Courtesy of Bipolar Facebook Page

It’s 2018 which means it’s a new year and we still have a ton of states to visit to accomplish our goal of 50 bands from 50 states for the Unsigned Band Of The Week post. We have already visited 32 states which by my calculations means that we only have 18 states left to go and the one that we chose for this week has been my most desired state to visit. We are travelling all the way to the City Of Sin in Las Vegas for a band that has been soldiering on for sometime in Bipolar. Bipolar is a band that epitomizes the ideals of being a DIY (Do It Yourself) band as they first formed in 2003 in Sacramento, California. After some years together in the band, Charlie and Brian Hanks decided to relocate the band to Las Vegas in 2008 for a fresh start. They soon added Jaisen Hinds and Kevin Lemus on guitars respectively, and the final piece to the puzzle in bassist Chris Kmit. The band has since been hard at work as they recorded five EP’s and one full length album giving them quite the catalog. The track we are checking out from them is also a music video that the band produced for their song Callow from their Amor Fati disc. The track starts off sounding like a lot of their influences from the Nu-Metal world, but when it kicks in, holy shit does this song kick ass. It’s intense in your face, and Charlie’s vocals are kick ass. That girl can scream and she can hang with the best of them. Check them out on Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, and even Twitter. Check out the video below!


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