the open houseI have been a big fan of Dylan Minnette (Let Me In) since I had seen him in the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. We have already checked out one film this year that starred Dylan and there was an Netflix original film that peaked my interest so I figured why not? So for today, I have chosen to check out his latest film The Open House which stars Minnette as Logan Wallace, your everyday teenager with aspirations to make the Olympics. Things are put on halt when he witnesses the death of his father (Aaron Abrams) who was hit by a car. So along with his mother Naomi (Piercey Dalton), they decide to take some time and live in her sisters mountain house. The only catch is that on Sundays they have to leave for a while because the Realtors hold an open house there, but that is when the weird stuff begins to happen around the house and they can’t figure it out. The film also stars Patricia Bethune (General Hospital) as Martha, Sharif Atkins (Close To Home) as Chris, Edward Olson (Illusions) as The Man In Black, Katie Walder (Bitter Brew) as Allison, Leigh Parker (The Funhouse Massacre) as Ed, Kathryn Beckwith as Joannie, and the film was written and directed by Matt Angel (Ha/lf) and Suzanne Coote.

the-open-house-netflixI do have to admit that I was a little bit confused as to what in the hell was going on throughout the whole film. I kept wondering is this going to be one of those supernatural films with an evil spirit? Is this going to be one of those films where a cult lives inside of this house, or is this about someone that is stalking them without knowing? You don’t have any indication of another person stalking them for a whole entire film because all you get is a woman who has dementia and thinks her husband is alive at times and dead at other times and then it’s not told whether a person is messing with them or is it a ghost. I was quite annoyed with the film at that because they chose to focus on the breakdown of this relationship between mother and son instead of letting us know that it is a person that is messing with them. Other than those major points, the rest of the film actually had some plus sides like great setting for a film and an amazing cast that did a good job with what they had. I think part of the problem is that I went into to this thinking that it was going to be a lot like the 80’s horror film Open House. One thing that I will say is that the killer is very creative when it comes to what he does to them in the last 15 minutes or so of the film. I also want to say that Piercey Dalton also has a very nice tush that you will see in the film. I am going to give the film an C+ for a final grade.

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