We are back on the tour bus and we are leaving Georgia and we are heading to the blue grass state of Kentucky for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week and for good reason. The band that we are covering this week is currently ranked the number one band in Kentucky on ReverbNation and they are coming to us from Danville, Kentucky, we are talking about Creature Of Exile. If you love old school Thrash Metal mixed with elements of Death Metal and Groove then this is the band for you because that is what Creature Of Exile bring to the table. At one time, the band beat out two nationally signed acts in Puddle of Mudd and Halestorm when they finished number three on Killer Radio’s top five of 2012 meaning these guys are the real deal. The song I chose for you guys today is the title track from the band’s newest album Age of Annihilation which by the way is out now. The song is just pure intensity right from the start with the razor fast shredding by John Massey and Jerrod Messick who have the task of combining their influences into the track which they do brilliantly. You can hear the elements of thrash incorporated with the death metal playing and the blast beats from drummer Eric Lyons and those awesome guttural vocals from Johnny Martin. This is definitely a band you want to check out and hopefully someone snags them up real soon. Give them a like on Facebook and check out their Reverbnation page while you’re at it.


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