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suicidalWhen it came to deciding what album I wanted to cover for the album of the week, I took to Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed’s podcast The Jasta Show for some much needed inspiration. That is when I saw that Mike Muir, the legendary singer of Suicidal Tendencies, was the guest for his podcast in one of his episodes and I instantly made my decision right then and there. The only question is what album would I pick and I chose How Will I Laugh Tomorrow If I Can’t Even Smile Today because it was the first record I ever picked up from them. It was a monumental step in a direction the crossover thrash legends were heading at the time as they shed their punk rock roots for a more metal sound. The band at the time was made up of Muir (Vocals), Rocky George (Guitar), Mike Clark (Guitar), R.J. Herrera (Drums), and Bob Heathcote (Bass) who was replaced by Robert Trujillo the very next year. The album was also the debut of Mike Clark who added that metal element to the band as he was in a band with Muir that was supposed to be an all metal project. It also allowed Rocky George the chance to work on more lead guitar duties as well and this also marked their major label debut for Epic Records. The album peaked at number 111 on the Billboard Top 200 charts where it stayed for 11 weeks.

1. Trip At The Brain– This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the record that exemplifies the change over to the more metal sound the band adopted for this one. It has those razor sharp thrash like riffs with some amazing guitar leads and Muir gives it enough of a punk flare to his vocals that it fits perfectly. 5/5

Suicidal_Tendencies-How_Will_I_Laugh_Tomorrow_When_I_Can_t_Even_Smile_Today-Trasera2. Hearing Voices– Another hard charging thrash classic from the cycos as the sing is credited to original bassist Louiche Mayorga and Mike Muir in a track about exactly what the title says. 4/5

3. Pledge Your Allegiance– This is the ultimate song to pledge your allegiance to one of the coolest bands in crossover thrash history. ST!!! The song at one point features a killer bass line followed by a killer guitar solo. 5/5

4. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow– The title track is the perfect anthem for the youth who look at what is going in society and ask the question how will I laugh tomorrow?

5. The Miracle– at some points in the song, the riff sounds very similar to early Metallica thrash riffs while at other times having it’s own flavor. 4/5

6. Suicyco Mania– This track is exclusive to those who own the CD version of this album as this was not featured on the original vinyl or cassette. The riff to the song will melt your face off as it’s razor fast. 4/5

7. Surf And Slam– This is an instrumental track on the album with surf and slam being repeated a bunch of times during parts of the song. 4/5

Suicidal_Tendencies-How_Will_I_Laugh_Tomorrow_When_I_Can_t_Even_Smile_Today-CD8. If I Don’t Wake Up– This is one of those songs that reflects a lot of what we think when we are growing up and going through changes. We are always asking if anyone will care if we die and so on and so forth. 4/5

9. Sorry?!– This has a pretty kick ass straightforward metal sound to it as Muir describes a situation where he meets the one, but she leaves him. When she tries to come back after he plan fails, he is obviously too mad to take her back. 4/5

10. One Too Many Times– Another track that has more of a rock sound to it then a thrash sound as Muir is trying to reach out, but he was let down way to many times. At one point the band even gets a little bluesy for the track. 4/5

11. The Feeling’s Back– This is the last track on the record and it starts off sounding like another straightforward metal tune until they turn it up a notch with a little punk flare. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This is definitely the best album in my opinion that the band put out as it demonstrated exactly what the band could do. Out of all the crossover thrash bands of the 80’s they were definitely my favorite and still are today. I would definitely pick up this album if you want to hear some stuff from Suicidal Tendencies. I am giving the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.