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youthanasiaFor this week’s album of the week, I am diving headfirst into a Megadeth record to me that is the most amazing one of the Friedman/Menza era of Megadeth called Youthanasia. I saw Friedman/Menza because along with Dave Mustaine (Vocals) and David Ellefson (Bass), the album featured Nick Menza (Drums) and Marty Friedman (Guitar) and as this was the sixth overall release from Megadeth, it was the third to feature the duo. Youthanasia took some crap for it’s commercial appeal and how it was less than a thrash album then their previous releases. The title of the record itself was a Portmanteau of the words Youth and Euthanasia with the album artwork featuring a women hanging babies on a clothesline. Dave Ellefson describes the influence of the artwork, “That song [Youthanasia] was probably the strongest representation of how we feel about the young people who listen to our music and what their future holds for them. It’s like you have a choice, you can become proactive or you can choose ‘Youthanasia’.” The album was quite successful in terms of sales as it peaked at number 4 in the US Billboard Top 200 and later this year in November it will be celebrating it’s 2oTH Anniversary since it was released.

youthanasia 2The first track on the record is Reckoning Day and it starts off with a bang as the drums sound like a barrage of bombs hitting the earth in a track taht sounds to me like Dave is talking about Heroine. For Example, “I like the way that you let me in, The way you look when the walls cave in. I like the way that your stomach knots and how you cry for it all to stop.” Train Of Consequences is one of those songs that starts off sounding like it’s going to be a thrash tune, but it turns in a great Metal tune about gambling. Addicted To Chaos has Nick Menza building up the track as the rest of the band slowly fades in. The song is about a person that loses someone very special to them that they don’t think they can replace. A Tout Le Monde is one of the most classic tunes that Megadeth has written in a track that the speaker wants let everyone know in his life that he loves them before he dies. Elysian Fields is a classic scorcher that has a double meaning to it where Dave will speak about religion like the death of Jesus and fighting and dying in the name of freedom hence the idea of achieving your destiny. The Killing Road is next on the album and it’s a song that talks about the troubles of touring so much as it’s also one of those tracks that gets pretty close to be thrash like. Blood Of Heroes is an amazing track that starts like A Tout… where we get acoustic before it goes electric in a track about war.

youthFamily Tree was a track that was very risque at the time of it’s release because it deals with the growing epidemic of child molestation and how it could possibly affect their children’s children in the future. As I said above the track Youthanasia is a statement on the young generation and it could talk about how they were left out to dry by the older generations. The very sledge hammer like I Thought I Knew It All is a self explanatory track about thinking you know everything, but how people can surprise you. It is definitely one of the top 5 tracks on the record and I have only heard Megadeth perform this track once live. Black Curtains is one of the heaviest tracks on the record and to me the song is about armageddon by nuclear war. Victory is the last track on the record on the record that is sort of a track that reflects on the band’s career and how he has been able to be successful. I really love this album and think it’s definitely in my top 5 Megadeth albums of all time. I am giving the album four stars out of five for a final grade.