blood beatRock and Shock is now long gone and in the books for another great year that featured some cool guests and some great vendors. One of the vendors that I had to visit at the site was Vinegar Syndrome who is a cult film restoration company that restores films from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. So with that being said, the film I chose for today is a film that was restored by the company by the name of Blood Beat. While on Christmas break from school, Ted (James Fitzgibbons) and his girlfriend Sarah (Claudia Peyton) decide that it would be a good idea to spend the holidays with Ted’s family in rural Wisconsin. The only problem is that when they get there, Sarah starts to have weird vibes that she has never felt before. Soon after that, she is possessed by a vengeful Japanese Samurai spirit who decides to take out all of the local townsfolk before setting his sites on Ted and his family. The film also stars Helen Benton as Cathy, Terry Brown (The Princess Diaries) as Gary, Dana Day as Dolly, Peter Spelson (The Psychotronic Man) as Uncle Pete, Franck Miley as Paul, and the film was directed by Fabrice A. Zaphiratos (La grande frime). 

blood beat 2This has to be by far one of the weirdest films I have ever seen and not weird in the sense of weird happenings, but rather in the style. First of all it makes no sense that a Japanese Samurai spirit would be in rural Wisconsin and that was my first problem with the film, but I can suspend reality for the time. The second thing I had a problem with in this film is that is starts off making you think it’s going to be a film about the mother being able to see everything that goes on through her art. That would leave you to believe that something would happen between her and her son’s girlfriend. Instead, it all leads to the samurai being the focus of this supernatural slasher flick. The other thing that gets me is the corny special effects, but that actually made the film more interesting. They would have these beams of blue light around the samurai while the family channeled their inner Ryu with the red beams around their hands as they hadoukened the Samurai spirit together. Oh the other thing that gets me is when something bad happens, it turns into a 70’s Sabbath/Alice Cooper video with all the colors overtaking the screen (you know what I am talking about). Stylistically, it’s actually a pretty artsy film so I get why someone may want to restore this one for sure. I also loved how the climaxing scenes feature the classic O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) to help drive home the action. I thought that was a very nice touch for the film, but it probably won’t help the final grade. While I enjoyed watching the film, there were just way too many faults for me which is why I am giving the film an C for a final grade. This would’ve made an excellent Cheeseball Cinema film for sure.


maxresdefault (1)One of the coolest concepts in film that was ever created in my opinion was the idea I call the Groundhog Day effect. The film inspired a movement where a certain character relives the same day over and over again to fix a wrong or change their ways. It’s a cool effect as long as it is done properly and when I viewed the trailer to today’s film Happy Death Day I thought that the film had potential. Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is your typical sorority girl who parties it up, but has a reputation to hold so that she doesn’t do the walk of shame. One thing is for certain and that is she has a hard time celebrating her birthday and this particular birthday is about to be a bigger burden. You see she keeps reliving the day of her death over and over again until she can figure out who is murdering so that it stops. The film also stars Israel Broussard (Flipped) as Carter, Ruby Modine (Shameless) as Lori, Rachel Matthews as Danielle, Charles Aitken (The Knick) as Gregory, Rob Mello (The Magnificent Seven) as Jeffrey Tombs, Caleb Spillyards (Into The Badlands) as Ted, Laura Clifton (The New Guy) as Stephanie, and the film was directed by Christopher Landon (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ). 

Happy-Death-DayThis is one of those films where you try to think that you are smarter than the writer of the film or at least you want to prove to him that you’re not that stupid. I immediately had three suspects that I had chosen from watching the film and I have to say that I should have gone with my first choice. My second choice looked like the jackpot winner until the writer fooled me and showed me that I should have gone with my initial choice. For the most part I thought that it was actually a pretty decent film for a PG-13 even though I could have hoped for an R for one scene. Nonetheless, it was well executed until the focus changed and it all became about her doing what was right by everyone as the motivation to live. There’s this sob scene with her dad that I could have done without, but I get why it’s there. Other than that, it was a pretty decent flick which gives a nod to Groundhog Day which I thought was cool of them to acknowledge it. Is the best horror film ever made, well no it isn’t, but it’s the season for horror films so why not. Just think of the film as Sorority Girls meets Groundhog Day and this is the film that you kind of have. I hope that makes sense to all of you, but I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

babysitter'I usually try to say that I rarely get excited with a lot of films, but then I would be a liar especially when it comes to Netflix. I have been a big proponent of everything Netflix produces from the original shows like Stranger Things, comedy specials, and even original films. When I first saw the trailer for today’s film, I was instantly excited because it looked like it could be pretty epic. The film I chose for today is called The Babysitter and it stars Judah Lewis (Demolition) as Cole, a lonely 12 year old kid who is constantly getting pushed around by everyone at school, but he has one thing that they all do not have. That thing is this hot and super cool babysitter by the name of Bee (Samara Weaving) who treats Cole like he’s normal. After his neighbor dares him to stay up when he is supposed to be sleeping, he finds out that there’s more to her then he knows. The film also stars Bella Thorne (The DUFF) as Allison, Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect) as Sonya, Robbie Amell (The DUFF) as Max, Andrew Bachelor (We Are Your Friends) as John, Doug Haley (Code Black) as Samuel, Ken Marino (Role Models) as Dad, Leslie Bibb (Iron Man) as Mom, Emily Alyn Lind (Enter The Void) as Melanie, and the film was directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels). 

Samara WeavingThe one thing that you have to remember going into this film is that this is going to have that big Hollywood feel to it as far as the look and feel is concerned. I actually loved the film from beginning to end with Samara being the star of this film for sure. The movie at first has that comedy element to it because you’re learning just how much of a p*ssy he really is, but when he finds out her dirty little secret well that is when the real fun begins. I have to give Robbie Amell some credit because he plays that Jock everyone knows that is always hopped up on adrenaline and her does it well. The film then begins to take a Home Alone kind of approach, but the only problem is that things get executed by accident and not on how he attended them to go. The cinematography is excellent in this film, the story is pretty tight, and the cast is amazing. There is some pretty cool kills in the film even if some of them he did not intend to make. McG has a certain style to him as far as how his films look and it shines through in this one so if you’re a fan then cool, but if not then you may want to avoid it. I think you should at least give it a watch because I am giving the film an A- for a final grade cause I thought it was bad ass. Check it out on Netflix now!

maxresdefaultOne of the best debut films in any horror franchise has always been the creepy The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1974. It was such an eerie film that had never been duplicated especially with the turn it made in the 80’s sequel. For this year’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I had been looking to watch the third film in the franchise, but to no luck. That was until I ran by a copy of a workprint composite (I’ll explain this below) of the film Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III at Rock and Shock yesterday and now I present it to you. All Michelle (Kate Hodge) wants to do is drive her dad’s car from California to Florida so that she can move on with her life. While on the road in Texas with her friend Ryan (William Butler), they come into contact with the strange Sawyer family and what happens next is a fight for survival as they try and escape the dreaded clutches of Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff). The film also stars Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) as Benny, Viggo Mortensen (The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King) as Eddie “Tex” Sawyer, Joe Unger (Escape From New York) as Tinker Sawyer, Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Stepfather II) as Mama Sawyer, Jennifer Banko (Friday The 13TH Part VII: The New Blood) as Leatherface’s Daughter, and the film was directed by Jeff Burr (Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings). 

leatherface-texas-iiiSo what a workprint composite basically means is that the deleted scenes or scenes that were left out of the final cut are weaved into this film to show you what they left out. One thing I will say is that the ending is completely different than how the original ended and I have to say that I sort of liked it. It’s that classic ending of you think she has gotten away and she has found help, but she really hasn’t when you see who it is. You also have to remember going in to watching this that the scenes that are put back into the film are not the same quality as the original film. As far as the film is concerned, it’s definitely not the best in the franchise, but it makes a good attempt at following the second film and believe me it only gets wackier moving forward. One of the things that kind of bothered me was the attempt at recreating Edwin Neal’s famous hitchhiker character as a creepy peeping tom gas station attendant. I get why they did it because every film had it’s whack job from Chop Top in part II, etc. The film can get gruesome at times, but I felt like it wasn’t enough. You see the second film did a great job at adding the gruesomeness to the film and this one sort of lacked at times. The one thing that I did like was how whacked out the Sawyer family was in this film, it was almost like they were a tight-nit family. If you can find the film then check it out, but for now I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

the brainEvery year for the last 15 years or so, Worcester, MA has hosted one of the coolest horror conventions I have ever been to in Rock and Shock which is actually underway this very weekend. One of the cool things about the con are the various vendors that are there besides the actors and actresses. The film I chose for today is one of the films that I purchased at last years Rock and Shock event in The Brain which I have been meaning to see for a while now. Jim Majelewski (Tom Bresnahan) is a normal teenager with a lot of potential, but the only problem is that he has a tiny bit of a wild side as in he likes to play pranks. With the recommendation of one of the teachers, he is sent to see Dr. Blake (David Gale) who is supposed to help Jim get over his wild ways, but there is something more sinister going on and it involves an alien life-form looking to brainwash the world. The only question now is can Jim stop them before it’s too late? The film also stars Cynthia Preston (Carrie 2013) as Janet, George Buza (X-Men) as Verna, Christine Kossak (3 Men And A Baby) as Vivian, Bret Pearson (Eyes Of Fire) as Willie, Kenneth McGregor (Cocktail) as Mr. Woods, and the film was directed by Ed Hunt (Bloody Birthday). 

b3As far as the film is concerned, there was a good attempt at having a decent horror film and I’ll give them props for trying. The story was really good and it was one that you could truly believe would happen (I don’t know I’m spitballing here). Just imagine an evil creep who is trying to take over the world by making you believe that you are an independent thinker, but in reality you’re really not. Then there is this kid who is about to expose everything you’ve done, but you have the whole town brainwashed anyways so it doesn’t matter. Does it sound good so far? I thought it did, but there are just some minor things that make the film cheesy in a way. Some of the acting in the film can be a little shaky, bu tit’s not bad overall. The brain is kind of where I have my issue with the film because it looks normal size inside of his bowl, but when he’s out an about he looks like a giant float that they are driving. Not to mention, the way he was eliminated was a little stupid if you ask me. You have to give David Gale (Reanimator) credit because the guy likes getting his head chopped or knocked off and he looks really good doing it. The movie isn’t terribly long and it doesn’t feel that way when you are watching it. I do want to say that the cinematography was very good and a true highlight of the film as well. If you can find this Canadian Horror classic, then check it out for yourself. I am going to give the film an C+ for a final grade.

john-carpenter-halloween-making-ofWe have an interesting War Of The Covers for all of you this week considering we are 13 days in October as we get ready for the best holiday of the year in Halloween. Today, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross made a splash today on Friday The 13TH when they decided to release their cover of the John Carpenter classic theme song Halloween Theme. So, I figured we would have a contest to see who covered John Carpenter’s classic theme better. One of the contenders that we for you has been working with Marilyn Manson as of late and has done work with Rob Zombie. In 2009, Rob once again chose Tyler Bates to record a version of the theme for their 2009 film Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. In the other corner as previous stated, we have the master of industrial teaming up with long time collaborator Atticus Ross as they record a creepier version of the classic theme song for all to hear. Now as always, it is completely up to you the fans to decide who did the better job with the theme and who made it their own. You have until the very next War Of The Covers to decide and just a reminder about the last one. Zakk Sabbath edged out Faith No More’s version of War Pigs. As always have fun and let the best theme win.




revengeThis blog segment originally started as me checking out some of my favorite horror films as well as some new ones and posting about them. Then after the 366 Movies in 366 Days challenge I did, it completely became about checking out and reviewing new films which is why I am not posting a Friday The 13TH review today. I decided to go way back and check out a film from the famous Universal Monsters and my personal favorite in the Gillman in the sequel Revenge Of The Creature. The film takes place a year after the events of the original Creature film as Lucas (Nestor Paiva) returns to the scene as he warns the boat crew of the dangers of the Gillman. After he is captured and brought to a facility to be studied, Professor Clete Ferguson (John Agar) and Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson) decide that they are going to study the creature until he takes a fancy to the professor’s girl and that is when all hell breaks loose. The film also stars John Bromfield (The Sheriff of Cochise) as Joe Hayes, Grandon Rhodes (Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers) as Jackson Foster, Dave Willock (What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?) as Lou Gibson, Robert Williams (Hang ‘Em High) as George Johnson, and the film was directed by Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space).

f27079e95e605a38c8de26054d77dbd1One of the things I liked about this film is the fact that the original person to appear is the ship captain (Paiva) who warns them that he had lost five people the last time they were there with the Gillman. I also like how they took him out of his element and brought him ashore to the US where they kind of treated him like a sideshow paying homage to King Kong. If we hadn’t learned from that experience then you can pretty much guess what happens here. I really liked Lori Nelson, I thought she was a perfect leading lady that was the love interest of the professor and the affection of the Gillman who by the way was once again played by two people (In water: Ricou Browning, On land: Tom Hennesy). The underwater scenes in the film were really good, it felt like you were really underwater with him. I thought that was a true highlight of the film was in the cinematography because it had to be on point for it to work. The story was really good and kept the film moving forward. One of the things was too obvious was when they were explaining that they were in the Amazon, you could tell that it was Florida that they were at, but that is OK I can pretend. Creature From The Black Lagoon is a classic in it’s own right and can never be touched, but this was a decent sequel. Check it out for yourself, I am giving the film an B+ for a final grade.