abbath metal singleOne of the great vocalists and songwriters of the black metal genre is arguably the one and only Abbath Doom Occulta who now fronts his own band Abbath. In 2016, Abbath released his first self titled solo record since having been in Immortal and it was an incredible record. Fast forward three years and he is now gearing up to release his second album titled Outsrider which comes out June 5TH via Season Of Mist. The band will have a whole new look with the album as Abbath has a whole new line up that consists of Ole Andre Farstad (Guitar), Ukri Suviletho (Drums), and Mia Wallace (Bass). The black metal legend has gotten everyone ready for the release of the record by sharing a brand new single with all of us entitled Calm In Ire Of Hurricane. The track opens with an ominous and brooding sound that just builds until the twin guitar assault begins and the thing that I love about this track is the fact that Abbath can infuse classic metal riffs with the fierceness of Black Metal. It’s an ability that he has been able to produce for quite some time and the track is amazing. I’m definitely excited for what the rest of the album will sound like. You can pre-order the album right now through Season Of Mist by clicking here. Otherwise check out the track below:

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