles all sorts of topics like the 2016 Presidential election and it’s candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, The Wall, plus size models, shaming, India, getting fat vs working out, McDonalds, going crazy, his plan to eliminate the population, cruises, Hitler, a youtube clip of a gorilla learning sign language, and so much more.

bill-burrAs I said in the above paragraph that I am a huge fan of Bill Burr and everything he has done up to this point. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the special and that is not me saying that I hated it. I just don’t believe that it tops his last special that he had, but the crowd in Nashville could have had something to do with it. He had some real funny moments during the special like the Gorilla learning sign language one was hilarious, but his whole thing with Hitler and how he would eliminate the population problem didn’t go over well with the crowd and Bill have to explain what he meant kind of killed the joke in my opinion. It’s kind of funny that this special was taped before the election took place because I am a little interested to hear what he thinks now even though I am getting sick of seeing all the political talk int he world right now. He had some really great jokes and then some that were OK meaning it got a little laugh out of me. He is still one of my favorite comedians, but Nashville maybe wasn’t the right place to tape the special. I am going to give the special an B for a final grade.


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