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RobZombie_Korn_SiteTeaser_550x307png17 years ago, Korn and Rob Zombie teamed up for the Rock Is Dead Tour, they would team up together 14 years later for the Night Of The Living Dreads Tour, and now they have teamed up again for the Return Of The Dreads Tour which stopped at The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA with upstarts In This Moment as the opener. The show definitely promised to be a memorable show with two of the three bands being very theatrical in their performances as well as this was a hometown show for Rob Zombie (originally from Haverhill). The show was definitely a mixture of sex, horror, and heavy metal as it was a beautiful night for some metal mayhem. In This Moment opened up the show with their band members dressed like demon soldiers of the dead while Maria Brink changed her outfits for every song along with her half naked dancers. I do have to admit though that Brink definitely commanded the crowd as they blazed through tracks like Sick Like Me, Sex Metal Barbie, and show closer Blood. The best way to describe her would be that Maria Brink is what you would get if Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga had a child.

IMG_6073After they were done, we knew that it was time for one of the greatest stage shows in all of metal besides Alice Cooper in Rob Zombie. Zombie hit the stage precisely at 8:05 PM with opener Dead City Radio and The New Gods Of Supertown before we were treated with a giant devil walking onstage during the next song Superbeast. From then on, he never looked back as we were treated to the macabre with a lethal dose of old and new tracks. Rob was definitely the highlight of the night as he and the band showed that they were true showman with all of the costumes, the props, the horror videos, and even a little Tone Loc Wild Thing cover before the band jumped right into concert staple Living Dead Girl. The crowd was treated by a visit from Rob’s wife actress Sheri Moon Zombie as she was delivering aliens for the track Well, Everybody’s F**king in a U.F.O. and they showed their adoration for her. He would blaze through classics like Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy), House Of 1000 Corpses, Thunderkiss 65, before tearing the roof off the place with their cover of We’re An American Band. He would show a trailer for his newest film 31 before ending the show with set classic Dragula.

IMG_6099Korn was the last band to take the set and they were a huge difference from the previous bands because it was all about the music. There are no theatrics when it comes to Korn, they basically have a bunch of lights, screens, and their high octane brand of crushing metal. The band sounded pretty good as they opened the set with the punishing Right Now before heading into the classic Here To Stay. Of course, Korn have a new album coming out in October so it’s only natural the band kick right into a new track Rotting In Vain before they dug deep into their catalog playing classics like Somebody Someone, Did My Time, Y’All Want A Single, and Make Me Bad. The highlight of the night for me came when singer Jonathan Davis brought out the bagpipes for Shoots And Ladders which ended with a snippet of Metallica’s One. When it came to Nu-Metal, there was absolutely no one better and Korn proved that as they brought all the energy you would want from a Korn show. The band finished off the night playing classics like Blind (which the crowd went nuts for), Twist, Got The Life, Falling Away From Me, and the closer Freak On A Leash. Overall, it was one heck of a night as we relived what was great about the 90’s and like Jonathan had said during the show (not an exact quote) that it was cool to have a place where all metal heads could meet to celebrate the music they loved. This was definitely one of my favorite shows of the year. The concert gets an A- overall for a final grade.

2F0918DE-E6AA-45CE-89326818F5FFFEC5For those of you that didn’t know, I am a huge fan of professional wrestling or Sports Entertainment as it’s called. I was a fan in the 80’s when it was called the Golden Age all the way through the Attitude Era of the 90’s to what is now known as the PG era of today. So, when I found out that professional wrestler, WWE Hall Of Famer, and the first ever Royal Rumble winner Hacksaw Jim Duggan was on a tour he dubbed The 2X4 Tour, I had to see him. He came to Laugh Boston last night (February 9TH) to tell stories of of his past that you never get to hear anywhere, but from the source. It was an opportunity to see a man that was a real American hero before it was the hip thing to do in sports entertainment. A chance to hear all those amazing stories from the golden age of wrestling and so on as it was an evening with Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

133One of the great things about Jim Duggan is the interaction he has with the crowd who definitely are not afraid to yell Duggan’s catch phrase Hooooooooo. He is so personable and he starts right from the very beginning telling you about his life in Glenn Falls, NY, when he met Fritz Von Erich in Dallas while he was going to school at SMU, to when he actually got into to the wrestling business with all the ups and downs that came with it. He gives you inside scoops and stories with some of your favorite wrestlers that you may not have known including an interesting story about Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Damian. One of my favorite stories that you could tell hit a special place with the crowd was when he talked about Rowdy Roddy Piper and the time they spent together in the Legends House. That was truly a funny and heartening story to hear from him. You may be wondering how can a man’s life and journey be so funny? Well, you have to see it to believe it because the man delivers it in a way that you can’t help but laugh. He literally becomes one of those guys you see that tell all these awesome stories that you can’t stop listening to. After watching the show, I could listen to Hacksaw Jim Duggan for hours on end. Towards the end of the show, he does a special Q&A session with the fans that for the most part goes very well with a few knuckleheads asking dumb questions, but that is expected. If you stick around after that, you can get autographs and a photo with the WWE Legend. For the amount of money it cost to go, it was probably the most fun I had in a very long time.


1As soon as people found out that Superbowl 50 was going to be played at AT&T Park in San Francisco, they immediately petitioned to have Metallica play the halftime show. The petition garnered a lot of signatures, but that didn’t matter to the NFL who deemed Metallica Too Heavy For Halftime which was also what Metallica dubbed their concert the night before the Superbowl at AT&T Park. As James Hetfield, lead singer of the greatest metal band ever told fans that they basically got the better deal because instead of a short three song set, they received a whole entire concert complete with a new stage setup as well. By the time the band ht the stage Saturday night, the weather wasn’t too bad as it was a nice 61 degrees out and the crowd was ready for one hell of a show. James, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo all looked in shape and ready to roll as they broadcasted the show online as well for fans who couldn’t make it.

2Metallica didn’t waste anytime when they hit the stage playing the classic Creeping Death which got the crowd’s blood pumping. They followed it up with For Whom The Bell Tolls which kept the momentum going throughout the show. The show was a mix of old and relatively old as they played everything from Kill Em All all the way up to Garage Inc. While the band sounded amazing there were a lot of times where Kirk would miss a note on a couple of songs, but he would quickly catch himself. The band still does their guitar solo, bass solo parts in between songs which seems to be an art that is kind of missing in metal concerts. Metallica kept the crowd going and they never faltered as they kept up with everything Metallica threw at them creating an amazing atmosphere. Some of the highlights for me during the show was surprisingly hearing some of the material from Load and Reload like Fuel, King Nothing, and The Memory Remains mixed in with the old material. As you get older, you gain an appreciation for the material.

9Metallica was very appreciative of their roots in San Francisco and it showed all night as they reminisced with the crowd. One of the cool facts that you found out during the show was that Cliff Burton loved the Thin Lizzy track Whiskey In The Jar which Metallica played during the encore as a tribute to him. They closed out the encore set with Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman with the same energy as they opened the show with. We also heard from the mouth of Lars during the end of the show that Metallica is going to release new material, but obviously didn’t say when it would happen. Metallica is one of those bands that if you’ve never seen live then you are truly missing out. This was an amazing show put on by one of the best in the business. Enjoy some pictures from the show and check out the complete set list below:

rock or bustDespite all of the misfortune and drama that has surrounded one of the greatest rock bands in AC/DC, the band has moved on from all of it. Despite not having Phil Rudd or staple member Malcolm Young in the line up (Young has dementia, Rudd was arrested), the band kicked off their North American leg of their Rock Or Bust Tour which sees the band promoting their latest effort Rock Or Bust. The first stop on the tour for the band was at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA which is the home of the New England Patriots along with new Soul/Rock band Vintage Trouble as the openers. It was the first time the band was touring in America since 2009’s Black Ice Tour so you now fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the band on stage for a night of rock and blues debauchery courtesy of Angus Young and company. One of the cool things about the tour is that it marks the first time that Stevie Young, who is the nephew of Angus and Malcolm, that he is on tour with the band in North America. The tour also marks the return of drummer Chris Slade who hasn’t toured with the band since The Razor’s Edge Tour as he takes over the kit for estranged member Phil Rudd.

acdc 1Once the lights went out at Gillette Stadium, you knew everyone was ready as you saw all the thousands of flashing devil horns that all the fans were wearing. The band exploded onto the stage with opener Rock Or Bust and Angus, who was wearing his traditional red schoolboy uniform, was as high octane as ever.Throughout the night, the band did a really good job of mixing old Johnson era songs with Bon Scott era tracks as they went from the classic Shoot To Thrill (Back In Black) right into Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be. The band would also mix in some of their new material as they played Play Ball before diving right into the classic Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. One element of the show that was amazing was the fact that Angus never stopped for a second while he was performing. The other highlights of an AC/DC show is of course the stage props that the band brings in like the giant swinging bell during Hells Bells, the inflatable Rosie during Whole Lotta Rosie, and the canon’s for set closer For Those About To Rock. One thing ccan be said about AC/DC and that is they might be the greatest rock and roll band of all time and they proved it last night with an energetic, but masterful performance. I would advise anyone that if you have never seen AC/DC live then you have to see them just once because who knows how much longer they are going to tour for considering they are in their 60’s. Enjoy some pics as well as the setlist from last night. While you’re at it, if you are on Facebook, check out our page and give it a like here.

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1One of my favorite comedy/metal/glam rock bands hit the stage at The House Of Blues in Los Angeles earlier tonight to celebrate the 21 years that the venue had been open. Why were they celebrating the 21 years of the venue? Well, they were because it was the last time that Steel Panther was ever going to play a show at The House Of Blues because it’s closing it’s doors very soon. The show was titled Steel Panther and Friends because the band was promising one heck of a celebration and they did just that with some amazing special guests to go along with their brand of comedy in between their amazing songs. The band hit the stage after being introduced by Sirius Jose Mangin with their roaring classic Eyes Of A Panther and then right into Tomorrow Night before the joking sessions started. The band is unpredictable and that is what is awesome about them. The crowd found first hand when they invited a young female fan onstage as the band performed Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World. They would invited a young Asian fan onstage to dance onstage while they performed the classic Asian Hooker.

Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt

The real highlight of the night for me were all the musical guests that they invited on stage with them (it usually always happens at a Steel Panther show), but tonight it was turned up a notch. The first guest they had on stage with them was the great Nuno Bettencourt of funk metal band Extreme who performed You Really Got Me by Van Halen. The next guest that came on stage later on was NYSNC’s Joey Fatone who performed Girl From Oklahoma and Community Property and was surprisingly really good. The next guests of the night came in the form of Ninja Sex Party, who much like Steel Panther are a musical comedy duo. They came onstage to perform Party All Day and that was followed by Dane Cook who performed Panama with the band. The biggest surprise of the night though as far as guests was the fact that Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus were actually there. Billy Ray Cyrus came on first to perform the Billy Idol classic Rebel Yell before his daughter joined him to sing backup for the Def Leppard classic Pour Some Sugar On Me. Ron Jeremy came onstage later on laying a harmonica of some sorts, but it only meant one thing and that was Steel Panther had one song left to play which was the anthem Death To All But Metal. It was a sad moment when the band said goodbye, but Michael Starr always looks on the bright side as he claimed that the show was already a back in the day moment.

11 copySETLIST

1. Eyes Like A Panther

2. Tomorrow Night

3. Fat Girl

4. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World

5. Asian Hooker

6. You Really Got Me (With Nuno Bettencourt)

7. 17 Girls In A Row

8. Gloryhole

9. Girl From Oklahoma (Acoustic) (With Joey Fatone)

10. Community Property (With Joey Fatone)

11. Party All Day (With Ninja Sex Party)

12. Panama (With Dane Cook)

13. Rebel Yell (With Billy Ray Cyrus)

14. Pour Some Sugar On Me (With Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus)

15. Death To All But Metal

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1Some of you out there may think that this is a typo or just hard to imagine, but it’s not a typo. Lollapalooza once again resonated from Grant Park in Chicago, IL for three days of music and art. Day one featured some great artists like Gary Clark Jr. and Sir Paul McCartney, but it was day two that I was looking forward to when the mighty Metallica hit the stage to close out the Samsung Galaxy Stage. The trash metal titans hit the stage in Chicago to further show how diversified the festival can really be on a day where it featured such artists as G-Eazy, Charli XCX, Django Django, and many more. Fans of the group were also in for a very rare treat as it was only the eighth or so gig that Metallica has done in 2015 so for a metal fan like me I was chomping at the bit to see the reigning kings of metal. It was also the first time since 2009 that the band played in Chicago and the first time they played Lollapalooza since 1996. After the bands usual intro of Ennio Morricone’s Ecsasty Of Gold, James said that he had an announcement to make and it as, “Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire…” and the band kicked right into Fuel from the Reload record.

2The band was fuel of energy as they delivered their special brand of high octane metal that the crowd was craving to end their day on a high note. At one point in the show, James had asked the crowd how many of them had attended a Metallica show with a lot of cheers and hands flying up in the air. He then told the ones that had ever been to a Metallica show to just follow what the vets did. The band blazed through all of their years as they played songs like For Whom The Bell Tolls, King Nothing, Disposable Heroes, and an amazing rendition of Welcome Home (Sanitarium). I have to admit though that I was a little jealous of the people who got to stand behind the band on the stage during their set as they had the best seat in the house. One of my favorite performances of the night came when the band performed The Unforgiven as James played the acoustic guitar as well as his electric throughout the whole song giving it that dynamic that we all love from the band.

4Every show honestly has their funny moments and the one for me came as the band was about to play their classic from Kill ‘Em All in Seek & Destroy. Apparently Lars wasn’t getting the notes right at first and James laughingly joked that the band had a new drummer and they tried it again successfully the second time around.  After nearly one hour and forty minutes on stage, I honestly thought that the band was done, but they came back out for an encore and the band certainly didn’t look that tired to be honest. The band opened their encore with Whiskey In The Jar and continued with Am I Evil after that before closing with two classics from the Black Album in Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman. It was the perfect ending to a night two that was amazing and this performance was further proof that Metallica are still on top of their game despite what anybody might say. They are the kings of metal for a reason and they are non like them.

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unnamedThe 8TH annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival came through Mansfield, MA as Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah, The Devil Wears Prada, and more stopped at the Xfinity Center. The only problem for Mayhem this year is the attendance numbers for all of the shows including a lackluster amount for the Mansfield stop. You knew it was troubling when the minute you walked in, the ticket takers told you to go to guest services to upgrade your tickets to better ones which is exactly what I did as I went from section 8 to section 3. The second sign that things were bad was when you walked to the second stage area which was usually held in a section of the parking lot, but due to numbers was held at the old second stage which hadn’t been used for a metal festival there since 1999. Unfortunately, I didn’t show up for most of the second stage acts, but I was able to catch Jungle Rot, Thy Art Is Murder, and one of my personal favorites in Whitechapel before I moved on to the main stage. While I was surprised that I enjoyed Jungle Rot and their style of death metal, I was a little discouraged at Thy Art Is Murder whose singer was more focused on the amount of “Hot Chicks” as he put it that were in attendance. Whitechapel came out firing with The Saw Is The Law and never looked back as they absolutely crushed it.

devil wearsAs far as the Main Stage was concerned, it was business as usual, but a sad site to see as there were thousands of empty seats all throughout the legendary amphitheater which could be the kiss of death. The Devil Wears Prada kicked things off for the main stage opening with Escape from their Zombie EP. The only problem for me for most of their set was that I couldn’t tell at times when a song finished and where a new one started. The one thing I can say for them is that they bring a hell of a lot of energy along with them. The band covered most of their bases as they touched upon almost every release giving you a history lesson on them and something to check out later on if you enjoyed the band. They also played a brand new track before they closed their set called Supernova which is off the bands upcoming Space EP. The Devil Wears Prada are definitely flying the flag for Metalcore as they made what I believe is their second appearance on Mayhem Fest.

hellyeahThe second band of the night to hit the stage was a very familiar one of the heavy metal scene as Hellyeah were in town. The band which boasted Vinnie Paul (Ex-Pantera), Chad Gray (Ex-Mudvayne), Tom Maxwell (who was playing injured as he was wearing a boot), Christian Brady (Magna-Fi), and Kyle Sanders (Bloodsimple). I believe that Chad Gray was trying to save heavy metal last night as he preached throughout their set that heavy metal was very important to them in their lives. It was almost like a plea that we need to keep the scene going and a notion that I welcomed with open arms. The band was crushing it as they went through almost every track off of Blood For Blood opening with Soul Killer, Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood), and many more. The only criticism I have for the band is I wish they had played more from their first two records, but they under time constraints which I understand.

king diamondI was looking forward to seeing King Diamond as it was my first time seeing the master of the dark arts and music. The man and his high falsetto voice is legendary in the metals scene and we were about to be graced with his presence. King Diamond had the more elaborate set design than any other band on the tour and it came complete with all the theatrics that he could fit into his setlist which included a visit from grandma. King opened with crowd favorites The Candle and continued on with Sleepless Nights (a personal favorite of mine), Eye Of The Witch, and so many more. One of the biggest highlights from the set besides the backup singer, the actress on tour with them, was the appearence of Kerry King who came on to perform a blazing rendition of the Mercyful Fate classic Evil. It was evident through out the whole night that despite open heart surgery a couple of years back, the man did not lose a step whatsoever as he commanded the crowd in Mansfield. He closed the set with Black Horseman from the legendary Abigail album and it was definitely the perfect ending to his amazing set, but it meant one thing that the legendary Slayer was about to hit the stage.

slayerWhen the lights came down for Slayer, the crowd was pumped and ready to go on this cool evening, but Slayers pyro was about to heat the place up. The band crushed it immediately hitting the stage with the track Repentless which is off of the album of the same name. For the first half of their set the band went through the best of their later years like Hate Worldwide, Jihad, Disciple, God Send Death, and they even threw in new tracks When The Stillness Comes and Implode, The highlight for me is when the second half of the set arrived and the band went through classics like Mandatory Suicide, Chemical Warfare, Ghosts Of War, but it was during the intro to Dead Skin Mask that I enjoyed. Tom Araya known for finding chilling and interesting ways to intro various tracks told the crowd that it was a love song even though it’s about famous serial killer Ed Gein. The band closed out the rest of their set playing hellish classics like Hell Awaits, South Of Heaven, Raining Blood, and Angel Of Death. Overall, it was a great night, but this could be the end of Mayhem Fest as we know it. It’s  sad thing because Ozzfest is gone and now Mayhem could be joining the ranks. What will replace it if this is indeed true? Only time will tell my fellow Metalheads.

foo fighters fenwayUsually during a very hot and sweaty day, I would not be looking all that forward to it, but the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, and his broken leg were at the legendary Fenway Park for night two of their two night stay. What has been dubbed as the Broken Leg Tour due to an injury he suffered in Sweden brought a different dynamic to the show because he was confined to a throne of sorts. That didn’t damper the mood of any of the fans who were there to rock out no matter what condition Grohl was in and it’s admirable that he has even done. I say that because most bands would have packed it up and called it a day, but not Dave Grohl. Day two of the tour once again featured Royal Blood, a band made up of a bassist and a drummer and local Irish punk heroes The Dropkick Murphy’s. So, it definitely promised to be one heck of an evening filled with rock music and the Fenway Faithful.

foo fightersThe Foo Fighters kicked off their set with a bang playing the very popular and classic Everlong and following that with Monkey Wrench which were obviously crowd favorites by the sounds of the crowd eruption. The band continued to deliver hit after hit, but the real fun of the show began during the playing of Up In Arms as Dave began to tell the story of how he broke his leg in Sweden and how he came up with the moving throne. That wouldn’t be the only moment of fun or unique moments of the night that Dave would provide because he had a whole bag of tricks. During the band introductions, he would play snippets of Let It Go by The Cars which was to evoke emotion from the local Boston crowd, I’m The One by Van Halen, and a special performance of The White Stripes Seven Nation Army that was sung by Dave’s own orthopedic doctor Dr. Lew C. Schon, MD. While I could have been OK with a snippet of the song, they did the whole thing and it actually wasn’t too bad. The show featured acoustic performances of songs like My Hero and Times Like These as well as some cool covers of songs like Under Pressure and a special performance of School’s Out by Alice Cooper with Sully Erna of Godsmack on vocals to give the crowd another local celebrity.

foo fighters 2One of the things that Dave Grohl does best is that he is able to get the best out of a crowd no matter what night it is or what city it is. He was able to get the crowd to sing as loud as the crowd possibly could like a true master of their craft could. The crowd gave it their all in return for Dave Grohl giving it his all that night. One of the funnier re-occurring moments of the show was when they would finish a song, the crowd would chant out Foo and if you don’t know it, it sounds like they are booing him, but they weren’t and he acknowledged it a couple of times saying that i freaked him out. One statement that I will make right now is that Dave Grohl with one leg was ten times better than most of your acts that are out there today because this was definitely one of my all time favorite performances. I can only imagine what the man can do when he use of both legs. The Dropkick Murphy’s were definitely another highlight of the night for me as the band blazed through some of the classics that got the crowd going like Tessie, State Of Massachusetts, and I’m Shipping Up To Boston. Overall, it truly was a fun night of rock and overpriced hot dogs, but a night I will never forget.



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0Ronnie Radke may be one of the most polarizing figures in all of rock these days as he admits to being an A**hole, but much like the lyric to the song suggests, he’s just like you. Ronnie has been having some success as of late with his band Falling in Reverse as the band rolled through The House Of Blues in Boston, MA last night as part of Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus tour which also features Ghost Town and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion as the opening acts. Falling In Reverse has been touring in support of their latest offering Just Like You via Epitaph Records which has had some critical acclaim amongst rock critics. The crowd in Boston which was a mix of teens and young adults, was definitely ready to rock out with the band that night as you could feel the energy in the air and the anticipation that followed when the lights went out as the show was being simulcast on Yahoo Live. The band started off with the final speech that Charlie Chaplin gives in The Great Dictator before they blasted right in with one of my favorite tracks on the new album in Chemical Prisoner which sounds just as amazing live as it does on record.

10The band blazed through a set that featured a mix of brand new tracks and some classics from the previous two albums the band has released like God If You Are Above, Sexy Drug, Rolling Stone, Tragic Magic, and Raised By Wolves. One of my favorite moments of the show as far as crowd interaction was right after the band was done playing Raised By Wolves. Ronnie was telling the crowd that if they had any kids or babies to throw them in the middle of the pit, but it was right when he says that the next track was, “The heaviest song you’ll ever hear. The heaviest song we’ve ever written” and then they bust into Bad Girls Club from Fashionably Late. Even though the interaction between songs was few and far between does not mean the band wasn’t on point through out the whole show. Ronnie was definitely the ring general of the band as he brought the intensity to the performances as any frontman should and his band was firing off on all cylinders as well.

18After performing new track The Bitter End, the band blazed through some classics like I’m Not A Vampire followed by Ronnie’s rap rock track Alone along with B-Lay before heading into the back to tease the crowd for a encore. As the crowd chanted out loud for Ronnie, the band reappeared on stage to play The Drug In Me Is You before Ronnie claimed that he knew that he was an a**hole. That is when the band announced that Just Like You was the last song of the set and the band brought some confetti with them that reminded me of how great concerts were in the 80’s as far as the spectacle that rock bands brought every night. It was an amazing show that non stop action from beginning to end with literally no filler and everyone who was a fan in Boston definitely received their money’s worth from Ronnie and Falling In Reverse. Check out some photos from the show as well as the complete setlist.

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5There are few bands in the world that get me excited to really want to see them in a live setting and Faith No More are definitely one of those bands. You can even say that Faith No More may be one of those bands that heavily influenced the Nu-Metal genre even if they don’t think so. The band has been touring the world since reuniting in 2009, but they haven’t done a extensive US tour in a very long time and not to mention they have their first album Sol Invictus coming out in record stores and online on May 19TH. So, last night the band stopped at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan as part of their 2015 North American Tour complete with almost their entire original lineup as Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, with their latest guitarist Jon Hudson. Nevertheless, the band was in form and ready to rock as they opened up with their first single off the new album Motherf**ker and the crowd was into it.

14Besides getting to hear some of my favorite tracks from classic albums like The Real Thing and even Angel Dust, the band played quite a few tracks off the brand new album which was a treat in my mind as a couple of years back I pondered if they would ever come back with anything new. They ran through classics From Out Of Nowhere, Caffeine, Evidence before they first real big hit single with Patton in Epic. After the song was over, Patton asked the crowd why they were not at the Hall & Oates show done the street and for a minute the band pondered the question before playing new track Sunny Side Up. In fact during their performance of Midlife Crisis, the band broke into Rich Girl by Hall & Oates for the interlude which was very cool to hear and Patton explained that they were into them. While the band is known for their high octane energy performances they are also known for being able to slow down the tempo to be smooth as hell like when they performed their covers of The Commodores Easy or Burt Bacharach’s This Guy’s In Love With You during the first encore. The band also had a special guest for the Detroit crowd during the encore as Patton stepped aside and allowed original vocalist Chuck Mosley onstage to perform the track Mark Bowen from the band’s first album.

16The band closed the night by performing another brand new track in the song From The Dead which Patton told the crowd, “Feel free to hate it.” All of the new tracks they played during the show make me even more anxious to adventure to my local record store to purchase the album which everyone should also do especially if you are a Faith No More fan. The band was of course decked out in matching colored clothing that made you feel you were at a religious outing and it definitely felt like the religious experience of a lifetime as we were all lucky to be able to view it on Yahoo Live as well. This was one hell of a night that I am sure the crowd will also never forget as the band still sounds as amazing as they did back in the late 80’s and early 90’s back in their “heyday”. Now enjoy some photos from the show from the show as well as the setlist.

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