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Update 6/24/2018 8:19PM ET: Sources are reporting that someone close to the Abbott family are telling TMZ that Vinnie died from a Major heart Attack. Loudwire reached out to his management and this is the statement they released:

We have no knowledge of who spoke with TMZ.
Whoever spoke to them did so on their own and not
based on any factual information or authorization
from Vinnie’s family or Pantera management.

Our official statement remains:
Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul passed away on Friday, June 22.
Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the bands
Pantera and Hellyeah.
No further details are currently available.
When they are, an updated official statement will be released.
The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time.
Thank you for your query.


180623013401-vinnie-paul-pantera-super-teaseI am still not quite sure what words I need to say to express the utter shock that the rock/metal world and I are in after the news broke of the passing of Former Pantera/Damageplan/Heallyeah drummer Vinnie Paul. At first, I had to do a search online to find out if this was one of those fake articles that are always posted on Facebook when it says a celebrity has died. CNN, the new site confirmed for me that Vinnie Paul born Vincent Paul Abbott died at the age of 54 years old. We still at this time do not know what the cause of death is, but what we do know is that he is finally reunited with his brother Dimebag Darrell. Vinnie along with his brother Dimebag were the co-founders of the groove metal band Pantera who dominated the metal scene with the release of Cowboys From Hell in 1990 and they continued to dominate with albums like Vulgar Display Of Power and Far Beyond Driven until the band broke up in 2002. They went on to start a new band in Damageplan releasing their only album in 2004 entitled New Found Power and toured with the act until the death of his brother in December of 2004.

getty638images-115361519jpgVinnie had taken some time off from the music scene releasing the home video collection Dimevision, Vol. 1 in 2006 as well as a never before heard collaboration album with Country music legend David Allen Coe entitled Rebel Meets Rebel. He didn’t get back in the studio until 2007 when he officially became a member of the supergroup Hellyeah which featured Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne, Tom Maxwell of Nothingface, and Damageplan bassist Bob Zilla to record the self titled debut album. Together the band would release five albums with the latest Unden!able coming out in 2016. It is said that Vinnie has laid down drum tracks for an upcoming album, but it is not known yet what will become of that album as of this time. The band however has released a statement with Tom Maxwell saying, “Just so broken hearted and in shock. I’m struggling to write this but we want to thank you all for your kind words and support in this tragic time. We don’t have much info to give you other then Vinnie is now with Dime and they are together in a better place. Sadness, shock, confusion, anger, despair. We feel it all together. Hug your loved ones and keep them close. Thank you all again for all your love. Vinnie will be and is greatly loved and missed but his music will live forever. Crank it loud today and scream to the heavens so he can hear you.” Fellow musicians and other celebrities have come out to pay tribute to one of the greatest drummers of the modern era. There is a lot more tributes online and on Twitter, but the ones below are just some of them. R.I.P. Vinnie Paul (1964-2018)

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SHARKNADO 5We have a tradition here at Cheeseball Cinema and that is we never miss an opportunity to review a Sharknado film. We have at one point reviewed every single Sharknado movie up to date except for one. Every time this film airs, I manage to not be anywhere near a television to catch it when it premieres so that is why I rely on Netflix to give it to me so that I can review it. In this one, Fin (Ian Ziering), April (Tara Reid), and now a little older Gil (Billy Barratt) are in the UK for a meeting on how to better prepared for another attack. Unfortunately, Finn gets called to Stonehenge thanks to Nova (Cassandra Scerbo) where they discover that these attacks have happened before in history, but after stealing a stone from it’s hiding spot, it causes one of the most deadliest Sharknados ever and it engulfs poor little Gil who they have to attempt to rescue before it’s too late. The film also stars Chris Kattan (A Night At The Roxbury) as Prime Minister, Samantha Fox (Three Kinds Of Heat) as Ms Moore, but you can’t forget the special cameos made by Charo as the Queen, Fabio as the pope, Downtown Julie Brown, Bret Michaels, Olivia Newton-John, Tony Hawk, Greg Louganis, Tiffany Pollard, John Morrison, Bai Ling, Geraldo Rivera, The Today Show, Good Morning Britain, and the film was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Boo).

Sharknado theater sceneNothing much changes from film to film because it’s the same old overacting from some of them and more bad acting from the now almost completely robotic Tara Reid. Hwer character is practically just a cyborg which might explain why she’s not good at showing emotion. She has the same look on her face when Thomas Ian Nichols was explaining how much he loved her in American Pie as to losing her son in this one. I thought making Fabio the pope was a little ballsy while Bret Michaels looked like he was having fun being stuck to a bus while also getting eaten by a shark eventually. Cassandra Scerbo is the only one that showed some acting skills towards the end of the film as they were starting to (SPOILER ALERT) kill everyone off. Then we get a surprise at the end of the film that could mean more Sharknado films as they mocked Back To The Future as well as Bond films, Godzilla, and even Indiana Jones. Listen we all know that the film is all about having fun we cause we know that its a cheesy film and nothing else. So you have to go into this just to sit back, relax, and have fun because it’s going to be one interesting ride.  They went all out with this one where we travel the globe from London to Australia, Japan, Egypt, and even Brazil. It’s awesome having an imagination. On a scale of one ebing close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give this one an 4.6 for a final grade.

sammyHey all you metalheads out there, this is your weekly rock and metal news post and the first subject of news concerns a red rocker making an appearance on a legendary animated series this Sunday. That is right, Sammy Hagar is going to be making an appearance on this Sunday’s (November 23, 2014) episode of The Simpsons on season 26. The episode is titled Covercraft and apparently Homer is having a midlife crisis an he decides to start a cover band, but it ends up being a springboard for another artist. This will be the first time that Sammy lends his voice to the show, but not the first time his likeness has been on the show. The episode airs on Fox at 8PM Eastern Time.

Kid Rock, a humanitarium? For all of you that don’t know, the man has worked hard to raaise money and other goods for the troops for a long time now and he is being rewarded for it with an award. Kid Rock has received the 2014 Operation Troop Aid Patriot Award. Loudwire gives a brief synposis on what Operation Troop Aid is: Operation Troop Aid is a nonprofit organization that supports U.S. troops. Every year they give an award to celebrities that champion the men and women of the American armed forces. Rock has performed at numerous military bases around the world and he meets military personnel at every concert in addition to supporting military charities. Past winners have included Hank Williams Jr., Kiss, Gary Sinise, etc. Founder and executive director Mark Woods had this to say about Kid Rock, “Kid Rock is one of the most giving entertainers I have ever met,” says Operation Troop Aid founder and executive director Mark Woods. “He really gets it…  Last year, Kid Rock challenged his fans to help raise money to send care packages to the troops. In one short month, we were able to ship over 500 care packages just in time for the holidays. His art, legacy of family and Spirit of Patriotism is exactly why this award exists. Congratulations to Kid Rock.

Faith-No-More-630x420One of my favorite bands from the late 80’s/90’s Faith No More updated us not too long ago that they were recording a brand new album in 17 years. The band has now unleashed a brand new track for all of us to hear and its awesome. The song is called Motherf***er and Keyboardist Roddy Bottum described the track as, “It feels apt that the first track we’re releasing is ‘Motherfucker,’ a song about accountability. Basically we’ve created, recorded and mixed a new body of work by ourselves and we’re releasing it on our own label. It’s a huge deal for us to only have ourselves to answer to at this point in our career and the song is about that, where the buck stops via the basic imagery of foie gras production, bondage. . .y’know, stuff like that.” To heck out their new song, click here and to check out some early tour dates for 2015, click here.

Randy Blythe is a busy man these days with a book entitled Dark Days coming out soon, a new album in the work, but now the Lamb Of God frontman is going to be appearing on the silver screen in Taiwan that is. The singer is filming a movie that is being made by Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. Here is what Randy wrote on his instagram account about his trip to Taiwan:

First day at a new job. Ok, despite the fact that I love running all over Asia, taking pictures, & eating, I am really here to WORK. This is my friend Doris & I earlier today on the set of a movie that she & her band, Chthonic are making. Chthonic are from Taiwan, & they have been good friends of mine since we did Ozzfest ’07 together. Three years ago they flew me over to sing a few songs with them at a show they held in an ancient temple in the mountains of Taiwan, then me & my wife kicked it here for two weeks on vacation- Taiwan is a beautiful island, one of the hidden jewels of Asia I believe, & I couldn’t wait to come back. Then earlier this year Freddy (Chthonic’s singer) asked me “Hey, do you wanna be in an action movie we are making?” Let’s see, lemme think about tha- UM, YES. So I flew here from Japan after Knotfest & started filming today. The movie is supposed to primarily be a comedy with lots of action & knowing Chthonic, a bit of politics- without giving away too much of the plot, let’s just say there is a bit of civil unrest my character & the star of the movie (who is a really famous actor in Taiwan) participate in. I’ll put some behind the scenes shots up as I get time- early call for the set tomorrow, so I’m gonna crash. PS- these are not my sunglasses- I’m supposed to look “Rock Star-ish” & my regular clothes weren’t rock star enough (I guess the Army surplus store on the Southside of RVA doesn’t carry rock star duds, hahaha)- the sunglasses kinda make feel 1970′s Asian film star though- kinda like late era-Bruce Lee. But a lot taller. And not Asian. And without being able to crush someone’s chest with a one inch punch. Dammit! Ok, so I’m not like Bruce Lee at all, hahaha. Still, it’s gonna be FUN. PPS- no, there is no English title for the movie… YET. I’ll let y’all know when there is one.

At a show in Las Vegas, Kerry King revealed some exciting news about Slayer for 2015 and here is what he said regarding a new album as transcribed by, “We just pretty much got done recording. We’re gonna go in for, like, ten days at the end of this run … and record some more stuff. We’ve got enough for a record now. We’re just gonna go in and record some more, ’cause we have time. And that should be out early next year.”

Billy Corgan may have gotten Tommy Lee to record on the new The Smashing Pumpkins record Monuments to an Elegy, but the frontman has had to look for touring members as Tommy is busy with his Motley Crue final tour thing. Billy has brought Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk and The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer along with Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder for their December dates. Check out the new track Tiberius here.

Arch-Enemy-Jeff-Loomis-630x420Jeff Loomis of Nevermore fame has a new gig these days and it’s with Arch Enemy. The guitarist was announced as the new member of the band yesterday as Nick Cordle exits the band. In a statement on Facebook, here is what Jeff had to say, “I’m very excited to be playing with Arch Enemy. Michael Amott and I have stayed in contact over the years since we toured together when I was playing in Nevermore. Not only do I admire his guitar playing and songwriting, but I also consider him a close friend. To be able to share the stage with Michael, Sharlee, Daniel and Alissa is something I’m really looking forward to. 2015 is going to be a great year… See you all on tour!” Exiting guitarist Cordle also released a statement that read as, “With ‘War Eternal’ I believe we wrote an album together which will stand the test of time, and I wish them well for the future.” Chris Amott is currently filling in on guitar for the rest of the remaining dates on the band’s current tour.

Apparently a Guns N Roses biography titled Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction by Marc Carter is going to be made into a feature film. Book Co-author Jack Lue says that they are in talks to get the book turned into a biopic and not a documentary while author Carter says that the film is going to be made, “by people that will do it right…I do have a big say-so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool.” Be on the look out for that.

Here are the following tour dates for the upcoming Marilyn Manson Tour called The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour:

01/21 – Washington, D.C. – The Fillmore
01/23 – Philadelphia, Pa. – Electric Factory
01/24 – Sayreville, N.J. – Starland Ballroom
01/26 – New York, N.Y. – Terminal 5
01/27 – Long Island, N.Y. – Paramount
01/28 – Boston, Ma. – House Of Blues
01/30 – Pittsburg, Pa. – Stage AE
01/31 – Bethlehem, Pa. – Sands Bethlehem
02/02 – Toronto, Ontario – Sound Academy
02/03 – Detroit, Mich. – Fillmore
02/05 – Chicago, Ill. – Riviera Theatre
02/06 – Prior Lake, Minn. – Mystic Lake Casino
02/07 – Milwaukee, Wis. – Eagles Ballroom
02/09 – St. Louis, Mo. – The Pageant
02/11 – Denver, Colo. – Fillmore
02/13 – Tempe, Ariz. – Marquee
02/14 – Las Vegas, Nev. – House Of Blues

Here is a story courtesy of The House Of Hair Online:

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital and underwent kidney surgery this past week, causing him to cancel a charity gig in Champaign, IL. Pete Evick, who plays guitar in Bret’s solo band, posted an update on Facebook, saying that Bret had been in and out of six hospitals with kidney concerns over the past two weeks and even performed with two stents in so as not to “let the fans down.”

Eventually, his devotion to performing caught up with him. Said Evick, “I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after [one of the shows Bret performed while ill].  Bret looked at me and said, “Just head to Champaign, we have to makeThursday’s show up. Bret was again taken to a hospital and this time given medication that would keep him down. The doctors basically refused to release him.” Evick also mentioned Bret’s previous health problems that he struggled to overcome, which include “the appendectomy a few years ago, the brain hemorrhage, and recently his scare in Boston with the flu/severe blood sugar on stage earlier this year [Bret is a lifelong diabetic].” Bret is pictured recovering in his hospital bed.




courtesy of wikipedia

Ah don’t be surprised that I picked this album as the next album of the week. Yes I know that it follows a Slayer album, but in terms of the 80’s it is an iconic record and this is the stuff I grew up on as a kid. Poison burst onto the scene in 1986 with their debut album Look What The Cat Dragged In that saw Hair Metal get completely glammed out. The only thing that puzzles me is how people confused these four dudes for chicks when they picked up the album for the first time in a record store. I can clearly see that they are four ugly dudes that look like girls. Nevertheless, they are some great songs on the record from Bret Michaels, CC Deville, Rikki Rockett, and Bobby Dall.

File:Crytoughpoison.jpgIn August of 1986, Cry Tough made it’s debut as the first single for the group in a song about believing in yourself. The rhythm section of Rockett and Dall start of the song before CC comes in with the clean guitar. Before you know it, the energy elevates when CC slides the pick down the fretboard. Poison’s own brand of oversexed sleaze rock comes alive for I Want Action with it’s infectious sing along chorus and hip grooves. It’s powerchord heaven on this record. One of my favorite ballads is up next in I Won’t Forget You and you can’t help but sing along to it. I remember the music video for the song made me want to be a rock star showing their life on the road .


One of my favorite tracks on the record is next in Play Dirty which is raw and raunchy, the way I like it. It’s one of the many songs on the album that has themes of anti-social behavior. The title track is next and it’s the heaviest and coolest track on the whole record with it’s 70’s glam punk feel to it. My favorite line in the song is when he sings about having a girl on the left of him and a girl on the right. He then responds with, “You know damn well, I slept with both last night.” The lustful and most recognizable song on the whole record, Talk Dirty To Me, catapulted Poison to a whole new level especially with the music video on MTV. It’s an ambitious song about sex that sees the band take advantage of their 70’s glam rock influences to a whole level. Fun fact, CC wrote this song before he was even in poison, it’s the song he used to audition for the band.

File:Talk Dirty To Me.jpgThe next track on the record is another favorite of man called Want Some, Need Some and it’s another track on the record with the theme of lust. Blame On It You is a track about sexual frustration especially when you think you’re doing everything you can to get in a girl’s pants. #1 Bad Boy is a track that has a lot of swagger where I bet in the 80’s guys felt they were total bad boys listening to this. Let Me Go The Show closes out the album in a track about a kid wanting nothing more than to go the rock and roll show. I love how the song ends with the father screaming, “You heard your mother, turn that shit off.” Then the typical rock and roll ending comes along with Bret making some weird sound effect at the end.

a2One thing that I will say about Poison is that every album was always consistent from beginning to end. This album was raw and that is what I loved about a lot of 80’s bands debut albums.You can’t deny that Appetite For Destruction’s rawness isn’t amazing cause it is.  This is truly is an amazing rock and roll album if you take away any preconceived notions you may have had about them. Poison was one of the premier bands of the eighties which meant they had loyal fans and loyal detractors. Anyways, I’m giving the album four stars out of five. If you don’t like it, tough the complaint department is closed.

I believe that is a photoshopped picture of Bret