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war of the covers copy He's BackLast week, we had an interesting triple threat match that saw Anthrax do battle with Tarot and Godspeed featuring Bruce Dickinson to decide who covered Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath better. You voted and decided that ultimately without contest that Anthrax had the best version. I want to let you guys know that coming in the fall will be my fourth Alumni Weekend Takeover at my Alma Mater and by voting, you are deciding what I am going to play because the winners of the War Of The Covers will be played on the show as we do a covers segment this year. With that being said, it is time to move on to this week’s War Of The Covers which features a track from the king of Shock Rock in Alice Cooper. Back in 1986, Alice recorded a track for the Friday The 13TH Part VI: Jason Lives soundtrack called He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (It was also on the album Constrictor) that was epic with those synths and that cool bass line. This week we have two interesting bands in a European match as Sweden’s One Man Army and The Undead Quartet take on Finland’s Warmen featuring Alexi Laiho. One Man Army… covered the track for their 2007 album Error In Evolution while Warmen covered the song with Alexi of Children Of Bodom on vocals for their 2014 album First Of The Five Elements. Now it’s up to you guys to decide who covered it better and who makes the show this fall. You have until the next War Of The Covers post to decide.


image001 This is the first time in the history of the 100 plus albums that I have reviewed for the album of the week posts that I have covered a tribute record. The thing is that this isn’t just any tribute record because it’s a tribute to a man that changed the face of heavy metal in the early 80’s before his untimely death. Bob Kulick who produced this album titled Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute which just may be one of the most definitive tribute albums out there since it features the likes of Rudy Sarzo, Tom Morrello, Serk Tankian, Vinny Appice, Bruce Kulick, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Jon Donais, Frankie Banali, Chuck Billy, Alexi Laiho, Kelle Rhoads, Doug Aldrich, Bernie Torme, George Lynch, Gus G, and so many more. The album features these guys covering everything from the first two Ozzy Osbourne albums and even some early Quiet Riot material that Randy was apart of back in the day.

1. Crazy Train– The first track on the album is the most noun Ozzy and Randy Collaboration with Serj Tankian providing his unique vocal style to the track while Tom Morello is on guitars, Rudy Sarzo is on bass, and Vinny Appice is on drums. The rhythm section of the song is on point, but Tom Morello’s playing is a little off to me. I understand that he is bringing his own unique brand to the song, but it’s like he is trying to combine his signature sound with Randy’s signature sound and the guitar solo is awful. 3/5

2. Over The Mountain– The songs starts off heavy and in the right pace while Tim “Ripper” Owens gives the tyrack a power metal feel as far as vocals are concerned. The track features Jon Donais (Guitars), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), and Frankie Banali (Drums). 4/5

3. Mr. Crowley– If you’re going to cover an Ozzy track, then this is the way you do it. Alexi Laiho does an amazing jiob with the guitar parts while Chuck Billy takes the vocal parts and he makes it his own while also making it heavy as hell. Kelle Rhoads is on Keyboards while Rudy Sarzo plays bass and Brett Chassen is on drums. 5/5

4. Believer– This is actually kind of a cool cover of this track as Ripper takes the vocal reigns again while Doug Aldrich does an amazing job on guitar and Sarzo’s bass is on point. The track also features Vinny Appice on drums. 4/5

5. Back To The Coast– If you don’t know where this track is from, it’s from the 1977 album Quiet Riot that was co-written by Randy and his brother Kelle. Kelle takes the vocal reigns on this cover while Bruce Kulick plays guitar and he is rounded out by Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Banali. the song is really rocking and Kelle has that 70’s New York Dolls feel to his voice. 4/5

6. I Don’t Know– Ripper, Sarzo, and Chassen are back for this track while the guitar parts are played by George Lynch who lost out to Jake E Lee back in the day when it came to who was going to take Randy’s spot. The only part I was waiting to hear in this track was how George handled the solo and I didn’t enjoy it. 3/5

randy-rhoades-press-billboard-6507. S.A.T.O– Ripper, Sarzo, and Appice are joined on this song by Dweezil Zappa who handles lead guitar and Bob Kulick who plays rhythm guitar on the track. This a track that I actually enjoyed hearing Ripper sing. 4/5

8. Killer Girls– This classic from Quiet Riot II once again features Ripper, Sarzo, and Chassen, but they are joined by Joel Hoekstra on guitars. The song is a rocking song and I kind of like Ripper’s vocals on the track because it mirrors Kevin DuBrow’s style well and Joel Hoekstra rips on this track. 4/5

9. Goodbye To Romance– This time around the trio of Ripper, Sarzo, and Chassen are joined by current Ozzy guitarist and Firewind guitarist Gus G on guitars. Out of everything, I didn’t enjoy Ripper’s vocals on this track just cause it’s too toned down on the tempo for him in my opinion. 3/5

10. Suicide Solution– This time around that same trio as in the last two songs are joined by Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis who was the direct temporary replacement for Randy back in the day to finish the tour. Now this is a kick ass version of the song and I was pleased with Ripper’s vocals on this track. 4/5

11. Flying High Again– This is the ultimate Randy Rhoads track with the same trio as before, but they are joined by Bernie Torme on lead guitar and Bob Kulick on rhythm. My only problem with the track is the guitar solo. 3/5

My Final Thoughts– While I enjoyed the tribute record, I did have some problems with the record  as well. One of my problems with the album is the fact that Tim “Ripper” Owens sings on almost every song on this album. I would have loved to have seen them get some others to sing on the record as well, but the vocals are only a minor part. I say that because after all we are here to celebrate the legacy of Randy Rhoads. The only guitarists I didn’t enjoy listening to were Tom Morello and George Lynch. Lynch didn’t do too bad, but Morello to me should have never been on this record. I am going to give this record 3.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

seagullmenHow many Supergroups can any of the members of Mastodon be a part of and where are they finding the time to do so. Well, so Troy Sanders was the only member so far to be in a supergroup, but now guitarist Brent Hinds is in a supergroup with a member of the legendary Tool. Hinds has teamed up with Danny Carey of Tool, OFF!’s Dimitri Coats, and Jimmy Heyward (director of Jonah Hex) who will serve as the producer of the album to form the supergroup The Legend of the Seagullmen. The band has unleashed two new songs that if you would like to hear them, you can do so by visiting the consequence of sound website by clicking here. One thing that we do not know about this band is whether it’s a one off collaboration or whether it will continue forward. One thing is for sure is that while we wait for a new album for Tool, we have this to listen to from Carey.

jay jamesBullet For My Valentine were supposedly in the studio recording  new album, but the band has just hit a temporary road block along the way as longtime bassist Jay James announces that he is no longer in the band. The whole bit of news has hit everyone by surprise as an earlier statement on Facebook made things seem like they were going as usual as the band was in the studio with Colin Richardson to record their fifth record. Jay James joined the band in 2003 and he was apart of the band’s four landmark records and was a big part of the vocal scheme along with lead singer/guitarist Matt Tuck. The band released a statement that read as follows:

To all our fans around the World,

It is with regret that Bullet For My Valentine has to announce that Jay James is no longer a member of the band. Jay has been a part of this band for well over 12 years and part of our lives forever, and we’re gonna miss him as much as we know you guys are too. We wanna wish him all the best and success with whatever he chooses to do next and will always be grateful for his contribution and sacrifices he made for this band.

We’ll announce a replacement for Jay when we feel the time is right, but until then we’re gonna be busy and focused recording our next record and making sure its the best album we’ve ever made.

2015 is already shaping up to be a massive year for us with lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes which we’ll be announcing as soon as we can.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Matt, Padge, Moose.

There is an awesome tribute album that is coming out that honors the legendary Randy Rhoads with artists playing each one of his tracks. The tribute album is called Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute and it features players like Rudy Sarzo, Tom Morello, Serj Tankian, Chuck Billy, Alexi Laiho, Jon Donais, Gus G, Bruce Kulick, Frankie Banali, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Vinny Appice, and so many more. The track that I am going to link to this piece is Tom Morello and Serj Tankian doing a cover of Crazy Train. You can check that out by clicking here. There is also a video that surfaced that is included in a bonus disc where the producer of this tribute album Bob Kulick conducts an interview with Rudy Sarzo. Bob asks Rudy what it was like to work with Randy and other questions. Check that video out here. The album drops on March 3 via UDR Music.

Michael Vescera who sang with Yngwie Malmsteen made some comments earlier in the week in an interview about his former employer. He says, “I think the main thing with Yngwie — [fellow ex-Malmsteen singer] Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and I were talking about this earlier — Yngwie could have been the biggest guitarist in the world today, by far. And he’s destroyed his career, just by burning bridges and just pissing people off. And it’s unfortunate, because he changed the face of guitar. And to be where he’s at today is kind of sad. But, look, I don’t have anything bad to say about Yngwie. It was an experience. There was some crazy s**t that went on. But I wish him well, and I hope he straightens out his stuff and comes back. But… you know, we would need about two years [to tell our] stories [about] him.”

VH1 Classic has developed and is getting ready to release a new series titled Rock Icons which promises to be different than Behind The Music. It seems to be in the style of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series and it will feature episodes with Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, Slash (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Rush’s Geddy Lee, Ted Nugent, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, Heart’s Ann Wilson, and many more. Here is how the network describes the show, “10 groundbreaking 30-minute episodes that go past the veil of mystery and beyond the velvet ropes with in-depth, intimate portraits revealing who these rock stars really are, and the road that lead them to their iconic status today. Each episode is jam-packed with exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage with featured artists and key people who helped shape their exemplary careers.” The show will debut on February 21 on VH1 Classic.

LouBrutus-60 TIGHT.jpgThe voters for the 2015 Radio Contraband Rock Radio Awards chose legendary nationally syndicated rock radio host Lou Brutus as the Best Nationally Syndicated DJ Award Winner. This was the second year the award was handed out and the second time that Lou won the award beating out Nikki Sixx, Jackie Kajzer, The Chop Shop, and Skratch N’ Sniff. Lou is the legendary man behind great shows such as hardDrive and hardDriveXL and he was the first to play many acts like Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, and Sevendust. So, congratulations are in order for Lou Brutus on winning the award.

Black Label Society 'Unblackened' TourZakk Wylde is taking Black Label Society back out on the road, but in a very diffent capacity. A couple years back the band played a one off show in LA and released it on disc called Unblackened which is pretty much an acoustic record. So, they will be taking that record and style out on the road with very intimate shows. Zakk said, “I always wanted to take ‘Unblackened’ on the road, we just didn’t have the time until now. You can take a song that you’ve played thousands of times and rearrange it, and all of a sudden it’s something totally fresh. The attitude of the songs doesn’t change when we play them acoustically — the tunes are gritty regardless.” It will be a very interesting show to see live and one of those once in a lifetime experiences. Check out the tour dates below:

4/3 — Huntington, N.Y. — The Paramount
4/4 — Hampton Beach, N.H. — Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
4/6 — Sayreville, N.J. — Starland Ballroom
4/8 — Baltimore, Md. — Rams Head Live
4/9 — Fort Wayne, Ind. — Piere’s
4/11 — Grand Rapids, Mich. — Orbit Room
4/12 — Milwaukee, Wis. — The Rave
4/14 — Wichita, Kan. — The Cotillion
4/16 — Grand Junction, Colo. — Mesa Theater
4/17 — Salt Lake City, Utah — The Depot
4/18 — Sacramento, Calif. — Ace of Spades
4/19 — Anaheim, Calif. — City National Grove of Anaheim