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feastAt one time, Project Greenlight was a super cool idea by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that gave young filmmakers a chance to have their art seen. One of the films I chose for today was the winner of season three and that film is called Feast. In a remote bar in the middle of the desert, it’s normal everyday life for the patrons and the workers of the bar until a coupe show up on their doorstep. A character simply known as the Hero (Eric Dane) show sup and tells the patrons that he is being chased by monsters that want to eat him and everyone inside. After he is murdered almost immediately, his wife, the heroine (Navi Rawat) shows up to lead the bar in attempt to survive before the monsters get them. The film also stars Henry Rollins (Heat) as Coach, Balthazar Getty (Lord Of The Flies) as Bozo, Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) as The Beer Guy, Josh Zuckerman (Sex Drive) as Hot Wheels, Jason Mewes (Chasing Amy) as Edgy Cat, Clu Gulager (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge) as Bartender, Jenny Wade (Brothers) as Honey Pie, Krista Allen (Liar Liar) as Tuffy, Duane Whitaker (The Devil’s Rejects) as Boss Man, and the film was directed by John Gulager (Piranha 3DD).

feast2005inhindibyimkhaIf you’re into having a little action and some comedy to go with your horror then this is definitely the film for you. I definitely was a fan of the way the film was set up because it was almost done like a TV show where they show a character, give a little something about them (see the picture to the left), and we wait to see what happens. The film is also a little unorthodox on who gets killed within the film, but they do it on purpose and it gets a little obvious after a while. The character named the hero gets killed almost as soon as he enters the door so that tells you something about the way the film is going. This is definitely one of those films where you pick a favorite and hope he lives. The acting in the film is actually very good and campy at the same time. The film does feature a legend like Clu Gulager to go along with the likes of Balthazar Getty, but Judah Friedlander definitely steals the show in my opinion. The poor guy suffers a lot in the film while keeping his comedy cool and I appreciate that. The monsters for the most part are cool looking, but nothing is explained about where they come from or why they are here. The film can get brutal like one of the monsters getting his appendage chopped off during the film and other stuff. You have to check it out for yourself because it’s so cheesy at times that its great. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

nightmareIf you ever want to watch a great documentary on the Nightmare On Elm Street series that goes through each film and gives you the inside scoop on the films then check out Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy on Netflix. I needed a movie to watch today and this was the only film in the series that was essentially available on Netflix so I checked out A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge which was released in 1985, a year following the release of the original film. It’s been five years since the Elm Street incident involving Nancy and a new family has moved into her old house. Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton) is just a kid trying to fit in when he starts to get some really weird dreams involving that ugly guy with the claws for hands. He dismisses it at first, but Freddy (Robert Englund) begins to try to possess Jesse and make Jesse do his dirty work until he can completely take over Jesse’s body. With the help of his friends Lisa (Kim Myers) and Ron Grady (Robert Rusler), they try their best to help him before it’s too late. The film also stars the legendary Clu Gulager (The Return Of The Living Dead) as Ken Walsh, Hope Lange (Death Wish) as Cheryl Walsh, Marshall Bell (Twins) as Schneider, Sydney Walsh (Point Break) as Kerry, Christie Clark (Children Of The Corn II) as Angela Walsh, and the film was directed by Jack Sholder (Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies).

nightmare 2Every horror film franchise has a film that everyone hates whether it be Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (which I liked), any Hellraiser after part 3, Leprechaun: Origins, etc. This was that film for a lot of people because the film was just plain weird from beginning to end. The sequel earned the nickname the gay nightmare back in the day with all the different homosexual tones that are buried within the film. Think about it for a second, the scene Mark Patton has in the bedroom when he’s cleaning his room, his girl like screams, the S&M club scene, the shower scene where Schneider is getting whipped by towels, and instead of going to his girlfriend for help, he decides to visit the good looking jock instead while he’s sleeping in his bedroom. All of that is not what bothered me about this film, it’s more about consistency for me. We established in the first film and all the films following this one that Freddy kills you in your dreams for a reason, you can’t harm him in the dream world. If Freddy were to come in to the real world, he could be killed so why in the world would he risk that just to possess someone. The other thing that bothered me about this film was the ending and I could have forgiven everything wrong about this film if the ending was better. Are you kidding me that the way to defeat such a vile being is by smothering him with love. This is probably why Wes Craven didn’t return to do this film. I’m mean he did have to battle Robert Shaye over the creative freedom of what the ending to the first film was going to be. For all the reasons listed above I am going to give this film a C- for a final grade because the beginning makes the film look promising, but the rest is a letdown.