creepThere are several sub-genres within the horror genre, but none as controversial or criticized as the Found Footage sub-genre of Horror. Thanks tot he success of The Blair Witch Project, the genre came right to the forefront with every kind of angle imaginable. Nonetheless, not all Found Footage Horror is bad and I think I found a gem in today’s film. Creep is one of those found footage films that I decided to check out that was written, directed, and stars Patrick Brice (Safety Not Guaranteed) with Mark Duplass (The One I Love) lending a hand in the writing department and he stars in the film as well. Brice plays young videographer Aaron who is just looking to make some money with the skills that he has. One day, he decides to answer an ad from a guy who is looking for a videographer. That is when Aaron meets the mysterious Josef (Duplass) who proceeds to tell Aaron that he has cancer and that he wants to make a project so that his son can watch long after he dies. Aaron agrees to take the job, but the further he goes with the job is when he starts to notice that things are just not adding up and that Josef might not be the person he claims to be after all.

hqdefault (2)I will admit that at first, I kept thinking to myself where the hell are they going with this film, but when it gets to the good stuff the film gets really good. While Mark Duplass definitely deserves a lot of credit because he was the MVP, I think Patrick Brice deserves some credit as well. He does an excellent job playing the all too trusting Aaron who wants to believe that Josef is telling him the truth about why he is there. Mark Duplass just takes this film to a whole other level with his performance and he was the right man to do it because the role needed the charisma he possesses. I know what you guys are thinking and that is how is the camera work? For the most part, it’s not that bad because you have to remember it’s a videographer shooting the footage so there is minimal shaky camera work at best. That was actually a relief to me as well because I hate the found footage films that just rely on the shaky camera effect. If I wanted to watch that, I would have my two year old nephew walk around with a camera for an hour and the half. I definitely think that this is a film that is worth checking out because the end will shock you or maybe it won’t cause you will see it coming. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.

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