COMIC TITLE: Batman: Damned #3 (2019)
Lee Bermejo – Artist
Brian Azzarello–Writer
June 26, 2019
DC Black Label

Jl-TksreDC Black Label is an imprint of DC Comics that is meant to have more mature content inside of it so of course they can’t have a comic come out without a little bit of controversy. Back in September of 2018, DC put out Batman: Damned #1 which gained a lot of chatter due to the fact that apparently you could see Batman’s penis in the comic book. That is definitely one hell of a way to generate chatter, but I embarked on the journey and now DC Black Label has released the final issue Batman: Damned #3 which was once again written by Brian Azzarello (Joker) and illustrated by Lee Bermejo (Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel). In the previous issue, Constantine is still getting in the head of Batman as the bat believes that The Joker is still alive, but what in the hell does the Enchantress want with him and why is Harley Quinn dressed as The Joker? You see, The Joker really is dead and it’s all thanks to Batman and now everything comes full circle with the help of Zatanna who leads Batman to a path to take that very few would. Will he ultimately find the answer he is looking for and what judgment lies ahead for the Dark Knight? To read more on the comic, you can do so by clicking here to go to DC’s website.

Amh7Tlz6One of the things I love about this miniseries has been the artwork as Lee did as amazing job with it. He brought a horror feel to the comic that I feel was the best call to make and it definitely paid off as it was the highlight for me. It was very gritty and visceral as the various panels grabbed your attention from beginning to end. The panels are easy as hell to follow as you navigate through the amazing artwork of Lee Bermejo. There is one thing that I am almost for certain and that is I do not think that I cared very much for Constantine as he kind of annoyed me as the series went on. I loved the various appearances by DC’s darker and more magic infused characters like Enchantress, Swamp Thing, Deadman, and even Zatanna. It was basically Batman meets Justice League Dark in this series as they guide him on a journey. I love how the comic book ended because it gave you this huge twist as you question what was reality and what was not and I thank Brian Azzarello for that. I wouldn’t mind seeing this story being turned into a feature and preferably animated. DC has always knocked it out of the park in that department. Check out the comic at your local comic book shop before it’s gone and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+

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