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octoberIt is officially October 31ST which means that I want to take the time to officially wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween. I have been doing Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween since 2012 and it has been a joy to do every year since I love horror and Halloween. I have watched so many amazing films and that is 186 films with today’s entry. I wanted to watch a film that expressed the joy of the month of October and I found that in The Houses October Built. The found footage horror film follows five friends in Brandy (Brandy Schaefer), Zack (Zack Andrews), Bobby (Bobby Roe), Mikey (Mikey Roe), and Jeff (Jeff Larson) as they go searching the country for the most ultimate and terrifying haunted house the country has to offer. The only problem is that while on this journey, they manage to piss off some people from a haunted house and they begin to stalk and terrorize them. Can they find the ultimate haunted house or will the people after them catch up? The film also stars Tansy Alexander (Grey Sheep) as Trannyotomy, Kahl Brice (Sacrament) as Head Clown, Chloë Crampton (Chastity Bites) as Porcelain, Amber  Campisi (Kendra) as Amber, Bart Butler (Property Lines) as Haunt House Clown in Alley, and the film was directed by Bobby Roe (The Houses October Built 2). 

october builtI am very picky when it comes to Found Footage Horror films because some can be really good or just plain annoying especially with the shaky camera effect. The one thing this one does not really have is the shaky camera effect for the most part, but what it does that annoys me is it cuts when it gets good. You don’t get the full visual of what they do, but it does work because if they are carrying a camera, an attack would end them being able to film it. One of the things I will give this film is that it had some real creepy characters in like Porcelain who was just super creepy. The movie tries everything from a lot of jump scares which is essentially the bread and butter of an haunted house to even including some shots of boobs from a strip club that they visit. Horror wouldn’t be horror without some of those scenes, am I right? The acting is actually pretty decent as they do their best Blair Witch Project impression and the haunted house workers were great as well. In the end, this is definitely a film that I believe is worth watching because it may be one of the better found footage films out there. The film is available on Netflix right now and I think you should give it a shot. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.


beyond the gatesWhen I search for horror movies to watch for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I always try to find films that strike some kind of interest from me. One of those things can be anything having to do with the 1980’s whether it be a theme or maybe a star from that era like the beautiful Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator). While cruising through Netflix’s horror section, I came across today’s film which is called Beyond The Gates. Brothers Gordon (Graham Skipper) and John Hardesty (Chase Williamson) are forced to see each once again when their father goes missing and is presumed dead. The two have to clean out their father’s video rental store that is made up of all old VHS cassettes. One day while in the office of the store, they stumble on an old VHS adventure game called Beyond The Gates. What they don’t realize is once they play the tape, they are forced to play the game or it will claim their souls. The film also stars Brea Grant (Rob Zombie’s Halloween II) as Margo, Matt Mercer (Contracted: Phase II) as Derek, Justin Welborn (The Final Destination) as Hank, Jesse Merlin (12 Deadly Days) as Elric, Sara Malakul Lane (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) as Dahlia, Henry LeBlanc (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Dad, Pierson Ryan (Red Team Go) as Ghoul, and the film was directed by Jackson Stewart (Supernatural). 

barbaraI always give you guys my honest opinion on everything I watch because I am a horror fan and it’s my genre of choice. Beyond The Gates is an excellent film that while it had some quirks to it (not many), it was a well written film and very well acted. The story itself was a very interesting one where what if you started playing a game and it wouldn’t let you go until you either finished it or it took your soul. What would you do? You’d have no other choice, but to finish the game because now it messes with reality. The kills in the film were a very interesting part of the film where the main characters are doing it without really doing it. I know that makes no sense, but what if the game told you to go outside and find the X. You find it only to dig it up and you find a doll. The game tells you there is a key inside so you tear the doll apart looking for it without realizing that your tearing a friend’s insides out. That is what I am talking about and I actually liked that about the film. It was very different than usual and very cool. Barbara Crampton was amazing as usual as the gamekeeper from hell who forces our brothers to play the game. The camera work is great and the editing is on point as well. I love the intro to the film that kind of shows you how a VHS cassette worked. I thought that was a cool nostalgic thing. I am however going to give the film an A- for a final grade and it’s available on Netflix as we speak.

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