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pedal cup 2020Two years ago instead of doing the pedal to the metal tournament which was emulating the NCAA basketball tournament, I decided to change it and call it the Pedal Cup. For the first year, we did the world cup edition of the competition and that was won by Japan and Babymetal. That year, we tried our best to get as many bands from different countries as we could and while it sometimes can prove difficult to do, we also plan to do the same for the European edition of the Pedal Cup for this year which will coincide with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Returning to this year’s tournament are the third and fourth place finishers from the World Cup edition in Portugal and Poland and they will be joined by Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, England, Ukraine, Holland, Austria, Denmark, and so many more celebrating the best in Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, and more. So stay tuned here for more info as the bands will be chosen and all of the countries competing will be revealed.

pedal to the metal 6 posterI have been doing the Alumni Takeover Weekend at Bridgewater State University’s WBIM 91.5 FM for the last five years and every year I generally played the same material as I did when I was a full time DJ at the station back in 2012 with Pedal To The Metal Radio. This year I wanted to do something a little different than usual and it was I wanted to showcase my love for music that is a little more extreme than what rock radio stations are playing. So that is exactly what I decided to do with my sixth appearance at the station when I hit the airwaves last night at 9PM to close out night one of two after following the longest running radio show in non commercial college radio history in The Basement. Right now, I want to thank the Alumni Association for putting together the Alumni Takeover event because the man behind the scenes in Peter Q does an absolute terrific job putting this together. Without him and the help of other alums, this wouldn’t be possible. I also want to thank all of the current DJ’s who were so courteous to give up their shifts for one weekend so that all of us could relive our glory days for one night. I also want to thank fellow Metalhead Matt Rau who usually has his radio show on Fridays from 7PM ET to 10PM ET for giving up his spot so that I could do my show. I appreciate it a lot and thank you. It was a fun show to do even though I had a little bit of a hiccup with the wrong song playing at the wrong time a couple of times, but other than that I thought it went pretty well. Also I want to add that below you will see Radio Premiere next to a track by the band Sodom and that is because I think I’m the only DJ in America to play that on the radio. It definitely got the blood going and the idea of wanting to get back into the game, but that is a discussion for another day. I definitely look forward to this every year and I ope that it continues happening for another 100 years and beyond. Check out the playlist and some of the artwork below:

PLAYLIST for 10/18/2019

1. Delusions of Saviour/Repentless by Slayer

2. No More Room In Hell by Possessed

3. Night Of The Shears by Axeslasher

4. The Eagle Flies Alone by Arch Enemy 

5. Layers Of Time by Lacuna Coil

6. Needled 24/7 by Children Of Bodom

7. Down On Your Knees by Sodom (Radio Premiere)

8. Head Of A Pin by Overkill

9. Rats by Ghost

10. Blood Eagle Wings by Anthrax

11. The Pale King by Testament

12. Twilight Of The Thunder Gods by Amon Amarth

13. In Waves by Trivium

14. Count The Dead by Abbath

15. Third Depth by Whitechapel

16. March Of The Norse by Demonaz

17. Iron Man (Live Vocal Medley) by Black Sabbath featuring Tony Martin, Dio, & Ozzy Osbourne

PEDAL TO THE METAL POSTER 6 PART 2 copypedal to the metal 6 poster part 2pedal metal 6 posterpedal 6 poster v2pedal 6 final poster

download (1)One of the most controversial and probably one of the most influential bands in metal is none other than England’s most satanic group Venom. The band which was made up of Conrad “Cronos” Lant (Vocals/Bass), Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn (Guitars), and Tony “Abaddon” Bray (Drums) started what could have been one of the most controversial bands at the time with the Satanic imagery and lyrics. In 1981, the band would release what Loudwire ranked 14TH on their 50 Best Metal Albums Of All Time list in the band’s debut record Welcome To Hell via Neat Records at the tail end of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The album had such a distinct sound to it that it sounded like an demo, but was released as an album. That very sound would be very influential in the beginning days of Black Metal, but let’s not forget that their mix of heavy metal and speed metal would have great influence on Thrash, Black, and Death Metal. I don’t believe that the album ever charted and I am not sure how many albums it has sold, but they definitely have sold enough shirts. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the album 74TH on their The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time list so let’s check it out.

to-hell-and-back-venom1. Sons Of Satan– The track starts right out of the gate with some fury in this track that I think is about Satan’s sons reeking some havoc as they get followers. 4/5

2. Welcome To Hell– a very Motorhead/Saxon like track from the guys in the title track as they talk about raising some hell. The track features some furious playing as you can compare it’s sound to 2 Minutes To Midnight by Iron Maiden. 5/5

3. Schizo-an in your face metal scorcher about a guy who is obviously a schizophrenic that commits murders. 4.5/5

4. Mayhem With Mercy-The band Mayhem took their name from this track that starts with an eerie but melodic intro instrumental track. 4/5

5. Poison-a raucous track that is all about what happens when you have sex with someone that has a dirty little secret. 4/5

6. Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)-This was one of the first Venom songs I had ever heard and it has that in your face speed of Motorhead which is about living one way to those you love, but being an absolute hellraiser around town. 5/5

2013-09-21-18-32-341-e13797936271367. Witching Hour-If you had the vinyl this was the beginning of side B and it’s a very heavy and fast face melting track that is all about that very hour when Satan comes to Earth to take what he wants. 5/5

8. One Thousand Days in Sodom– a hammering track that is all about that city that God destroyed because they were all sinners and some freaky stuff happened there. 4/5

9. Angel Dust-Venom never really put any hidden meanings to their songs and I am pretty sure that this one is pretty self explanatory. 4/5

10. In League With Satan– This was the second ever song I had ever heard from the band with it’s backwards messaging in the beginning before Abaddon’s tribal drum beats come in as the band preaches that they are in league with Satan. 5/5

11. Red Light Fever– The track starts with some fancy classical music before the band comes in sounding like they crashed the party with a riff that sounds like it could be similar to Symptom Of The Universe, but we could say that about a lot of tracks. The track is all about visiting those pleasure palaces. 4/5

My Final Thoughts-I definitely believe that I enjoyed this album a lot more than I did when it came to Black Metal, but even that album had some highlights. The sound of this album doesn’t bother me that much as it sounds pretty decent to me. My favorite tracks on the album are In League With Satan, Witching Hour, Welcome To Hell, and Live Like An Angel…. My least favorite track on the album is probably Red Light Fever and One Thousand Days In Sodom. I am going to give the album 4.4 stars out of five for a final grade.

abbath metal singleOne of the great vocalists and songwriters of the black metal genre is arguably the one and only Abbath Doom Occulta who now fronts his own band Abbath. In 2016, Abbath released his first self titled solo record since having been in Immortal and it was an incredible record. Fast forward three years and he is now gearing up to release his second album titled Outsrider which comes out June 5TH via Season Of Mist. The band will have a whole new look with the album as Abbath has a whole new line up that consists of Ole Andre Farstad (Guitar), Ukri Suviletho (Drums), and Mia Wallace (Bass). The black metal legend has gotten everyone ready for the release of the record by sharing a brand new single with all of us entitled Calm In Ire Of Hurricane. The track opens with an ominous and brooding sound that just builds until the twin guitar assault begins and the thing that I love about this track is the fact that Abbath can infuse classic metal riffs with the fierceness of Black Metal. It’s an ability that he has been able to produce for quite some time and the track is amazing. I’m definitely excited for what the rest of the album will sound like. You can pre-order the album right now through Season Of Mist by clicking here. Otherwise check out the track below:

91Kh3SY8mwL._SL1500_During the voting process for the 8TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards, one of the most highly contested contests was the Extreme Metal Album of the Year award which featured bands like Behemoth, Tribulation, Hate Eternal, and the actual winner of the award in Swedish Black Metal band Watain. In 2018, the band which features Erik Danielsson (Vocals/Bass), Håkan Jonsson (Drums), Pelle Forsberg (Guitar) with additional music provided by Alvaro Lillo and Set Teitan (who was fired from the band) released their sixth studio album Trident Wolf Eclipse (on the album as TRIDENT·WOLF·ECLIPSE·) which was produced by Tore Stjerna and released via Century Media. There is a significant change int he band’s sound from their previous album as the band chose to revisit their past and there’s a reason for it. Before the making of the album, the band had to bury one of it’s members in Selim Lemouchi who was a frequent collaborator. Frontman Erik Danielsson spoke to Decibel Magazine about the noticeable shift saying, “there’s no hiding the fact that in between The Wild Hunt and this album we had to bury one of our members and go to his funeral together. […] It perhaps underlines the gravity of the album and that this is not about fucking around. This is not a game. This is life and death. This is what Watain are about.” While the album did not chart in the US, it peaked at number three on the Sverigetopplistan Chart (the Swedish Charts).

119175637-21. Nuclear Alchemy– an intense, in your face, unforgiving track that is all about all out war on the heavens with nuclear alchemy. It could also be about the end of the world through nuclear war. 4.5/5

2. Sacred Damnation– Face melting guitars and machine gun drums lead this track forward in what appears to be a track about the devil reigning supreme. I’m not 100% positive on the meaning, but the track is bad ass. 5/5

3. Teufelsreich– or Devil Reich if you’re looking for the translation for this in your face, but technical at times track. The track seems to be about the search for the devil’s kingdom. 5/5

4. Furor Diabolicus-an intense track that is all out war as Satan tries to reclaim his place in a battle for the ages. 4.5/5

4062665. A Throne Below-a go for the throat track that is just punishing track about the depths of hell and the throne of the master. 4/5

6. Ultra (Pandemonic)– a track whose intensity matches that of the lyrics which is about a unholy beast that is pandemonium and is unleashed. I really dug the guitar solo on this track, I thought it was pretty killer. 4.5/5

7. Towards the Sanctuary– an all out metal assault that kicks ass in a track that is about the life of a satanist and what they do for their beliefs. 4/5

8. The Fire Of Power– The last track on the album that I believe is talking about Apollo, the Greek God who was also known as an archer. I could be wrong, but the track features some amazing moments where they mix some straight up metal with their black metal intensity. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– An intense album from beginning to end that is just relentless in spirit as the intensity never stops. My favorite tracks on the album are Sacred Damnation and Teufelsreich while I don’t dislike any of the tracks, I wish I knew a little more on the meaning of some of them. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

8th annual me awardsIt is that time of the year where we begin celebrating all the best of the previous year and as usual, we here at Moshpits and Movies are once again handling the music and movie side of the awards. We are unfortunately not working together with 365 Movies Challenge blog any longer, but we have reacquired Mr. X’s Punch Out who will handle the wrestling side of things. For right now though, we are looking at the music side of the awards which is now in it’s eighth year and we are pretty excited. Besides the usual awards for Album of the Year, Metal Album of the Year, etc., we have added a couple of new categories to the awards which are Cover of the Year and Rookie of the Year. Every year, there are plenty of bands that record covers of famous songs they love from bands and we want to celebrate by voting for the best one. Much like cover of the year, there are always new bands that pop onto our radar and we want to celebrate them as well. We tried our best to not include supergroups, but rather if it’s their current and only focus then they are allowed. So, now we just want to hear from YOU guys and see who you pick to win each award. You have until March 13TH to decide so choose wisely and just have some fun.

s-l640We are still chipping away here at’s Top 50 Metal Albums of All Time and I am definitely excited to be checking out today’s artist which is one I meant to do a while ago. The first time I had ever heard of Tom G. Warrior or the band Celtic Frost was on two different releases. The first time was thank you to Brazilian legends Sepultura and their cover of Celtic Frosts Procreation (Of the Wicked) and the second was Tom’s appearance on the Dave Grohl led Probot record. It was an introduction too a world at a time that I had never explored before when I checked out the Swiss metal band’s music. Today, I have decided to cover the band’s second studio album To Mega Therion (translates to The Great Beast in Greek) which was released on October 27, 1985 via Noise Records. The band was made up of Warrior (guitars/vocals/effects/co-producer/assistant engineer), Dominic Steiner (Bass/Bass Effects), and Reed St. Mark (Drums/Percussion). The album is another one that is widely considered a very influential album in the early days of both Death and Black Metal respectively. The album artwork is a painting done by the late, great H.R. Giger entitled Satan I.

518LGWJ+v-L1. Innocence and Wrath– An instrumental track opens up the album and showcases what could be considered an influence to Symphonic Black Metal bands of the future with the French Horns in the track. 5/5

2. The Usurper– The first track leads right into this one which is a balls to the wall bass driven track that tells the story of a man who takes over kingdoms by force illegally for his king. 5/5

3. Jewel Throne-an in your face, go for the throat track about a man in kingdom that is slowly crumbling, but he still hides behind his throne. 4.5/5

4. Dawn of Megiddo-I like the eerie like tone of the track in the beginning and at one point in the track the French Horns make a comeback to give it that apocalyptic feel in what I believe is about the destruction of the city of Megiddo in Israel. 4.5/5

5. Eternal Summer– A track that starts off heavy then has a hardcore punk feel to the tempo in this track about the fall of ancient Egypt in my opinion. 4.5/5

to-mega-therion-5328156d04a6a6. Circle Of The Tyrants– an in your face track that explodes out of a cannon right from the start that talks about the causalities of war in this world. 5/5

7. (Beyond the) North Winds-A cool track that to be honest I am not exactly sure what Tom is talking about in this track. It seems to be somewhere in the dream realm if I had to take a guess. 4/5

8. Fainted Eyes– another track that has that fast punk tempo mixed with some metal beats along the way in a track that I believe he is referring to the dream world (not 100% sure). 4/5

9. Tears in a Prophet’s Dream-Another instrumental on the album that features lots of cool sound effects like crashing symbols, screams, etc. It honestly sounds like you are going through a nightmare with the suspense building. 4/5

10. Necromantical Screams–  the last track on the album deals with the fact of a person who has been so addicted to seeing the future through the dead that it’s haunting them now. I like the King Diamond like background vocals in this track, it kind of adds to it. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– You can definitely see how Celtic Frost would be considered an influence, but I find that to be more true as it relates to Death Metal more than Black Metal. Nonetheless, this is a really good record and definitely one you need to check out. My favorite tracks are The Usurper and Circle Of Tyrants while Fainted Eyes and (Beyond The) North Winds are my least favorite tracks. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

emperorWe are moving right along the list that Loudwire released a year or so ago as they named their Top 50 Metal Albums of All Time. One of the things I noticed about their list is that there is quite a few black metal bands on the list as we already covered albums from Mayhem, Bathory, Darkthrone as well as the godfathers of Black Metal in Venom. One of the most influential bands in the second wave of Black Metal is Norweigan band Emperor which in 1997 was made up of Ihsahn (Vocals/Guitars/Synthesizers), Samoth (Guitars/Arrangements), Alver (Bass), and Trym (Drums). The album that I chose from the band is their second studio album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk which was released on July 8, 1997 via Candlelight Records and Century Black. Loudwire ranked the album at 37 on their Top 50 Metal albums list, but they also ranked it as the best black metal album of all time. The album is considered very influential in the black metal scene for carrying the torch as the band recorded the album at The Grieg Hall in Bergen, Norway which is a 1,500 seat concert hall which definitely helped with the symphonic sound you hear.

emperor back1. Alsvartr (The Oath)– The track opens with a very melodic riff and the occasional sounds of what appears to sound like an owl. It sounds like the beginning of a horror film as an evil sounding voice recites the lyrics with the sounds of shrieks that help guide them. a truly bad ass metal track right here. 5/5

2. Ye Entrancemperium– The opening riff to this track is actually that of an unreleased (at the time) untitled Mayhem track, but this when the fierceness of black metal with a little bit of a symphonic feel comes in. This is definitely an epic track from the band that pushes the boundaries of black metal. 5/5

3. Thus Spake the Nightspirit– an interesting track that is all about embracing the darkness that rules our lives whether in this life or in the after life, but by embracing it you are less ignorant than those who mock it. 5/5

4. Ensorcelled by Khaos– Beautiful chaos could be a word to best describe this track that is an absolute sonic face melter in this track about a man who has done everything he believes he could have done to please the dark lord, but yet he feels he hasn’t. You can definitely see some of the influence this album has had on bands like Dimmu Borgir, etc. 5/5

R-1435191-1232291733.jpeg5. The Loss and Curse of Reverence-Another great track that just shows off how ahead of the time Emperor was and how great they were musically. The symphonic parts contained within the track are so dramatic and epic, it’s excellent. The track is about a man who shuns Christianity even though he was brought up to follow the faith. 5/5

6. The Acclamation of Bonds-I truly believe that the lyrics to the track are about a fallen angel who is telling his believers to fear not because their bond is unbroken like that of Gods. Musically this song is another knock out for the band in my opinion. 5/5

7. With Strength I Burn-another interesting track on the album that is about a man who goes on a journey for the truth, but when he is back where he started he feels more empowered than before. 5/5

8. The Wanderer– The last track on the album is an instrumental track showcasing the ability of the band which is amazing as this one was written by Samoth. 5/5

My Final Thoughts-I honestly and truly believe that this was an absolutely amazing record and I wish I had heard this sooner. This was the building blocks for every other band that has followed the Symphonic Black Metal route. It’s a shame that these guys are not really together anymore. The album gets a perfect five out of five for a final grade which means it’s part of the five star club. Do yourselves a favor and check this out!


1000x1000This past week, we posted an article where we had discussed that Venom has often been considered the founders of Black Metal music simply because they named an album Black Metal. If there was ever a band in the genre that could take credit as one of the founding fathers of Black Metal, it would be Sweden’s own Bathory who took what Venom had done with the recording quality and they molded the sound that would spawn a generation. The band which was made up of Quorthon (Vocals/Guitars) a.k.a. Thomas Börje Forsberg, Stefan Larsson (Drums), and Rickard Bergman (Bass Guitar) released their self titled debut album in October of 1984 via Tyfon Grammofon originally. The band originally gained notoriety when a band dropped out of a compilation album so the label asked it’s employee who was Quorthon to record a couple of tracks. After it was all said and done, the band’s two songs were the most popular on the album and the label asked Bathory to record a full album. The album artwork was originally released with the yellow look goat known to passionate fans as Gula Geten because it was originally supposed to be in Gold, but that was deemed too expensive. Quorthon asked them to get it as close to Gold as possible, but when he saw the final product, he hated it and after a printing of 1,000 copies, he changed  it to the B&W version we all know today.

MI00021198661. Storm of Damnation (Intro)– an ominous instrumental opens up the album sounding as if you are walking through the depths of hell. 4/5

2. Hades– It leads right into this track that kicks off with that in your face death metal fury in this track about where Hades dwells which is the underworld. 4.5/5

3. Reaper-another facemelting track that is all about the one and only Grim Reaper and what he can do which is taking your soul when he choses. 4.5/5

4. Necromansy– a thrash sounding track that is all about sacrificing in the name of Satan in the art of Necromancy. 4.5/5

5. Sacrifice-a song that is bad ass musically as it’s more of a metal track that is unrelenting and I love it. Another track that is all about sacrificing in the name of the lord of hell. 5/5

40127430101126. In Conspirasy with Satan– The first track on side B or the side titled Evil. The track is an in your face, I will rip your face off track that is all about claiming your allegiance to Satan. 4.5/5

7. Armageddon-a bad ass metal track that has a bad ass bass riff to go along with the guitars in a track that is all about the end of the world from the demons perspective. At the 1:20 minute mark, you can hear Bergman’s bad ass bass playing real well. 5/5

8. Raise The Dead– The church bells kick off this track before more bad ass extreme metal smashes through your speakers in this track about someone coming back from the dead for vengeance. 5/5

9. War– War is officially called for and declared against the heavens in this hellraiser of a track that combines elements of Motörhead with GBH and some extreme metal. 5/5

10. The Winds Of Mayhem-Outro-The sounds of hell see this outro track through to signify the end. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– While Quorthon claims that he was influenced by Black Sabbath, Motörhead, and GBH, a former drummer of the band claims that Venom was a total influence. Nonetheless, you can definitely hear the elements of Venom in this album, but Bathory very much made the sound their own. My favorite tracks on the album are War, Raise The Dead, and Armageddon. I am going to give the album which was voted number 40 on Loudwire’s Top 50 Metal Albums of All Time an 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.

single veomOne of the most legendary bands from the 80’s that single handedly could be credited with creating the Black Metal genre is England’s Venom. The band released their first album Welcome To Hell in 1981 and have been terrifying parents ever since. Now the band is gearing up to release their fifteenth studio album Storm The Gates which is due out December 14TH via Spinefarm Records. The album is the band’s first since 2015’s From The Very Depths and Cronos is ready to pump you up for it saying, “Get ready for another killer album, packed full of awesome riffs and screaming mayhem. We’ve been hard at work for over two years to make sure this new release raises the bar, to deliver a demonic mix of old and new. Get ready to lay down your souls, legions!” The band that is rounded by Rage (Guitar) and Danté (Drums) bring the fury with the new track Bring Out Your Dead which is the band’s first single off the album and our Metal Single of the Week. The song begins with the typical madness that is Venom before launching into an all out metal assault as they summon the dead. Check out the track below and check out the artwork and track listing below:


01. Bring Out Your Dead
02. Notorious
03. I Dark Lord
04. 100 Miles to Hell
05. Dark Night (of the Soul)
06. Beaten to a Pulp
07. Destroyer
08. The Mighty Have Fallen
09. Over My Dead Body
10. Suffering Dictates
11. We the Loud
12. Immortal
13. Storm the Gates