COMIC TITLE: Deadly Ten Presents Blade The Iron Cross #1 (2019)
Yusuf Idris & Jason Strutz – Artist
Shawn Gabborin & Brockton McKinney–Writer
September 11, 2019
Full Moon Comix

JUL191943As you have already seen from some of my past selections, I am a huge fan of anything that is horror related. Whether it be an original idea like Ice Cream Man, Teether, or a comic based off of an existing entity like this week’s comic book of the week in Full Moon Comix Charles Band’s Deadly Ten Presents Blade The Iron Cross #1 which apparently is the first in a series of ten stand alone comics that Full Moon is going to be putting out. The very first issue is based off of a guilty pleasure horror series that I love in Puppet Master, but it focuses on one character in particular as it was written by Shawn Gabborin (Dollman Kills: The Full Moon Universe) while the art was done by Yusuf Idris (Grimm Fairy Tales). When the comic starts, it looks like Andre Toulon has either put the finishing touches on Blade or he is amusing the boy making him think they are sleeping. Well, everyone is except for Blade who infiltrates the Nazis and finds out that they have plans for his master. What is Blade going to do about it and can he stop them?

D10_BLADE_BodegaBox_900webThe comic is actually very good and I have to give the guys at Full Moon a lot of props because it felt like a scene straight out of one of the Puppet Master films. Essentially, if I am going to the comic book shop to pick up a title like this then what is contained inside this one is exactly what I want and what I am looking for. I loved the story and how it played out because there were so many twists and turns within one group that it kept you guessing and never fear because the action scenes were amazing as well. When it became time, the action scenes were almost as gruesome as the films and sometimes it looked better in my opinion. Yusuf Idris did an awesome job stepping in and making it as close and true to what we have seen in the past. One of the things I liked as well was the Tales From The Crypt like intro we get in the beginning and the end because it felt like we were watching a show. Credit belongs to Jason Strutz and Brockton McKinney for the intro and outro with Tapehead who strings us along into our journey into terror in the smallest package. I am interested to see what the rest of the ten comics will be, but we do know what the next one is and I look forward to it. So, if you love horror and Puppet Master then check it out and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+

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