TV isolated vintageThere are films in this world that were tailor made for Cheeseball Cinema to the point that you just look at the title and you know. For example, various films from Troma Entertainment are Cheeseball Cinema worthy and anything that has the two words Killer Tomatoes attached to it, is as well. That is why for today I decided to check out the third film in the series entitled Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! and it was a VHS copy of the film. The film stars Rick Rockwell (Return Of The Killer Tomatoes!) as Detective Lance Boyle, who is having a very hard time believing that there is a such thing as killer tomatoes. That is until he is assigned to work with tomato scientist Kennedi Johnson (Crystal Carson) who uncovers an evil plot of the returning Professor Gangreen (John Astin) who is now assuming the role of talk show host Jeronahew as he attempts to brainwash the world. The film also stars J. Stephen Peace (Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!) as Captain Wilbur Finletter, Steve Lundquist (Earth Girls Are Easy) as Igor, Cal Worthington (Into The Night) as himself, Debi Fares (Killer Tomatoes Eat France!) as Woman Victim, John Witherspoon (Friday) as Evan Rood, Frank Davis (Twins) as Sam Smith, and the film was written and directed by John De Bello (Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!).

TV isolated vintageI think I was more excited about the fact that this was the very first film I have ever reviewed for Cheeseball Cinema that was watched on VHS. I found this film and the next one at my local thrift store and I couldn’t help myself as I had to own them both. Anytime, I am out in public, I am always thinking about you guys when I look at films and this was one film that fit the Cheeseball Cinema criteria well. For those of you that want nudity or T&A as I like to call it can forget that because there is a brief tease, but nothing else. The film definitely felt more like a spoof film of what was going on at the time with all the QVC like infomercials and the popularity of shows like Donahue and Geraldo in 1991. I also honestly believe that is what worked the most with this film is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously. They knew they had a ridiculous idea and they just had fun with it and that shows in the film. It is actually what made the film enjoyable with it’s Naked Gun like exaggerations of typical horror movie mythos. I definitely enjoyed the look of the tomatoes and the ridiculous Godfather tomato that wouldn’t talk for anything less than $100. The film was a lot of fun to watch and as ridiculous of an idea as it seems, it translated well in this one. I love the end credit post game locker room talk as well that we were provided with. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.9 for a final grade.

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