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We are going to keep this short and sweet because the pictures describe it better than words can so here are all the winners for both the movies and the music sides. For the wrestling side of it, please click here to go to Mr. X’s Punch Out to see those.


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aanthraxAccording to the band’s Youtube page, “The blood eagle is a ritualized method of execution, detailed in late skaldic poetry. Featuring in Norse Sagas, the condemned prisoner would have their spine column exposed and then their ribs severed from the spine and pulled open (to resemble wings).” If that doesn’t get you excited for the music video by thrash metal legends Anthrax then I don’t know what will. The band recently unveiled the video for the song Blood Eagle Wings which is off of the band’s latest disc For All Kings. The music video was directed by Jack Bennett and it features a skull king who looks over everything including a grate that leads to a basement where men and women are tortured. One man (played by James Duval) sits on his knees shackled as he watches people get tortured. The video gets pretty gruesome as it goes on and in fact this is the longest track ever recorded by Anthrax in the band’s history.

When speaking about the track Scott Ian told Rolling Stone, “Any great city, whether it’s London, Rome, Paris, New York, Los Angeles — these cities are alive because of how many people were killed to make these cities what they are, how much blood was spilled over time.” Director Jack Bennett also talked about the video stating, “We created this torture chamber, sitting below this horrible king’s hall. This guy gets to play with his toys and look through the grate in the floor and see this group of people that he’s essentially crushing. The idea is that this power is built on top of these people. It’s brutal and there’s a lot of amazing torture gags happening, but it all serves this concept that progress is brutal. Civilizations progress in a way that is violent.” The video also features comedian Brian Posehn as one of the guards who tells another when the act is done that it was brutal. Check it out below: