maxresdefault-1When you think of comedians and who may just be the biggest around right now in Hollywood, you immediately think of Kevin Hart who is on his proverbial run as we speak. Whether you have seen his comedy specials like Let Me Explain, Seriously Funny, I’m A Grown Little Man, or maybe you’ve seen his blockbuster films like Ride Along 1 and 2, The Wedding Ringer, or even Get Hard, you are familiar with him. So, I had to see what the big fuss was about when it came to Kevin Hart and I rented his latest stand up special Kevin Hart- What Now? which was filmed in front of a sold out Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Kevin Hart’s comedy stand up specials always start with a film and in this one he is secret agent that has to try and get to his show while playing a card game to get the money with the help of Halle Berry. In the comedy special itself, Kevin tackles all sorts of subjects like getting married, moving to the suburbs, raccoon problems, would you marry someone after an animal attack, The Conjuring, ping pong, sex toys, bad sex, and many more as it was directed by both Tim Story and Leslie Small.

kevin-hart-what-nowIt’s a very weird situation for me to review Kevin Hart because I think I enjoy his stand up more than I do some of his films. When it comes to this one he is absolutely hilarious. I could not stop laughing at so many of his scenarios that he gave you like The Conjuring story or even the whole animal attack story that branched into so many subjects during his special. After watching this special, I am definitely convinced that he is a very funny comedian whereas before I wasn’t. One of my favorite stories that he tells with every special is anything that has to do with his father. Kevin tells you during the special that everything he tells you is true and man isn’t his life hilarious. I remember one special, it was the way his father acted and greeted people that was hilarious. In this one, it’s about a visit his father pays with a girlfriend of his that is in a wheelchair and why he can’t be left alone with the kids that is very funny. You should definitely give Kevin Hart a chance and check out this epic special that set a record for a comedy show. He has a way with connecting with the crowd that reminds me of Eddie Murphy and even Richard Pryor. I am going to give the special an A+ for a final grade.


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