bleachAs I get older, you start to realize that maybe you didn’t fully appreciate what you had in front of you when you were in the age of discovery. The 90’s was that age of discovery for myself and I had largely ignored a lot of bands, but I certainly acknowledge and always have the impact that one band had on a whole entire scene. By 1992, the world was still listening to pop music and hair metal while a band in Seattle was getting ready to wake everyone up with their major label debut. The band was Nirvana and Nevermind was about to change the way we thought about music and it got us away from the mechanical stuff that Labels had been throwing at us for years. I’m not saying that the grunge scene wouldn’t become saturated with bands because that is what labels do. I for today however want to backtrack a little with Nirvana’s career to check out an album that was raw and fresh. Nirvana’s first album Bleach which was released in 1989 and it was the calm before the storm that the LA scene had no idea was coming. The band was made up of Kurt Cobain (Vocals/Guitar), Krist Novoselic (Bass Guitar), and Chad Channing (Drums). I didn’t name Jason Everman even though he was credited, but in reality he didn’t play a single note. In 1992, the album peaked at 89 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts while in 1994, it went number one on the Billboard US Top Catalog Albums charts. The 20TH anniversary release peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Top 200.

bleach back cover1. Blew– Krist shines on this song in the beginning with his cool bass riff in this song about someone who just doesn’t live up to people’s expectations. It has the distinction of being one of the only songs the band continued to play throughout the time they were together and it was the second to last Nirvana song ever performed on stage together. 5/5

2. Floyd The Barber– The song has a very metal tinge to it which may have been thanks to a Celtic Frost tape that Krist admitted that the band listened to. The song’s lyrics talk about Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show, but it’s about a town that seems so perfect can have it’s dark secrets. This track features Dale Crover on Drums. 4.5/5

3. About A Girl– One of my favorite songs on the record that has a very melodic pop riff to it and that could be because Kurt spent a whole evening listening to Meet The Beatles!. 5/5

4. School– Distortion opens up this bass heavy track in Kurt’s love letter to school in which he actually hated. An amazing song on the record that has that punk flare to it mixed in with elements of rock. 5/5

5. Love Buzz– This is the band’s cover of the Shocking Blue track and it’s a perfect track for Krist to shine on. 5/5

6. Paper Cuts– Another track that has that metal feel to it especially in the beginning with the big drum beats, bass riffs matched with the distortion of the guitars. A very tortured track that seems to lead us to a point of Nirvana. You can see the similarities in this song with what Alice In Chains did with their careers. 4/5

sp34black7. Negative Creep– This is probably one of the most bad ass Nirvana songs ever recorded in history about an antisocial person in his perspective. 5/5

8. Scoff– a cool track that sees Kurt fire back at all the people that scoffed at him and didn’t believe he’d make it. 4/5

9. Swap Meet– A track that can be interpreted as a track about the Swap Meets that maybe Kurt was used to going to and a combo of a sorta love song too.  4/5

10. Mr. Moustache– This was a punk driven track that is all about Kurt distaste for racist bigoted jerks out there in the world. 4/5

11. Sifting– The last song on the record that is metal as hell in nature with some cool riffs from Kurt and a killer bass line from Krist. The track is about Kurt’s distaste for authority figures. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This is an amazing record if you actually take the time to listen to it. The seeds in this band’s rise are planted on this record and obviously perfected with the next album. My favorite tracks on the record for sure are Negative Creep and About A Girl with my least favorite track being Swap Meet even though I didn’t hate it. Just on the scale of things, it would be my least favorite. I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.



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