revengeThis blog segment originally started as me checking out some of my favorite horror films as well as some new ones and posting about them. Then after the 366 Movies in 366 Days challenge I did, it completely became about checking out and reviewing new films which is why I am not posting a Friday The 13TH review today. I decided to go way back and check out a film from the famous Universal Monsters and my personal favorite in the Gillman in the sequel Revenge Of The Creature. The film takes place a year after the events of the original Creature film as Lucas (Nestor Paiva) returns to the scene as he warns the boat crew of the dangers of the Gillman. After he is captured and brought to a facility to be studied, Professor Clete Ferguson (John Agar) and Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson) decide that they are going to study the creature until he takes a fancy to the professor’s girl and that is when all hell breaks loose. The film also stars John Bromfield (The Sheriff of Cochise) as Joe Hayes, Grandon Rhodes (Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers) as Jackson Foster, Dave Willock (What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?) as Lou Gibson, Robert Williams (Hang ‘Em High) as George Johnson, and the film was directed by Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space).

f27079e95e605a38c8de26054d77dbd1One of the things I liked about this film is the fact that the original person to appear is the ship captain (Paiva) who warns them that he had lost five people the last time they were there with the Gillman. I also like how they took him out of his element and brought him ashore to the US where they kind of treated him like a sideshow paying homage to King Kong. If we hadn’t learned from that experience then you can pretty much guess what happens here. I really liked Lori Nelson, I thought she was a perfect leading lady that was the love interest of the professor and the affection of the Gillman who by the way was once again played by two people (In water: Ricou Browning, On land: Tom Hennesy). The underwater scenes in the film were really good, it felt like you were really underwater with him. I thought that was a true highlight of the film was in the cinematography because it had to be on point for it to work. The story was really good and kept the film moving forward. One of the things was too obvious was when they were explaining that they were in the Amazon, you could tell that it was Florida that they were at, but that is OK I can pretend. Creature From The Black Lagoon is a classic in it’s own right and can never be touched, but this was a decent sequel. Check it out for yourself, I am giving the film an B+ for a final grade. 


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