circus-660x330-1Clowns seem to be the thing in Hollywood as of late or even just in horror films itself like Eli Roth’s Clown which was released last year or this years horror mega hit in IT. It just seems that people want to remind themselves why they have coulrophobia so I figured that I would join the club myself. The only problem is that the group of clowns I am providing you with today are scarier than your average clowns. Today’s 31 Days Of Halloween film is the 2014 independent horror film Circus Of The Dead and it stars Parrish Randall (Possum Walk) as Donald your everyday average West Texas suburban dad. Nothing seems to be going right for Donald, life just seems to be stale with is wife and two beautiful daughters. That all changes for Donald when he takes his wife and kids to the circus where they are spotted by serial rapist clown Papa Corn (Bill Oberst Jr.) who sets his sights on Donald’s family. If Donald ever wants to see them alive again, he’ll have to do what Papa tells him. The film also stars Chanel Ryan (BASEketball) as Tiffany Johnson, Roger Edwards (Captain Phillips) as TC, Ryan Clapp (Krampus: The Devil Returns) as Noodledome the Clown, Rusty Edwards as Mister Blister the Clown, Mike Williams as Jumbo the Clown, and the film was directed by Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon (Doll Boy). 

maxresdefault (4)If you are easily disturbed by things then I suggest that you do not watch this film at all because there are some real disturbing things. The character of Papa Corn is a homicidal serial rapist and I didn’t realize that going into the film which is why I said I have a group of clowns you will be afraid of. While it was disturbing to watch Papa Corn perform sexual acts on a severed head or masturbating outside a window to a couple having sex, they were so creepy and they did such a great job at it that they were the highlight of the film. The film was otherwise kind of lousy where there was bad acting from certain characters including an unenthusiastic ring leader of the circus. She sounded like she was reading off of a card instead of putting in the effort to sound like one. The best half of the film is actually the last hour of it where things get intense and you are sort of on the edge of your seat asking when is the madness going to end and where the hell are the police this whole time? The visuals are very graphic at times, but much credit to the set department for a job well done especially when are in their trailer. The make up and costume department also deserve some kudos as well. Other than those things, this wasn’t that bad of a film so that is why I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade. The ending to the film is one where you say maybe I should have seen it coming because Donald sure didn’t.


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