It has been quite some time since we last did the Unsigned Band Of The Week post here on Moshpits and Movies. So with things calming down a bit more, we are going to be heading back on our tour bus and we’ll hit the states that we haven’t yet. The last time we checked in somewhere it was in Iowa, but this week we are heading to Delaware to check out a band that we think is pretty bad ass. When we think of Delaware I immediately think of the film Wayne’s World because there isn’t a whole lot known about the state. What we do know about it is Fisher’s popcorn and Rehoboth Beach, but what you should get to know is Houston, Delaware metal band Beyond The Barrier. Beyond The Barrier is a band that just brings pure intensity whether it’s the technical prowess of guitar players Grant Dawson and Ryan Evans or the the deep guttural vocals of Jay Evans. These guys are awesome and the track that I provided for you guys is their lyric video for the track Become One. If the Thunderous machine gun like drum beats don’t get you, then hopefully the elements I described before will. They are the real deal and they are a band that should be taken seriously. Check them out on Facebook or their Youtube page for more info and stuff.


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