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It has been a while since I last did an Acoustic Track Of The Week which we used to do every Tuesday and as you can see we are bringing it back. There is a lot that can be said about a band that is able to take a song that is played electrically and then strip it down to play it acoustically. Jon Bon Jovi once said that it was the sign of a truly good song when you are able to do it flawlessly. Sometimes though, I feel that some songs just transition very well from electric to acoustic almost as if it was written that way. That us where this band comes into play as we present to you By The Way (Acoustic & Live) by Theory Of A Deadman. I found the band doing it live on Youtube so I chose that version instead cause it’s cool to see it happen in front of you, but if you want an audio version, the band released the acoustic version via iTunes or Amazon special edition bonus tracks. You have to watch as Tyler Connolly, Dave Brenner, and Dean Back blaze through the song as it sounds perfect live as it does as a special edition bonus track. Check it out below

mikaelaI was supposed to share this video with the world a month or so ago and it totally slipped my mind, but now is better than never. I have heard covers of Dio songs and Dio with Black Sabbath songs, but I never heard anything like what we have for you tonight from an artist known as Mikaela. Mikaela comes from the small island of Malta and after you hear this amazing acoustic cover of Black Sabbath’s Children Of The Sea, you are definitely going to want to know a heck of a lot more from her. Besides hitting the big notes that Dio would hit, she adds a harder edge to some of the lyrics which is really cool. This is one of my all time favorite Dio with Sabbath songs and she does an amazing job and her guitarist simply known as Daniel does an incredible job with the acoustic guitar. This is why I love heavy metal because when you unplug the instruments, this is what happens which is an amazing acoustic cover. If you want more information about her and some more of her music, just visit her Facebook page here.

To honor the fact that Marilyn Manson has allowed the world to hear his brand new album The Pale Emperor, I have decided to give you guys a rare acoustic track from the Antichrist Superstar. If I was to choose what my favorite Marilyn Manson record would be, Mechanical Animals ranks up pretty high on the list, if not number one. Every song on the record is brilliant whether it be the music or the actual lyrics that are thought provoking. The Last Day On Earth is one of my favorite tracks on the record so when I saw on Youtube that there was an acoustic version I had to check it out for myself. I truly believe the fact that the song is all acoustic and live makes the song even better than the electric version which is something very rare, but I truly believe that. The song is a lot darker and a little more eerie than the original version. It’s awesome and it ensures you the level of talent a band has when they can take a song recorded plugged in and they can unplugged the chords successfully. This is definitely one of my favorite acoustic tracks, so check it out below and pick up The Pale Emperor on January 16TH.

This is the acoustic track of the week and it takes a look into the skills bands possess when they convert a track that was once done electric and they unplug their instruments and challenge themselves to play their songs acoustically. It takes a lot of guts to do that and it proves that you’re music is great music when you can pull it off and Corey Taylor does something interesting with a very famous Slipknot track. Some loyal Slipknot fans might think that this acoustic version of Spit It Out might be sacrilege, but I think that it’s pretty damn cool and very creative on the part of Taylor.  At the Thunder Valley Resort in Sacramento, California, Corey Taylor did his best to perform an acoustic version of the hard hitting classic Spit It Out which is a concert staple of the band Slipknot. What we get is hilarious, but it’s also showcases what Taylor can do and the fans seem to love it as much as I did. It almost sounds like a rockabilly acoustic version, but I think you guys will get it as well as I did because music is all about having fun as well. This is taking a song that is impossibly heavy, having fun with it, and rocking out with no power chords attached to it. One of my other favorite moments of it is when he has everyone hop on one leg instead of getting down to the ground to jump when he commands it. So, unplug it and check it out below:

There are songs in the Skid Row catalog that are probably the easiest to cover unplugged like I Remember You, In A Darkened Room, 18 & Life, etc. Then there are songs that you wonder if the person playing the acoustic cover is really going to pull it off liek what Ben Owen does here with Skid Row’s fiercest song and title track from their sophomore album Slave To The Grind. The song is absolutely intense on electric, but Ben Owen makes it work as he translates it acoustically and not only does he play the song well, but he is actually a really damn good singer too. At times, you can hear him pull off Sebastian Bach like vocal ranges, but he also manages to infuse his own voice in there as well. This is definitely worth checking out if you have the time so without further ado, here is Ben Owen covering Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind:

I have to be honest with all of you that I am very unfamiliar with who Bring Me The Horizon is and so when I found the video of This Wild Life covering Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon, I had to look up the original version of the song. I have to say that I was very impressed with the original electric version the band produced and so I was excited to hear what the acoustic version was going to sound like, but the band I don’t think made one. So, we have to check out the cover by This Wild Life, a band from Long Beach, CA that specializes in acoustic tracks. A couple of things I noticed is that there acoustic cover is absolutely phenomenal and Kevin Jordan has some amazing vocals. It’s the perfect contrast to the electric version which is hard and in your face and the guitar playing by Anthony Del Grosso mixes well with Kevin’s vocals creating a soothing sound. For more information on This Wild Life, check out their Facebook page here and check out the song below:

It can be quite a challenge to take a heavy metal track that is already pretty heavy to begin with and turn the electricity off and perform it acoustically. Machine Head just released Bloodstones & Diamonds today (November 11) and to help celebrate the release of the new record, I decided to take a bonus track from the band’s last release Unto The Locust for this week’s Acoustic Track Of The Week. The track is called Darkness Within and it starts off on the clean side before the band turns up the distortion on the original version so the beginning two minutes of the track essentially sets up the easy conversion to acoustic. It’s the rest of the song that the band had to really convert, but they do a masterful job and I love Robb Flynn’s scat singing and his overall vocal performance on the acoustic version. The song is amazing and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of acoustic renditions of songs that were recorded electrically.