2017 final fourIt is here, the moment you have all been waiting for when we separate the men from the boys. Two bands are one step closer to realizing their goal of winning the pedal to the metal championship which has seen the likes of Motley Crue, Judas Priest (2013 & 2014), Kreator, and Destruction (defeated Iron Maiden to win championship) all win the pedal to the metal championship. I was wondering heading into this tournament if we would finally see someone other than Judas Priest go back to back, but after three rounds of fan voting, we are going to once again have a brand new champion. In fact, all four bands in the final four have never been this far in the tournament which makes it even more exciting and this is also the first time in three years that not a single member of the Big Teutonic Four are in the final four. For Lamb Of God and Amon Amarth, this is the first time these two bands have been in the tournament so it’s a win no matter the result for both these bands. For tournament veterans Queensryche and Megadeth, this is a chance for both bands to finally win the championship that has been alluding them both since 2011 when the tournament started. You have until March 28 at 11PM ET to vote for who you want to see in the finals. I want to remind people that without the bands sharing the tournament, there is no tournament. This is a fan base vs fan base tournament so vote for the band you love and show your unity. If you forget how it works then follow this link.

  1. Nancy Edwards says:

    Queensryche Forever..!!!!!


  2. Nancy Edwards says:

    Queensyche! Is my Ryche!!


  3. Joe Mulry says:

    It’s pathetic how Queensryche is actively sending their fans to this poll. Once they were one of the best acts in Progressive Metal, now they scour the Internet looking for anything they can use to pretend they’re still half the band they used to be (PS, for all you Geoff Tate lovers out there, his new material with his Queensryche cover band sucks too).


    • Juan Ramon says:

      Sounds like Joe Mulry has a suitcase full of butt hurt. Ha. You follow Queensryche just to troll. Get on with your life, micropenis.


      • Joe Mulry says:

        Juan Ramon That’s the best you got? Run home son, the adults are talking and you need your diaper changed.


    • Jan says:

      No. The new Queensryche music is great. I don’t care for Geoff’s new material at all. Todd is the best thing to happen to a band since Dickinson happened to Iron Maiden. Thsy are totally amazing now. The Todd La Torre fronted version of Queensryche and Iron Maiden are my two favorite bands.


      • Joe Mulry says:

        Jan, I’m not going to start with your music choices, you like whom you like and that’s fine. But for a Progressive metal band, Queensryche hasn’t “progressed” since La Torre joined the band (not that I think he’s the problem – his voice is fine and he’s more than adequate for the job). Geoff Tate just wrote more interesting music, as did Chris DeGarmo. Listen to Eyes of a Stranger, then listed to Fallout – it doesn’t even sound like the same band. I wish they would have just stuck with the name Rising West and admitted it’s not the same band anymore.


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