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dave chappeleOne of my all time favorite comedians from the 90’s and 2000’s has always been the one and only Dave Chappelle. Whether or not he made me laugh in his films like Half Baked, Undercover Brother, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, or through his amazing Comedy Central show The Chappelle Show, I have a sense of urgency to watch whatever he puts out. I mean let’s be honest for a minute, if it wasn’t for him, you probably wouldn’t have had Key & Peele (To which he says in today’s comedy special). So, when I heard that Dave had two new specials on Netflix, I was definitely checking them out. The first of the two specials that are on there is the first comedy special from him in over ten years and it’s called The Age Of Spin which was taped live at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.  In the special, he tackles all sorts of lovely subjects like the four times that he has met OJ Simpson in his life, A show gone wrong in Detroit, Dancing With The Stars, Making A Murderer, the Oscars vs Flint, Michigan, gay superhero, gays, LGBT Q?, Bruce Jenner, Philippines, Old School ways, the history of America, Bill Cosby, Kevin Hart, and so much more.

dave chappelleOne of the comments that kind of shocked me, but made me realize how it true it was, was the comment about Key & Peele. He said something around the nature of now you know how it feels to watch your own show, it’s called Key & Peele. It has been so long since Chappelle has been around, but he had to have known that others were going to take the proverbial ball and roll with it. I mean this is Hollywood after all, but nevertheless the comedy special reminds you of his brilliance. It reminds you that he is not afraid to say whatever he wants when he is up there and that is what we love about him. He has some real hilarious moments on the stage especially his rant on gays and even Bill Cosby. It was almost as if he had never lost a step because it looked so natural. It was almost exactly like the time Richard Pryor first came back to stand up, you didn’t know what to expect, but he knocked it out of the park and so did Chappelle. I honestly can not wait to cover the second of the two specials he has up on Netflix. I am giving him an A for this one.

8 jerrodThere was once a time when HBO had ruled the world of comedy producing specials from some of the greats like George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and so many more that it’s too much to list. For those of you that do not know who budding young comedian Jerrod Carmichael is, you may remember him from comedies like Neighbors and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising or his own show on NBC The Carmichael Show. Well Jerrod has a new comedy special that aired on HBO entitled Jerrod Carmichael-8 which was recorded live from Masonic Lodge’s Grand Hall in New York City. In the special, he tackles all sorts of subjects that range from Trump’s victory, animal rights, supporting the troops, global warming, being a good boyfriend, cheating, Jay-Z, Beyonce, fairy tales, grandparents in love?, plan b, being a parent, pro choice, fears, ISIS, and so much more in this one hour comedy special.

jerrodI don’t exactly know how to categorize or even describe the style of Jerrod Carmichael because it’s a sarcastic, but insightful style that he has. One thing that I will say is that after watching him for about ten minutes, you can definitely predict his jokes because he does the same thing over and over again. That was my one of my problems with the show overall was that it became too predictable and he sort of lost me for a while. I remember that there was only one joke in the whole show that I actually laughed at while I just sat there watching waiting for him to think that he was being controversial. Not all of it is bad though because you can definitely tell that he has a bright future ahead of him, I may just be out of his age range and that is a hard pill for me to swallow. He does a good job interacting with the crowd during the show and they seemed to enjoy his show which is another reason I say that he has a bright future. Check out the special for yourself because you may enjoy it more than I did.

mikeFor this week’s Tuesday Stand Up special, I wanted to check out a comedy special from someone that I hadn’t seen before and it was new like made in 2017. The comedian I chose for today is Mike Birbiglia and you may know him as Danny Pearson from Orange Is The New Black or you may remember him from films like Popstar: Never Stop Never StoppingThe Fault In Our StarsTrainwreck, or Sleepwalk With Me. Well. Mike just released a comedy special on Netfix entitled Mike Birbiglia- Thank God For Jokes which was recorded at The Brooklyn Academy Of Music-Harvey Theater. In the special, he tackles all sorts of subjects like the Jimmy Kimmel Intro Video, jokes, non offensive jokes, on time people vs late people, Yoga, inner thoughts, being broke, getting pulled over and arrested, Jesus and church, Hymns, not cursing at shows, The Muppets, nuts on a plane, Catsachusetts, Jared Leto, and so much more in this hilarious special from the Massachusetts native.

mike 2This was a very interesting comedy special to say the least and do not misconstrue my words because you have to read everything I say. I am going to give Mike Birbiglia one thing and that he has a very interesting approach to stand up comedy that is very calm. He has a certain zen about himself when he is on there and his style is very unique where he is almost a storyteller when he is up there in front of people. The whole special is essentially about this time he had to work the Gotham City Awards and he intertwines all these stories around it. One of the things I loved about his show was the crowd interaction he had whether it was constantly making the people that were late to his show a part of a running joke or just his overall crowd interactions that happened during it.The joke about Catsachusetts is pretty funny as well and maybe I connect with it from a personal connection since he is from Massachusetts. If you enjoy smart comedy then this is the guy to watch because he is funny in my opinion and he has a lot of great material too. I look forward to whatever else he has planned for the future. That is why I am going to give the special an A- for a final grade. By the way, check out the joke involving Jared Leto, it’s hilarious.

cincoFor this week’s Tuesday Stand Up, we find our selves coming back to Netflix for what should be an amazing Netflix stand up special because of the featured performer. I mean lets admit it, Netflix has been on their a game for a while now. Whether you love his jokes about Hot Pockets, Donuts, or you loved his TV Land series The Jim Gaffigan Show, you have to admit that you love comedian Jim Gaffigan. Well, Jim returned to the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio for his fifth conveniently titled Netflix original stand up special Jim Gaffigan-Cinco. In Cinco, Jim tackles all sorts of interesting topics like being fat and loving it, Summer vs Winter, Siberia, Wisconsin, Getting tricked to move to the midwest, spring vs fall, Mary Had A Little Lamb, vacationing in Western Mass, hiking, SUV’s vs Trucks, TV Shows, Netflix, Cable, Flip Phones, morning people, okay costumes vs not ok costumes, Airport security, the fair, elevators, and so much more hilarious topics that is sure to make you laugh.

jim-gaffiganIf you have never seen a Jim Gaffigan stand up special, then you definitely do not know what you are missing out on. The man is a genius in the world of comedy because not only are the topics funny, but the way he delivers them is phenomenal. The delivery and the reasoning he gives you behind his jokes is what catches your attention from the start. He is truly an amazing storyteller which is kind of an important thing about a stand up comedian in my opinion. I mean for example, he talks about foliage which may seem like a borign subject, but the delivery of the punch line in, “hey kids want to jump in the pile of dead leaves? No, I’ll just light them on fire” is what makes you laugh. The tandem he goes on about there being too many TV shows and how it’s like being in relationships is freakin hilarious cause it’s true. I know during the special, he says that this is his fifth special for five kids that he has so hopefully this is the last, but I hope for sure that there will definitely be more from Jim Gaffigan. I haven’t laughed this hard at a special in a very long time and I thank Jim for that. That is why I am going to give the special an A+ for a final grade.

roy-wood-jr-640x496For this week’s Tuesday Stand Up Special, we wanted to do something different because so many times we just check out Netflix Stand Up specials and there’s so much more out there. Sometimes I forget that there is a channel on all cable and satellite providers called Comedy Central which was built on stand up and original programming. So with that being said, I decided to check out a brand new special on Comedy Central from Roy Wood Jr. You may be asking yourself, just who is Roy Wood Jr.? Whether he made you laugh on Sullivan & Son or he currently makes you laugh on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, you know who he is and if you don’t then be aware. The special that he recorded from Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, GA is Roy Wood Jr.-Father Figure. In the special Roy Wood Jr. tackles topics like the Confederate Flag, Gay people, The  N Word, white tour guide vs a black tour guide in a black history museum, the blues, patriotic songs, Georgia, James Brown’s Living In America, humming and slow motion falling in civil rights movies, two different Americas, McDonald’s charging for sauce, Cruise ship captains vs airline pilots, and many more hilarious topics.

royAt first when you watch the special you start to think that maybe Roy has an agenda with his comedy special like so many others have done (e.g. Iliza and her women’s rights). Then you continue to watch the special and you start to figure out that this guy is hilarious in the way that he delivers the joke which starts off like a serious antidote, but then the delivery of the punch line makes you laugh. One of my favorite jokes in the whole special has to do with the film Titanic. Yeah you know the one that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The joke that he delivers is absolutely hilarious because it actually could be true and he shed some new light on a film that I was not a fan of. He talks about how Titanic is a superhero film and if you don’t believe him on that, then listen to what he has to say cause he may change your mind. This is definitely one that you should put on your list to watch because it’s great and funny. I am going to give Roy Wood Jr.’s Father Figure an A- for a final grade.

maxresdefault-1When you think of comedians and who may just be the biggest around right now in Hollywood, you immediately think of Kevin Hart who is on his proverbial run as we speak. Whether you have seen his comedy specials like Let Me Explain, Seriously Funny, I’m A Grown Little Man, or maybe you’ve seen his blockbuster films like Ride Along 1 and 2, The Wedding Ringer, or even Get Hard, you are familiar with him. So, I had to see what the big fuss was about when it came to Kevin Hart and I rented his latest stand up special Kevin Hart- What Now? which was filmed in front of a sold out Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Kevin Hart’s comedy stand up specials always start with a film and in this one he is secret agent that has to try and get to his show while playing a card game to get the money with the help of Halle Berry. In the comedy special itself, Kevin tackles all sorts of subjects like getting married, moving to the suburbs, raccoon problems, would you marry someone after an animal attack, The Conjuring, ping pong, sex toys, bad sex, and many more as it was directed by both Tim Story and Leslie Small.

kevin-hart-what-nowIt’s a very weird situation for me to review Kevin Hart because I think I enjoy his stand up more than I do some of his films. When it comes to this one he is absolutely hilarious. I could not stop laughing at so many of his scenarios that he gave you like The Conjuring story or even the whole animal attack story that branched into so many subjects during his special. After watching this special, I am definitely convinced that he is a very funny comedian whereas before I wasn’t. One of my favorite stories that he tells with every special is anything that has to do with his father. Kevin tells you during the special that everything he tells you is true and man isn’t his life hilarious. I remember one special, it was the way his father acted and greeted people that was hilarious. In this one, it’s about a visit his father pays with a girlfriend of his that is in a wheelchair and why he can’t be left alone with the kids that is very funny. You should definitely give Kevin Hart a chance and check out this epic special that set a record for a comedy show. He has a way with connecting with the crowd that reminds me of Eddie Murphy and even Richard Pryor. I am going to give the special an A+ for a final grade.

billIt has been quite some time since the last Tuesday Stand Up special, but I figured that with already a month gone by in the year that I should start watching some of this years specials. The stand up comedian I chose for today won the first ever Stand Up Special Of The Year award for his comedy special Bill Burr- I’m Sorry You Feel That Way for the Monster Entertainment Awards. Bill Burr is one of my favorite stand up comedians that is out there in the scene who occassionally does movies and has an awesome animated series on Netflix called F Is For Family. So, it was only natural that when I saw he had a brand new special on Netflix called Bill Burr- Walk Your Way Out that I was going to check it out. The special was filmed at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN and in the special Bill tackles all sorts of topics like the 2016 Presidential election and it’s candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, The Wall, plus size models, shaming, India, getting fat vs working out, McDonalds, going crazy, his plan to eliminate the population, cruises, Hitler, a youtube clip of a gorilla learning sign language, and so much more.

bill-burrAs I said in the above paragraph that I am a huge fan of Bill Burr and everything he has done up to this point. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the special and that is not me saying that I hated it. I just don’t believe that it tops his last special that he had, but the crowd in Nashville could have had something to do with it. He had some real funny moments during the special like the Gorilla learning sign language one was hilarious, but his whole thing with Hitler and how he would eliminate the population problem didn’t go over well with the crowd and Bill have to explain what he meant kind of killed the joke in my opinion. It’s kind of funny that this special was taped before the election took place because I am a little interested to hear what he thinks now even though I am getting sick of seeing all the political talk int he world right now. He had some really great jokes and then some that were OK meaning it got a little laugh out of me. He is still one of my favorite comedians, but Nashville maybe wasn’t the right place to tape the special. I am going to give the special an B for a final grade.