asiaWhen you think of supergroups, most people think of bands like Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Fantômas, A Perfect Circle, and so many more. What people sometimes fail to remember that the 80’s featured one of the greatest supergroups of all time in English Progressive Rock band Asia. Asia was a band that was made up of a collection of English prog rock bands and the members were John Wetton (Lead Vocals and Bass) from King Crimson, Steve Howe (Guitarist) of Yes, Geoff Downes (Keyboards) of Yes and The Buggles, and Carl Palmer (Drums) of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. In 1982, the band would come together and release the biggest album of 1982 in the self titled debut and I literally mean the biggest because it peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200 and it was named the number one album of 1982. It has sold over four million albums all time and it’s the 95TH ranked album on the all time Billboard Top 200 Charts.

asia-asia-back-cd1.Heat Of The Moment– Literally one of the biggest tracks from the band that is synonymous with the 80’s in a track that is about how things sometimes happen because it was the heat of the moment. 5/5

2. Only Time Will Tell– A truly bad ass song from the band that opens with the cool keyboard intro from Downes. I think the track is about someone who is starting to realize what is wrong in his life and it could be the relationship he’s in. 5/5

3. Sole Survivor– Another track where Downes flexes his keyboard skills in the beginning as it molds nicely further in the track with Howe’s playing. The song is about someone who survives some horrific crash. 5/5

4. One Step Closer– A track that is sort of on the lighter side with it’s keyboard driven riff and great bass playing from Wetton. It seems to be about a guy who sees a girl from his window hoping that he’ll catch her eye and they’ll be on step closer. 4/5

5. Time Again– Wetton opens up the track with a monster bass riff and some cool playing from Howe and Palmer. The track seems to be about a guy who time and time agan gives into a girl’s demands. 4/5

ASIA_ASIA+-+24KT+GOLD+DISC+-+SEALED-5126746. Wildest Dreams– an interesting track on the album that seems to be talking about how society is falling apart before our very eyes. 4/5

7. Without You– Not a ballad by definition, but an amazing song with so many cool tempo changes and just some great lyrics. It’s about how life is not the same without that special person. 5/5

8. Cutting It Fine– A very folky clean channel guitar intro to the track that is driven by Downes and features some cool playing from Howe.  4/5

9. Here Comes The Feeling– a classic rock track from the band that features great playing from everyone. It’s an all around great track with some great lyrics as well. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– There shouldn’t be any doubt in your heads as to why this was number one in 1982. The 80’s Hair Metal scene was yet to take over and New Wave was just getting started. Nonetheless, it is definitely a very polished record from some of the best in the Prog rock game in England. I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.


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