Unsigned Band Of The Week: As Animals Eat My Insides

Posted: February 23, 2017 in Unsigned Band Of The Week
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We are back on the tour bus and we are leaving Delaware and we are heading to the Empire State of the South in Georgia for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week. The band we are checking out today comes to us from the ATL and they have one of the coolest names I have seen for a band in As Animals Eat My Insides. The band explains their name on their Facebook page saying, “The meaning behind our name: We live in a world which represents the “animals” who try and consume us with violence, greed, despair, and power. Stay strong and never give into a world that will try to change who you are.” The track from the band that we are checking out today is the song Daydreamer which comes from the band’s previous disc Devoured. The music is intense and in your face as the band approaches with a very intense style of metal and hardcore that is guaranteed to start a pit in a heartbeat. I love Jeremy Bond’s vocals in this track and how he goes from screaming to a deep guttural growl to singing all in the same track. This is definitely a band to check out and to let all of you know that band is gearing up to release a new disc entitled Ellipsis. So to find out more info about the actual release date and other info like touring, visit their Facebook page here. Check out Daydreamer below:

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