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Last year I posted an article about one of my biggest celebrity crushes besides Danielle Fishel and of course I am talking about Maitland Ward. Last year, she posted some amazing pictures of herself in the holiday spirit with some amazing attire. Well, she’s up to it once moreĀ as she once again gets in the holiday spirit with some nice pics. She took to her Snapchat account (maitlandward if you want to follow her) and she posted those amazing pics that I have provided for you today. So, check them out and enjoy!!!

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IMG_2031Maitland Ward, you may remember her from a post that is still widely popular on this blog when she got in the Christmas spirit, or the fact that she loves cosplay, or the fact that she was Rachel on Boy Meets World. Nevertheless, you should definitely know who I am talking about now and she s back with some more amazing stuff. Star Wars besides all the Marvel and DC stuff has been the talk of the town as the new film will see it’s release around Christmas time. Well, Maitland has gotten into the Cosplay spirit and she has some amazing photos that she shared on her Snapchat account (which you can follow by searching MaitlandWard). To help celebrate the fact that it is May 4 (May The 4TH Be With You) I have some of the photos below for all of you to enjoy. Check them out and follow her on Twitter as well @MaitlandWard

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maitland-ward-rachel-mcguireListen for a second because I have some news to drop on all of you. Recently, most of the cast from Boy Meets World made an appearance on Girl Meets World for their Christmas episode. The only character besides Topanga (Danielle Fishel) that I was interested in was the character of Rachel (played by Maitland Ward) who was the tall and beautiful red head that Corey Matthew’s (Ben Savage) older brother Eric (Will Friedle) and his best friend Jack (Matthew Lawrence) were obsessed with. Well, since it is the Christmas season and this is a new segment that I am bringing over to this one from my old blog called FCCC (Former Celebrity Crush Club) where I give you all my former celebrity crushes. Maitland started her career in soap operas with The Bold And The Beautiful before landing her gig on Boy Meets World. From that point on, Maitland hasn’t done a lot in the form of movies besides a role in White Chicks. So, a lot of us were wondering what ever happened to that beautiful tall red head? Well, one website grabbed some pics of Maitland recently getting into the Christmas spirit with some amazing photos. Besides these amazing Christmas photos, she apparently dresses up for Comic Con in that cool new thing called Cosplay. I’m only posting a couple of the pics from the Christmas spread, but to check out more of those, go here. Besides those pics, I also included one sexy pic from her cosplay pics. Enjoy and welcome to the former celebrity crush club Maitland Ward.

Maitland Ward nearly naked Christmas Tree decorating Maitland Ward nearly naked Christmas Tree decorating Maitland Ward nearly naked Christmas Tree decorating maitland ward 4