trivium-silence-in-the-snow_800One of the few bands from the mid-2000’s that has managed to stick around on the scene since their awesome major label debut Ascendancy has been American Heavy Metal band Trivium. In 2015, the band would release their seventh studio album Silence In The Snow which was the first record to feature their third drummer overall in Mat Madiro who subsequently exited the band two months after the release of the record. The rest of the album was rounded out by Matt Heafy (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Corey Beaulieu (Lead Guitar), and Paolo Gregoletto (Bass) while the album was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge/Falling In Reverse). Fans will notice that the album features a different sound because there are no screaming vocals on the album. That is due to the fact that Heafy had been working with vocal coach Ron Anderson to improve his singing style after he blew his vocal cords in 2014. Nonetheless, the album hit with an impact as it peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Top 200 charts as well as number three on both the US Billboard Top Rock and Top Hard Rock album charts. The number 19 spot marked the third time the band had cracked the top 20 (In Waves #13, Vengeance Falls #15).

Trivium-Silence_In_The_Snow-Trasera1.Snøfall– a cool intro track that was composed by Emperor’s Ihsahn. 5/5

2. Silence in the Snow– The title track kicks off the metal mayhem as Paolo lays a sick bass riff as the song seems to talk about warriors which could be Vikings since they mention snow. It definitely has that classic metal sound to it. 4.5/5

3. Blind Leading the Blind– A track where Heafy admits that he is asking whether anyone sees the way people are being mistreated or the atrocities that are being committed in today’s world. 5/5

4. Dead and Gone– A cool metal track that has another sick bass riff from Paolo, but it is more of a modern metal sound. It absolutely crushes when you hear it. 4.5/5

5. The Ghost That’s Haunting You– One of my favorite tracks on the album where Heafy is basically telling you not to allow you fears to haunt you forever. 5/5

6. Pull Me from the Void– A more uptempo track which Corey has admitted that it was the last song written for the album from two different songs. The chorus and intro riff were from one song while the rest of the track was from another. 4.5/5

Trivium-Silence_In_The_Snow-CD7. Until the World Goes Cold– A cool track that is all about the journey to accomplishing your goals. It’s all about no matter how many times you get knocked down, you get back up and keep moving forward. It has some riffs that are very Slipknot like if you listen to some of it. 4.5/5

8. Rise Above the Tides– a track that is not only melodic, but it’s driving as well in a track that seems to be about someone who has given up, but the narrator is asking her to persevere through all the BS of life. 5/5

9. The Thing That’s Killing Me– a track that definitely has a punk attitude to it which makes sense considering Heafy’s first love was punk before he got into metal. The track is about taking a person who tries to hold you down and use them as motivation to keep striving for your goal. 5/5

10. Beneath the Sun– A seven string version of drop d tuning is what drives the song which features some cool playing from Corey and Matt. I have to agree with Corey where the lyrics matched with the song makes you believe you are in Egypt or something like it. Very cool track. 5/5

11. Breathe in the Flames– I love the melodic intro to this track, I think it’s totally bad ass. The best part about it is when the band finally kicks in because its aggressive as hell and in your face. One of the best tracks on the album. I hear Corey Taylors vocal style however. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– The album does have elements of metal in the style of Slipknot and Disturbed, but it has that Trivium sound as well. I thought that it was definitely a kick ass album that has gotten me back into the band. I am going to give the record 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.



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