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megadeth-dystopia_japan_edition-frontalJust as we have done for the last couple of weeks, we are covering albums by bands that won at the 6TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards. We have already covered the album of the year (Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop) and the rock album of the year (Gore by Deftones). So, it’s only natural that we move down the line to the next which is the metal album of the year which was taken home by Megadeth for their 15TH studio album Dystopia. In a way Dystopia was a return to form for Megadeth after lackluster sales plagued their previous album. The band had some new players for the album in Kiko Loureiro (Guitars) and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler (who recorded the record with the band, but is not a permanent member). Together they joined Dave Mustaine (Lead Vocals/Guitars) and David Ellefson (Bass) in recording what was a huge step in the right direction as the album debuted at number three on the Billboard Top 200 charts making it the second highest charted album in the band’s history (Countdown To Extinction debuted at number two). The album also peaked in the top 5 in six other countries and the title track earned the band their first Grammy after 11 failed attempts for Best Metal Performance.

megadeth-dystopia_japan_edition-trasera1. The Threat Is Real– The song is everything you would want to hear from Megadeth as it’s fierce, in your face, and reminds of me of Rust In Peace era Megadeth. Dave Mustaine is still writing his fierce politically driven lyrics of world destruction and it still sounds fresh. 5/5

2. Dystopia– The title track that won the band the Grammy for Best Metal Performance features some really amazing guitar work from Loureiro and Mustaine that sort of reminds me again of Rust In Peace. The song is about a world that is not ok in any way shape or form. 5/5

3. Fatal Illusion– I have always been a huge fan of Dave Mustaine and the lyrics that he writes as in this one about a prisoner so evil and against society that nothing can kill the evil inside him even the lethal injection. There is a cool bass section in the track that showcases Ellefson’s amazing abilities. 5/5

4. Death From Within– A cool track on the album about an enemy that is constantly is under attack in war that he waits for the perfect moment to enact revenge. 4.5/5

5. Bullet To The Brain– A cool drum cadence starts off the track with some acoustic guitars before the band kicks into overdrive. The track is an interesting take on relationships about how man give in easily to sex when they think they are winning, but they are really losing. 4/5

6. Post American World– an interesting commentary on the way the world is today. We all complain about what is happening in America even though we feel safe, but what if all of that changes and America falls? What will we look like in Post American World? The music reminds me a lot of The World Needs A Hero era Megadeth. 5/5

megadeth-dystopia_japan_edition-cd7. Poisonous Shadows– The track opens more with the clean/acoustic guitar playing before the band turns up the energy in a track about someone who holds some sort of guilt inside of them and they let it manifest. I love hearing Farah Siraj’s vocals in the background, it adds to the track. 5/5

8. Conquer Or Die– A very cool instrumental track on the album that showcases what these guys can do. I think Kiko adds some of that Brazilian flavor to this track and it’s very cool. 5/5

9. Lying In State– An in your face track right from the get go that is hammering and is classic Megadeth. The track is about the government and how they distract you fromt he real issues that are going on as our society is in decline. 5/5

10. The Emperor– The track has more of a hard rock flavor to it then the rest of the album and it may be the band showcasing their influences in a track about a president who thinks he is King, but doesn’t realize he is a joke. 4/5

11. Foreign Policy– This is the band’s cover of California punk band Fear’s track that is actually pretty kick ass. Check it out cause it sounds like something Suicidal Tendencies should have covered. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– Sadly I do not know if Chris Adler will return to the fold for future albums, but this was truly an amazing record. It was definitely Megadeth moving in the right direction and they deserved the Grammy and the win here. Kiko Loureiro is an amazing edition to the band and I can not wait to here what else he brings to the table. I am giving the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.


ghostFor years, we have bantering and bickering about just how the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences just didn’t get rock or metal. For years, they have fumbled the award and shamelessly given it out to acts who didn’t deserve like Tenacious D or even Jethro Tull. It’s not that I do not respect those bands, they just didn’t deserve the award over some of the acts that were nominated. This year, it looked as if the Grammy’s were finally getting it right when they nominated some heavy hitters for Best Metal Performance. They nominated Ghost (Cirice), August Burns Red (Identity), Lamb Of God (512), Sevendust (Thank You), and Slipknot (Custer). The other thing that bothered me the most about the award is that they never televised it, so it was always a why bother watch the show if they do not respect your genre. This year that all temporarily changed as the award was not only given to a deserving band, but it was also televised. Ghost won the award for their track Cirice which is off of their amazing album Meloira (read the review here) and they accepted the award on stage.

ghost 2The only sad thing that I saw all night was the awful interviewers on the red carpet that asked the dumbest questions. “What is your band’s overall image about?” was one of the dumb questions asked by someone who has no idea who the band is. CBS needs to hire better interviewers for their red carpet who are more diverse in music which makes it better for everyone. The Grammy’s can be an opportunity for a band to expand on their fan base, a platform so to speak. Nevertheless, congratulations are in order for Ghost on the big win. Some of the other bands that didnt fair as well were the Foo Fighters who were nominated for Best Rock Performance and didn’t win and Slipknot for Best Rock Album which they also didn’t win. Check out Ghost accepting the award below and check them out giving thanks as well.

no grammys 2In an article that I posted before, I wasn’t planning on talking about the Grammys too much because I don’t respect them for the fact that they either don’t respect the metal genre enough to have it announced on the show live or they get it wrong by handing off to the wrong band when it comes to best metal performance. In 1988, they did it to Metallica by giving it to Jethro Tull and now in 2015 at the 57TH Annual Grammy awards they did it again by handing it to Tenacious D instead of either Mastodon (High Road) or Slipknot (The Negative One). I thought Slipknot was going to be a sure lock considering the band came back with their first album post Paul Gray and it was amazing. Mastodon also recorded an amazing record and they too were snubbed. Tenacious D records a cover of a Ronnie James Dio song and they win the award. The last time I checked these guys were a comedic duo who are not to be taken seriously as a metal band, but do you think the Academy knows that? The comedic duo also beat out Motorhead (Heartbreaker) and Anthrax’s cover of Neon Knights. This is why I thank Revolver Magazine for creating The Golden God Awards because the Academy behind the Grammy’s does not respect the Metal genre and they haven’t for years.

no grammys 2There is a reason that I do not care about the 57TH annual Grammy Awards and that is because they do not have any respect for rock or metal music and they never will. in 1988, the Grammy’s finally recognized the Metal genre by starting The best hard rock/metal performance category with AC/DC (Blow Up Your Video), Metallica (…And Justice For All), Iggy Pop (Cold Metal), Jethro Tull (Crest Of A Knave), and Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking) being the first nominees. Of course in a bit of controversy, Jethro Tull walked away with the award pissing off all of the metal community. Ever since then, they have seemed to either get it right or they mess it up somehow, but my problem isn’t with the award choices, it’s the fact that it’s not even televised. This year, Anthrax (Neon Knights), Tenacious D (The Last In Line), Mastodon (High Road), Motorhead (Heartbreaker), and Slipknot (The Negative One) were u for the award this year and if you guessed it, then you know they didn’t televise it because Tenacious D is the winner. That is why I say screw the Grammy’s if your a metal fan cause they don’t care about us much the same the Academy Awards do for Horror movies. I was personally pulling for either Slipknot or Mastodon to win the award because those were masterful performances, but the committee saw differently. Anyways, here is another award show that sucks as there to busy filling the airwaves with EDM music, Pop, and Hip Hop to care about anything else. Well, AC/DC is performing so I guess that makes it right, doesn’t it?

No Grammys