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sam black churchThere is something to be said about the Boston area especially when it came to the famous hardcore scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s. The scene featured legendary bands like Gang Green, Slapshot, DYS, Blood For Blood, and today’s featured artist Sam Black Church who were named after the West Virginia town. They were a band that was known for throwing some insane performances back in the day that left a lasting impression. That is why when I went to my local Savers (thrift store) and spotted one of the band’s albums on the shelf I had to snag it. The album that I bought that is also this week’s album of the week is the band’s EP Superchrist which was released om August 22, 1995 via Taang! Records. The band was made up of Jet (Vocals), Ben Crandall (Guitars), J.R. Roach (Drums), and Richard G. Lewis (Bass) while the EP was produced by Rich Costey. The EP featured four brand new tracks plus a cover and a live track which was presumably to hold fans over until the release of their next album.

superchrist back1.Superchrist– The title track is the opening track on the EP and it opens up thunderous right out of the gates with the bands brand of metal infused hardcore. I’m not sure if Jet is being literal with the lyrics or if it’s a metaphor for the music business and the people who can get things done. 5/5

2. Ninth Gate– The track is a showcase of the band’s more hardcore side with the insane vocal delivery from Jet. The lyrics definitely make you think as he is talking about abusers facing the hell they deserve, but at what cost for the accuser. 4.5/5

3. Come To Me My Lovely– It’s a love letter to the city of New York and to the horrors of drug use. The track is fast and hard and done by the best of Boston. 4/5

IMG_20180726_0001_NEW.jpg4. Swing– an interesting track that is all about guys who will do anything for fame and fortune and how they forget where they come from in this fast paced hardcore track. 4/5

5. Sheer Heart Attack– This is the hardcore version of the Queen classic and while it might not be my favorite cover in the world, I still give the band props for making it their own. 4/5

6. Re-Alive/The Right Fuel (Live)– The last track on the album is a special treat for Sam Black Church fans as they perform two tracks for fans. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– These guys were legendary on the Boston scene and it was just fun to reminisce with this EP. The EP showcases what the band can do from a pure metal stand point all the way to the hardcore side of them. My favorite track is Superchrist while my least favorite on the EP is probably Sheer Heart Attack. I am giving the EP 4.4 stars out of five for a final grade.


Godsmack Single Of The WeekOne of the best bands from Boston besides Boston, The Cars, or Aerosmith has been Lawrence legends Godsmack. They have been carrying the flag for Boston Hard Rock/Metal since their self titled debut album. These guys whether you like it or not are also one of the best bands to see in a live format and you can take that to the bank. Now the band is getting ready to release their first album 2014’s 1000HP in their seventh overall album entitled When Legends Rise on April 27TH via BMG (Their first with the label). The band has also unleashed the very first single off the album in Bulletproof which is very melodic. The song is actually very different than what we are used to from the band, but the direction of their music should not be a surprise to anyone. Lead singer Sully Erna once said in an interview in 2014, “I’m not that same young, angry kid as I was when I was writing early Godsmack material. And so now Godsmack has become a little bit of a challenge because I go, ‘Okay, what am I gonna write about?’ Cause you can’t write too ‘happy’ when you’re writing for Godsmack, but nothing is really making me super sad or angry. And so it’s gonna be interesting to continue.” I actually like the direction the band is going in and I cannot wait to hear what the rest of the tracks sound like. If you would like to pre-order the album, you can do so here.

If you love your metal with a giant sized can of whoop ass that never gives up then I have the perfect track for all of you in this week’s single of the week. Boston technical death metal titans Revocation are back with a brand new record and single for all of us to enjoy. The band is gearing up to release their sixth album overall in Great Is Our Sin and to do so the band has unleashed a single from the album called Monolithic Ignorance. After already being five albums deep the band is continuing to be relentless and are showing no sings of slowing down at all. The track just hits you with an intensity right from the opening chord and never lets up for the rest of the track. Brand new drummer Ash Pearson is also fitting in nicely with the band as Great Is Our Sin is his first record with the band. The album is slated for release on July 22ND and the band is excited stating, “We can’t wait to bring these songs out on the road and perform them for different audiences all over the world. Great Is Our Sin is a new chapter for the band, and collectively we feel that it is our defining record to date.” Check out Monolithic Ignorance below:

blackmassheader2It has been a while since the last time I did a Based On A Truesday Story (a play on the words Tuesday and True Story), but I had to bring it back for a special movie. This past Friday, Black Mass, the film about one of South Boston’s most notorious gangsters in James “Whitey” Bulger was released into theaters. The film stars Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco) stars as the notorious gangster himself as it looks at how Whitey got the push he needed in the game thanks to corrupt FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton).  It takes you deep into South Boston as Bulger goes on a rampage as he becomes one of the most powerful gangsters and second on the list of the FBI’s most wanted men behind Osama Bin Laden. The film is based on the book of the same name by former Boston Globe writers Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill and it looks at what Kevin Weeks, Steve Flemmi, and John Martorano had to say about Bulger. The film also stars Dakota Johnson (50 Shades Of Grey) as Lindsey Cyr, Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) as Billy Bulger, Kevin Bacon (Footloose) as Charles McGuire, Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead) as Brian Halloran, Rory Cochrane (Dazed And Confused) as Steve Flemmi, David Harbour (The Equalizer) as John Morris, Adam Scott (Step Brothers) as FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick, Corey Stroll (This Is Where I Leave You) as Fred Wyshak, Julianne Nicholson (August: Osage County) as Marianne Connolly, W. Earl Brown (Scream) as John Martorano, Jesse Plemons (Observe And Report) as Kevin Weeks, Juno Temple (Killer Joe) as Deborah Hussey, and the film was directed by Scott Cooper (Out Of The Furnace).

black massAs with every film that is based on a true story, there are always those who doubt how true each event is and whether or not Hollywood expressed their creative liberty with some of the film. Kevin Weeks, one of the men depicted in the film recently spoke out on the film calling it fiction. He commented on Johnny Depp’s performance of Bulger and how it was written saying, “The only resemblance to Whitey’s character was the hairline. The funny thing is, Whitey’s look didn’t really change at all, just his clothes. It’s like we were stuck in a time warp. And the mannerisms—the way that Whitey talked to us—he never swore at us. In all the years I was with that man, he never swore at me once.” He later commented on a scene in the film that was depicted in Miami when a deal was being made to take out an important figure. Weeks says, “That never happened. In fact, I didn’t know about Roger Wheeler’s death until the Callahan murder. So just by having me be there giving Halloran the money, they have involved me in a conspiracy to kill Roger Wheeler. I’ve been libeled. I wasn’t involved in that at all, so I have a big problem with that. I just don’t know where they get the right to put events in there that did not happen.” There is also a very cool article from Time Magazine that describes what was fact or fiction about some important events in the film. In the film, they claim that the violence increased once Bulger’s son died. While it’s true that his son did die, they claim that he had ordered several hits before then with Weeks telling The Daily Beast, “Whitey was violent long before his son’s death.” Nevertheless, I thought Johnny Depp’s performance was masterful and that he was the best part of the film. I do feel that they made Flemmi and Weeks minor characters in the film than what they probably were in real life. The film itself was good, but Edgerton and Depp absolutely steal the show. One of my favorite elements of the film was the cinematography because they take some amazing shots of the city of Boston and Southie. Overall, my final grade for the film is a B=+

bill burrOnce again for today’s special we have both turned to Netflix for the special and a comedian we love. In 2014, Bill Burr won the first ever Stand Up Special Of The Year Award at the 4TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards which was voted by the people for his special I’m Sorry You Feel That Way. It was an award that was much deserved for Bill and he is becoming one of my all time favorites. So, for today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I decided to go to Netflix and check out his special Bill Burr- Let It Go which was filmed at The Fillmore in San Francisco in 2010. In the special, he tackles any topic imaginable like disgusting people, Oprah, being older and full of crap, Asians, Racism, big food chains, youtube, automated machines, customer service, holidays, kids, bankers, rescue dogs, and getting older as all these topics were developed while he was on the road from 2008 to 2009.

bill burr 2Bill Burr is honestly one of the funniest comedians I have ever watched because I just enjoy his in your face approach to his stage show. He tells his jokes with conviction and delivers them with the right amount of swagger and I just love his Boston accent. He grew up three towns or so away from me and so I understand a lot of his comedy and where it comes from. One of my favorite jokes from the special is when he is talking about the “rescue dog” or free dog as he calls it because seriously, what did we rescue them from anyways? He talks about how he hated the Pitbull at first, but then out of nowhere he fell in love with the dog and when you hear the whole joke it’s hilarious. When he rants about big food chains, self checkouts, and other annoying things with technology and the world, it’s very funny. He was on to something to say the least back in 2010, but obviously no one listened. If you get a chance to check out any of his comedy specials, I would suggest you do so because they are great. I am giving this one an A for a final grade.

foo fighters fenwayUsually during a very hot and sweaty day, I would not be looking all that forward to it, but the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, and his broken leg were at the legendary Fenway Park for night two of their two night stay. What has been dubbed as the Broken Leg Tour due to an injury he suffered in Sweden brought a different dynamic to the show because he was confined to a throne of sorts. That didn’t damper the mood of any of the fans who were there to rock out no matter what condition Grohl was in and it’s admirable that he has even done. I say that because most bands would have packed it up and called it a day, but not Dave Grohl. Day two of the tour once again featured Royal Blood, a band made up of a bassist and a drummer and local Irish punk heroes The Dropkick Murphy’s. So, it definitely promised to be one heck of an evening filled with rock music and the Fenway Faithful.

foo fightersThe Foo Fighters kicked off their set with a bang playing the very popular and classic Everlong and following that with Monkey Wrench which were obviously crowd favorites by the sounds of the crowd eruption. The band continued to deliver hit after hit, but the real fun of the show began during the playing of Up In Arms as Dave began to tell the story of how he broke his leg in Sweden and how he came up with the moving throne. That wouldn’t be the only moment of fun or unique moments of the night that Dave would provide because he had a whole bag of tricks. During the band introductions, he would play snippets of Let It Go by The Cars which was to evoke emotion from the local Boston crowd, I’m The One by Van Halen, and a special performance of The White Stripes Seven Nation Army that was sung by Dave’s own orthopedic doctor Dr. Lew C. Schon, MD. While I could have been OK with a snippet of the song, they did the whole thing and it actually wasn’t too bad. The show featured acoustic performances of songs like My Hero and Times Like These as well as some cool covers of songs like Under Pressure and a special performance of School’s Out by Alice Cooper with Sully Erna of Godsmack on vocals to give the crowd another local celebrity.

foo fighters 2One of the things that Dave Grohl does best is that he is able to get the best out of a crowd no matter what night it is or what city it is. He was able to get the crowd to sing as loud as the crowd possibly could like a true master of their craft could. The crowd gave it their all in return for Dave Grohl giving it his all that night. One of the funnier re-occurring moments of the show was when they would finish a song, the crowd would chant out Foo and if you don’t know it, it sounds like they are booing him, but they weren’t and he acknowledged it a couple of times saying that i freaked him out. One statement that I will make right now is that Dave Grohl with one leg was ten times better than most of your acts that are out there today because this was definitely one of my all time favorite performances. I can only imagine what the man can do when he use of both legs. The Dropkick Murphy’s were definitely another highlight of the night for me as the band blazed through some of the classics that got the crowd going like Tessie, State Of Massachusetts, and I’m Shipping Up To Boston. Overall, it truly was a fun night of rock and overpriced hot dogs, but a night I will never forget.



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0Ronnie Radke may be one of the most polarizing figures in all of rock these days as he admits to being an A**hole, but much like the lyric to the song suggests, he’s just like you. Ronnie has been having some success as of late with his band Falling in Reverse as the band rolled through The House Of Blues in Boston, MA last night as part of Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus tour which also features Ghost Town and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion as the opening acts. Falling In Reverse has been touring in support of their latest offering Just Like You via Epitaph Records which has had some critical acclaim amongst rock critics. The crowd in Boston which was a mix of teens and young adults, was definitely ready to rock out with the band that night as you could feel the energy in the air and the anticipation that followed when the lights went out as the show was being simulcast on Yahoo Live. The band started off with the final speech that Charlie Chaplin gives in The Great Dictator before they blasted right in with one of my favorite tracks on the new album in Chemical Prisoner which sounds just as amazing live as it does on record.

10The band blazed through a set that featured a mix of brand new tracks and some classics from the previous two albums the band has released like God If You Are Above, Sexy Drug, Rolling Stone, Tragic Magic, and Raised By Wolves. One of my favorite moments of the show as far as crowd interaction was right after the band was done playing Raised By Wolves. Ronnie was telling the crowd that if they had any kids or babies to throw them in the middle of the pit, but it was right when he says that the next track was, “The heaviest song you’ll ever hear. The heaviest song we’ve ever written” and then they bust into Bad Girls Club from Fashionably Late. Even though the interaction between songs was few and far between does not mean the band wasn’t on point through out the whole show. Ronnie was definitely the ring general of the band as he brought the intensity to the performances as any frontman should and his band was firing off on all cylinders as well.

18After performing new track The Bitter End, the band blazed through some classics like I’m Not A Vampire followed by Ronnie’s rap rock track Alone along with B-Lay before heading into the back to tease the crowd for a encore. As the crowd chanted out loud for Ronnie, the band reappeared on stage to play The Drug In Me Is You before Ronnie claimed that he knew that he was an a**hole. That is when the band announced that Just Like You was the last song of the set and the band brought some confetti with them that reminded me of how great concerts were in the 80’s as far as the spectacle that rock bands brought every night. It was an amazing show that non stop action from beginning to end with literally no filler and everyone who was a fan in Boston definitely received their money’s worth from Ronnie and Falling In Reverse. Check out some photos from the show as well as the complete setlist.

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