61_AT3_MAk0j_L_SS500For a very long time, there is nothing any fan of 80’s metal has wanted more than a classic Dokken line up reunion. In 2010, fans of the band thought that they were going to get the reunion when Don Dokken and George Lynch appeared on an episode of VH1’s That Metal Show, but of course it never happened. Hell, Guns N Roses reunited with Slash and Duff before they ever did a reunion. Then it came true very briefly at the end of September and October of 2016 when the band reunited for shows in Japan. In that process, the band managed to record some tracks. In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, George Lynch talked about the track It’s Just Another Day saying, “Don came in and sang it in a very quick session — it was a couple of hours. He had most of the lyrics in his head and he didn’t even write them down. Most of the melodies were kind of prepared, but it just kind of flowed, and we just bounced off of one another and it happened very quickly. I threw the harmonies on and we were done. It was that quick.”

dokkenThe track was recorded and would be included in an upcoming live album release entitled Return To The East Live which will be released on April 20TH. The band made a video for the track that they shot this past January and it’s fun to see. The video starts off right away at a photo shoot where Mick Brown can be heard joking about the fact that Dokken was making a music video. It then launches right into the video which is primarily a performance based video with some flashback scenes into the band’s past. The track has everything you would want from a Dokken song with some kick ass guitar playing from Lynch and the harmonies from Dokken and Co. Jeff Pilson who also served as producer of the live album and the recording had this to say, “I wanted to end up with the best raw energy that we could. When you take a band that hasn’t played together in 20 years, you’re not going to get one of those tight performances that a band has been on the road for a while has. I mean, when I do Foreigner projects, we’ve been playing together a long time and it’s really tight and every little detail is pretty much worked out. There’s a lot of spontaneity in Foreigner as well, but because the basic skeleton of it is so tight, it falls together very easily.” To pre-order the album, you can do so by clicking here for CD, Vinyl, and Digital options. Check out the video below:


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