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a3459752772_16Every once in a while when you are searching for a band to cover for the Unsigned Band Of The Week, one will either stumble right in front of you or somehow they find you. That is definitely the case with this week’s band that found me on my Twitter page (@ERaticWanderer) which is why I chose them. Last week we were in Kentucky checking out a band and this week we are heading west to Little Rock, Arkansas to check out a very cool and bad ass Progressive Deathcore trio in The Lucid Archetype. The band has a new EP out called 2.0 which you can check out on Spotify which is first for me and any of the artists that I have covered for this particular piece. The track we are checking out from the EP is the song Causality which showcases exactly what the band is about. The band has all of the elements that make up a Deathcore band with the guttural screams, but the music is absolutely amazing. The track starts off like a bomb as the music just explodes into your speakers with the hammering riffs before it all of sudden changes in tempo with the clean guitars and vocals showing the band has layers to it, but never fear cause things get heavy once again. The band is super talented and one of those bands to definitely look out for because they may not be signed right now, but they definitely deserve to be. Check them out on Spotify, bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date with everything they do.

We are back on the tour bus and we are leaving Georgia and we are heading to the blue grass state of Kentucky for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week and for good reason. The band that we are covering this week is currently ranked the number one band in Kentucky on ReverbNation and they are coming to us from Danville, Kentucky, we are talking about Creature Of Exile. If you love old school Thrash Metal mixed with elements of Death Metal and Groove then this is the band for you because that is what Creature Of Exile bring to the table. At one time, the band beat out two nationally signed acts in Puddle of Mudd and Halestorm when they finished number three on Killer Radio’s top five of 2012 meaning these guys are the real deal. The song I chose for you guys today is the title track from the band’s newest album Age of Annihilation which by the way is out now. The song is just pure intensity right from the start with the razor fast shredding by John Massey and Jerrod Messick who have the task of combining their influences into the track which they do brilliantly. You can hear the elements of thrash incorporated with the death metal playing and the blast beats from drummer Eric Lyons and those awesome guttural vocals from Johnny Martin. This is definitely a band you want to check out and hopefully someone snags them up real soon. Give them a like on Facebook and check out their Reverbnation page while you’re at it.

We are back on the tour bus and we are leaving Delaware and we are heading to the Empire State of the South in Georgia for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week. The band we are checking out today comes to us from the ATL and they have one of the coolest names I have seen for a band in As Animals Eat My Insides. The band explains their name on their Facebook page saying, “The meaning behind our name: We live in a world which represents the “animals” who try and consume us with violence, greed, despair, and power. Stay strong and never give into a world that will try to change who you are.” The track from the band that we are checking out today is the song Daydreamer which comes from the band’s previous disc Devoured. The music is intense and in your face as the band approaches with a very intense style of metal and hardcore that is guaranteed to start a pit in a heartbeat. I love Jeremy Bond’s vocals in this track and how he goes from screaming to a deep guttural growl to singing all in the same track. This is definitely a band to check out and to let all of you know that band is gearing up to release a new disc entitled Ellipsis. So to find out more info about the actual release date and other info like touring, visit their Facebook page here. Check out Daydreamer below:

It has been quite some time since we last did the Unsigned Band Of The Week post here on Moshpits and Movies. So with things calming down a bit more, we are going to be heading back on our tour bus and we’ll hit the states that we haven’t yet. The last time we checked in somewhere it was in Iowa, but this week we are heading to Delaware to check out a band that we think is pretty bad ass. When we think of Delaware I immediately think of the film Wayne’s World because there isn’t a whole lot known about the state. What we do know about it is Fisher’s popcorn and Rehoboth Beach, but what you should get to know is Houston, Delaware metal band Beyond The Barrier. Beyond The Barrier is a band that just brings pure intensity whether it’s the technical prowess of guitar players Grant Dawson and Ryan Evans or the the deep guttural vocals of Jay Evans. These guys are awesome and the track that I provided for you guys is their lyric video for the track Become One. If the Thunderous machine gun like drum beats don’t get you, then hopefully the elements I described before will. They are the real deal and they are a band that should be taken seriously. Check them out on Facebook or their Youtube page for more info and stuff.

It has been quite some time since the last Unsigned Band Of The Week post and things have been crazy which is the reason why. We are going to try and pick up where we last left off with this blog and we are leaving the headquarters and we are going to Des Moines, Iowa which is the home of Slipknot and Seth Rollins. Although, we are not there for them because we are checking out local metal band Dead Horse Trauma which the band describes themselves as, “a 5-headed war machine dedicated to infecting the masses with procedures and tactics used by our world to feed us the lies we are spoon-fed since before we can crawl. It’s the exposure of the perversity and falsities we are subliminally directed by. It’s your wake-up call, or the means to your end.” The track I chose for you guys to check out from them is the song Left Unsaid which is melodic, but it’s got some serious balls to it at the same time. I love how vocalist Eric Davidson is able to be melodic with his vocals as well as having the intense screaming vocals. It adds to the dimensions of the band for sure. Check out the band’s track below and if you want more info about them be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and their own site

For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Europe and we are coming back to the states for our next band. In fact, we are heading over to Pennsylvania for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week in Embrace The Hostility. The band describes themselves something different, nasty, and bleak as far as their description, but when I hear their song that I provided for you guys Change, I hear chaos, intensity, and a pure vulgar display of power that is unlike any other. The track combines elements of metal and hardcore to make the most perfect concoction of mayhem in this compact 1:45 second track that leaves no room for filler. One of my favorite things that I noticed in their bio is that the band likes Def Leppard along with bands like Terror, Desolated, and so many more. I definitely suggest that you check these guys out and you can do so by liking their Facebook page and checking out their bandcamp page. Otherwise check out the track Change below:

We are doing something a little different this week as we are taking the Unsigned Band Of The Week post overseas to Europe. We decided to hope on a plane from Manchester, New Hampshire and we traveled all the way to Norway to check out Wasteland Rocks, a female fronted metal band out of Ålesund, Norway. You are probably asking how did I hear about Wasteland Rocks and it’s quite simple. I posted one of my articles about Deep Purple on Twitter and the band reached out to me with their cover version of the track Perfect Strangers which is also the track I chose to share with all of you. The band recorded the track back in 2004, but it’s pretty bad ass and heavy. Lead singer Linda Eidset has some incredible pipes as she shows it off making Ian Gillan proud I’m sure. The band does an incredible job with the track as well considering they are doing it without the organs and credit goes to the guitarists on the track.This is definitely a band to pay attention to and you can do so by giving them a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter. Otherwise check out the track below: