downloadI am continuing on the same kick from yesterday because a psychotic man/doll once said, “nothing like a good strangulation to get the circulation going.” Slasher horror is one of my favorite sub-genres of horror and today’s film I once saw on a documentary about slasher horror so I figured I would check it out considering that Shudder had it available. The film is called Tourist Trap and it was directed by David Schmoeller (Crawlspace) and it follows a group of teens on vacation who go searching for a missing friend. The only problem is that they end up at an old wax museum tourist trap that is run by a sinister old man named Mr. Slausen (Chuck Connors). The only problem is that Mr. Slausen is a psychopath who kills his victims with the help of his telekinetic powers and tons of dummies that he controls with his powers. The film also stars Jocelyn Jones (The Enforcer) as Molly, Jon Van Ness (The Postman Always Rings Twice) as Jerry, Robin Sherwood (Blow Out) as Eileen, Tanya Roberts (A View To A Kill) as Becky, Dawn Jeffory (General Hospital) as Tina, and Keith McDermott (Ignatz & Lotte) as Woody.

tourist trapThis is one of those films that is definitely interesting to say the least and you can definitely tell why people within the industry started saying that the copycats showed up. They saw how successful Halloween was and studios started churning out as many slasher films as they could to try and have the next hit. The film is kind of like what would happen if you took House Of Wax and combined it with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I say that because our killer wears masks of various human faces while also making it look like he is turning his victims into mannequins. One part of the film that in hindsight was OK that I thought was dumb at the time was the telekinetic ability. I would have been fine with the idea of him turning his victims into wax figures, but adding the telekinetic powers was just too much. I definitely understand why they did it because they wanted their guy to be different than the rest of them. There were clues all over the film that this Mr. Slausen guy was not one to be trusted, but Holly looked like she was absolutely infatuated with the guy at times. The thing that made films like Friday The 13TH, Halloween, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre so amazing was that the stories were tight, the characters were strong, and the killer was genuinely terrifying. This isn’t an awful film, it just doesn’t live up the hype of the others if that makes any sense. That is why I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

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