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One of the biggest phenomenons on TV besides Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead has to be the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones which has a loyal fan base around the world. Well, the people behind the most badass TV show around has teamed up with musicians to create another mixtape called Catch The Throne: The Mixtape Vol. 2 which features artists from Metal and Hip Hop like Mastodon, Ty Dollar Sign, Anthrax, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, and today’s single of the week artist Mushroomhead who provide us with the track Among The Crows. The song like many of the others features a soundbite from the show before it explodes into the track that is both in your face and punishing like a sledgehammer. The song is everything you would want from a Mushroomhead track and the band throws it all on the table creating a metal classic. What’s insane is that the band has three singers in it and it makes for an interesting mix especially this one which features the heavy vocals and the clean vocals. One of the other cool things about this is that iTunes is currently offering the whole Mixtape for free. So, download it, check it out, and in the meantime check out Mushroomhead below: