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We here at Moshpits and Movies love Thrash Metal and we celebrate it proudly with album reviews from each member of the Big Four and various other artists in the community. Last year, we attended the Megadeth spring tour and one of the bands on the bill was a modern day thrash metal band by the name of Havok from Colorado. There were definitely one of the most impressive bands that day for the fact that they were fierce and ferocious. If you love Old School Thrash Metal, then you need to check these guys out for sure. On March 10, the band gears up to release their fourth studio album in Conformicide which is a play on the words conform and suicide. To gear up for the release of the album, the band has unleashed a music video for the track Intention To Deceive which is all about the media and government forcing you to conform to the BS that they are trying to feed you daily. The video is mostly a performance based video with the band playing in front of TV’s with no picture, but white noise.

suicidesilence2017One of the most controversial subjects in all of metal or deathcore is the brand new album that is going to be released by deathcore giants Suicide Silence. The self titled album comes out this Friday (February 24TH) via Nuclear Blast and it’s garnered a lot of flack because of it’s change in sound and style. I for one am all about artists reaching out to find their creative sides because that is what is all about. Being in a band is all about evolving and according to the band they are just exploring the many influences of deathcore. Nonetheless, earlier in the year, the band released a music video for the first track off the record called Doris and this is definitely a finalist for Metal Music Video Of The Year. The band released a 360 degree video which means that you can mess with what you see from various images of the band performing live to recording in the studio and more. It’s definitely a cool way to get fans introduced to the record and what they have in store for all of you. Check out the video below and mess with the angles a little.

downloadOne of the brash and most unapologetic musicians in the world in Adam Darski a.k.a. Nergal of Polish Blackened Death Metal act Behemoth has some thing a little different that he is releasing to the world. While being in a folk/alternative/indie band may not be what fans of his imagined would be next, his newest project Me and That Man is something you just cannot pass up on. I have always been a big fan of the American Recordings of Johnny Cash, the mellower Danzig tracks, and I just discovered a love for Leonard Cohen and that is exactly what you get with Me and That Man and their new music video for the track Ain’t Much Loving. The video is mostly a performance based video whose visuals match the tone of the audio where it’s very mellow and dark. Nergal talked about the project to Noisey saying, “With Me and That Man, the songs just come out in a very organic way. One would be bluesy, one would be more of a ballad, but put together they all made sense. I need Me and That Man to keep the balance, as the potential of my mother band seems limitless. It gets bigger and bigger, more advanced and more sophisticated… and darker …and blacker, but Me and That Man is at the opposite pole, artistically speaking. With all the best art, once you have it in you, you have to release it, otherwise it becomes intoxicating and dangerous to your own system. This is how I deal with my emotions and my dark feelings and shadows. This is not happy music, but it’s liberating.” I think this is an album that everyone should check out on March 24TH when Songs Of Love And Death is released via Cooking Vinyl.

You may be wondering to yourself how the staff here at Moshpits and Movies have chosen a track from an album that came out ten years ago has a music video of the week? Well while that is a good and legitimate question, we must also realize that there is a special reason for it. Back in August of 2006, Stone Sour released their critically acclaimed sophomore album Come What(ever) May which contained amazing tracks like 30/30- 150, Through Glass, Sillyworld, and my personal favorite Zzyzx Rd. Now the track which also happens to be the albums closer, never got the music video treatment it deserved and the band is about to release the tenth anniversary edition of the record which will feature bonus never before heard acoustic and b-sides. To help celebrate that, the band unleashed a music video for the song and we have it here. The video doesn’t feature the band at all, but it features various people walking down the same road as they ponder their life choices. I have always found the songs lyrics to be powerful and just absolutely amazing to listen to. Check it out below and you can pre-order the album right now here.

One of my all time favorite frontman in metal will always be ex-Pantera/current Down and Superjoint legend Phil Anselmo. He will always be an icon in my opinion and that is why when I see he has a new release, I usually pay attention to it which is why for this week’s metal music video of the week, I chose the new track from the rebranded and reformed Superjoint called Caught Up In The Gears Of Application. This is the title track off the band’s latest disc which came out a couple of weeks ago and it’s like any other Superjoint track where it is punishing and chaotic at the same time. The music video the band presents is definitely unique in where it has that old time silent film feel and look to it while switching back and forth to the frontman singing the lyrics. Anselmo described the video very well saying, “The video is supposed to be as ridiculously abstract as the song itself. But regardless, it makes its ridiculous point(s) dreadfully well.” I couldn’t have said it better myself as you see the band dressed in old time clothing handing out flyers in New Orleans to people who look uninterested. Check out the video below:

I am feeling generous so I am giving you a second music video of the week for you guys this week. Amidst all the chaos surrounding the wonderful new release from Metallica in Hardwired… To Self Destruct, the band has been gearing people up by releasing a music video for every track on the record. I actually liked the music video I chose for today the most in the song Spit Out The Bone because of it’s content. It’s a cool video that shows Armageddon like clips while also being based in a dystopian future which should sound familiar to metalheads especially this year since Megadeth did the same thing. The video even has that kind of a feel to it, but you can’t deny that the music isn’t absolutely bad ass and the video is too. By the way, the world has been taken over by machines in the video which shouldn’t be strange to us if you’re a sci-fi fan. A man who is our protagnist tries to protect a girl in the video while the antagonist which has the ability to send the machines anywhere in the past. Do me a favor and just check out the video below, it’s bad ass.


One of my personal favorites from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene has always been Killswitch Engage. A band that has always matched intensity with both aggression and melody to it’s very finest. That is definitely been the case with the band since the return of Jesse Leach to the line up and the band’s music is only getting stronger because of that. Earlier this year, the band released their latest effort in Incarnate that boasts some amazing tracks like today’s Music Video Of The Week in the song Cut Me Loose. Lyrically the track talks about almost being suffocated or restricted and not being able to grow and the music video the band released definitely portrays that to a T in the performance based video. The video finds the band playing in the middle of the desert which is symbolic of the lyrics and we also see it flash to furniture being set ablaze in the video. We also see a man who when the video goes in reverse, we see that he set himself on fire. The semantics of it could be that fire can represent rebirth or purification as I have learned from the video directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn. Check out the video below: