COMIC TITLE: Dr. Strange: Surgeon Supreme #1 (2019)
Java Tartaglia– Artist
Mark Waid & Kev Walker–Writer
December 26, 2019
Marvel Comics 

01Since it is Christmas week, there wasn’t a huge selection of comic books to go through and pick from. It’s slim pickings on what is a little weird for me because I am so used to New Comic Book Day being a Wednesday, but because of Christmas it’s on a Thursday this week. Marvel has all the hot new number ones for the week, but there was only one comic that I ended up really giving a chance and that is Dr. Strange: Surgeon Supreme #1 which was written by Mark Waid (Daredevil) and Kev Walker (Star Wars: Doctor Alpha) and it was illustrated by Java Tartaglia (Thor: The Worthy). Dr. Stephen Strange is no longer the sorcerer supreme because his hands were healed through a deal with a demon and now he is dedicating his precious time to two different worlds. One being as a surgeon in his old hospital and the other is to the mystic world. Unfortunately for him, he can definitely feel the strain of being tugged into two different directions constantly. One day while in the hospital, a strange occurrence is happening outside because people are being brought into the hospital by bus loads. When he goes to investigate it, he runs into an old foe with a new lease on magic that could prove to be challenging for the sorcerer supreme.

image-101I tried reading Dr. Strange in the past and it wasn’t until I saw the film that I gave it a little bit of a chance, but this was actually a very interesting read. I loved everything about the comic because with this rediscovery of his abilities (as a surgeon) comes obvious cockiness on his part, but then you see the struggle and it makes him all too real. I also loved how no matter what, he can’t shut off the fact that he sees various types of demons in the hospital that obviously represent the various sicknesses the patients have, but he kept his word to not mix the two worlds. So, I definitely loved the writing in this comic and they leave you on one heck of a cliffhanger at the end when one member of the wrecking crew comes looking for Strange. It was enough to sell me into wanting to come back and buy the very next issue so kudos to the writing team. I definitely enjoyed the artwork in the comic because I felt that it fit the comic and it’s subject matter to a T and what more could you ask for. There is some great imagery in this issue and the comic is easy to follow along to because the panels are easy to follow along with. If you like Dr. Strange, then I suggest you give this one a shot. I know the constant number one’s can be annoying, but it’s the new thing at Marvel.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+

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