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night rangerFor this week’s album of the week, I wanted to go back in time and check out an album from a band who I respect a lot. The band is San Francisco rock band Night Ranger who were made up of Jack Blades (Bass/Lead Vocals), Jeff Watson (Guitar/Keyboards), Brad Gillis (Guitars), Alan Fitzgerald (Keyboards), and Kelly Keagy (Drums/Lead Vocals). I have always described the band as the REO Speedwagon/Styx of the 1980’s with their arena rock ready sound. In October of 1983, the band would release their second album entitled Midnight Madness which features the band’s biggest hit Sister Christian (Peaked at #5 on Billboard Hot 100). The album itself was the bands highest selling album with over one million in sales and it peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. Several of the songs on the album have also been immortalized through television and films with tracks appearing in films like Boogie Nights, Sixteen Candles, Friday The 13TH (2009 Remake), and even TV shows like American Dad as well as several video games.

1983MidnightMadnessBackCD1. (You Can Still) Rock In America– This rock anthem comes out swinging right away with a roar from the guitars as they claim that rock isn’t dead. Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple is on the track for backing vocals. 5/5

2. Rumours in the Air– The track starts off with a very Deep Purple-esque keyboard/guitar combo throughout in a track about how rumors can be deadly. 4/5

3. Why Does Love Have to Change– When you see the title you think ballad, but it’s far from that as it rocks with it’s Styx like rock sound. 4/5

4. Sister Christian– The most famous Night Ranger track which was written by Kelly Keagy about how fast he noticed his sister was growing up. For a long time, I never understood what they said in the chorus. 5/5

5. Touch of Madness– The track starts with baby crib nursery music before the guitar stake over and absolutely rip in a track about a girl who can seem to make men go crazy. 4/5

night-ranger_4006. Passion Play– The track starts off with some ominous eerie sounds before Gillis and Co. come in with very B.O.C-esque sounds especially with the guitar solo on the track.

7. When You Close Your Eyes– This track sounds a lot like Journey in so many ways with the lighter and slower tempo during the chorus before they tear it up a little for the chorus. 4/5

8. Chippin’ Away- This track starts off right some monstrous power chords in a track about love and wanting someone so bad you hope they say yes. 4/5

9. Let Him Run– Love this track with the acoustic guitars about having to let someone go until they see the errors of their own ways.

My Final Thoughts– This band has some great musicians with some of them going on to form the Damn Yankees and Brad Gillis who once played in Ozzy. Definitely an amazing record from the band and probably their best one. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.