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32-ogWhile this piece is going to be an opinion piece, I always remind you the Readers to take my opinion for what it is, but I have been too plenty of conventions to form this opinion. I have been going to Rock and Shock, a horror convention in Worcester, MA since 2015, I have been to two Rhode Island Comic Cons, and Three Super Megafests. I have spent plenty of money meeting all the movie stars, wrestlers, comic book artists, and everyone in between to form this opinion and this year’s Rock and Shock has been the best convention I have ever been to. This year’s Rock and Shock featured stars like Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks/The Wraith), Ray Wise (Cat People/Twin Peaks), Adrienne King (Friday The 13TH), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Bill Johnson (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Derek Mears (Friday The 13TH 2009), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13TH Parts 7, 8, 9, 10), Adam Green (Hatchet), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), and so many more. With so many big names of the genre, it was hard to gauge coming in how everyone would react to the stark raving mad horror fans like me.

72070314_10217302401245635_7744229040059318272_nOne name on the list gave me hope for the rest of the show and that was original final girl Adrienne King who first gained fame as Alice in the original 1980 Friday The 13TH. The moment I approached her table, she was the sweetest woman on the planet who gets her fans 1000% and she was just a joy to talk to. I was feeling good about myself after meeting her that I made my way to Edwin Neal’s table who first appeared to us as The Hitchhiker in the original 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and we had a great conversation about the power the film had in its time and for years that followed. I couldn’t believe it, two for two, this had to be some odd anomaly because you never get two sweet people in a row. I then made my way five feet over to John Dugan who made his debut in the horror world alongside Neal as Grandpa and what an amazing gentlemen he was and Dugan was so knowledgeable that he has made me a fan for life. The one thing that we both could agree on is that Hollywood does not truly care about the horror genre otherwise we would have a category at the Oscars for it if they did. At this point, every has been great to my friend and I and it was smooth sailing from that point on as every one was amazing. Dan Yeager was amazing, Sherilyn Fenn was amazing, and Adam Green and Felissa Rose were always the nicest people to meet at a convention. A certain head spinning, green vomiting, cross shoving in the crotch area legend who appeared last year could learn a thing or two about humility. I want to thank the organizers of this convention on a job well done and I hope that there will be more to come next year.

IMG_4440Believe it or not, today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film is one that I have never seen all the way through. When I saw that Netflix had John Carpenter’s Escape From LA  available to watch online, I jumped at the opportunity to see it. The film once again stars Kurt Russell as the bad ass outlaw Snake Pilskin. It supposedly 15 years after the events of Escape From New York and the world has changed just a little bit. The president changed the constitution and he rules forever and Los Angeles is no longer apart of California in the year 2013 (only criminals and deported civilians are sent there). The problem is that the president (Cliff Robertson)’s daughter Utopia (A.J. Langer) has stolen a device that takes satellites and it can shut down power all over the world and she is somewhere in LA with the villainous Cuervo Jones (Georges Corraface) . So, the president gets Snake Pilskin into LA to retrieve the device in 10 hours or he dies and the whole world suffers. The film also stars Peter Fonda (Easy Rider) as Pipeline, Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) as Map To The Stars Eddie, Valeria Golino (Rain Man) as Taslima, Stacy Keach (American History X) as Cmdr. Malloy, Pam Grier (Coffy) as Hershe Las Palmas, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) as Surgeon General Of Beverly Hills, Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica) as Brazen, and the film was directed by John Carpenter. Before we check out the review, let’s look at the stats:

escape Stats










IMG_4446This is definitely one of the most iconic and bad ass characters that Kurt Russell has ever played in Outlaw Snake Pilskin. As far as the stats are concerned, he has 24 estimated kills and I say that cause it could have been more, but hard to tell. He did however win one basketball game that he was told to play. He has no origin story and no love interest. One of the things I did was as far as a Love Interest/Family/Friend getting hurt, I answered that with no because he hasn’t really known the people for too long to really consider them friends in my opinion. The big boss is defeated in the film, but you have to see the way it’s done cause it’s poetic justice for Snake. You have to think that a lot of the film is done in that 90’s special effects that still have a little bit of that 80’s flare to the look that I loved about the original. The acting is as good as expected with this film as Steve Buscemi really shines as a two timing weasel in the film and Valeria Golino looks absolutely hot in this film. One of the elements that I enjoyed about the film besides all the outrageous action is all of the sets. The way they make Los Angeles look like a modern wasteland. That was what was enjoyable to me and it was also enjoyable to see Bruce Campbell as the surgeon general of Beverly Hills. The first one was a classic and exceeded all expecatations and this one doesn’t disappoint either. I am going to give it 3.7 fists out of five for a final grade.

220px-Evil_Dead_II_posterYou can’t seem to have a Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween without the brilliance of Sam Raimi and his cool special effects of the Evil Dead series. Last year I covered the remake and this year I chose one of my favorite films in the original series in Evil Dead 2 which once again stars Bruce Campbell as Ash in this horror comedy spoof of the first film. This film briefly gives you a recap in the beginning of all the events that took place in the first film before we see our main character Ash taking his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) on a romantic trip in the woods to what seems to be an abandoned cabin. While in the cabin, the two discover a tape machine that has some recorded passages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (The Book Of The Dead) and the two do not realize that they have summoned the evil dead back to life. After battling the dead, he is joined by four more people in the cabin owner’s daughter Annie (Sarah Berry), her boyfriend Ed (Richard Domeier), Jake (Dan Hicks), and Bobbie Joe (Kassie Wesley DePaiva) in a battle to save their lives as they battle flesh possessing demons and other ungodly beings that are looking to destroy them all. Can they end the madness or will they all fall prey to the evil that surrounds them. The film also stars Ted Raimi (Candyman) as the possessed Henrietta, John Peakes (6 Souls) as Professor Raymond Knowby, and Lou Hancock ( The Fisher King) as Henrietta Knowby and a whole list of guys that played the part of Fake Shemp (Sol Abrams, Josh Becker, Scott Spiegel, Thomas Kidd, Mitch Cantor, and Jenny Griffith).

evil_dead2_4While the film can be really goofy most of the time and Bruce Campbell plays the roles the only way he knows how, we should all focus our time on the special effects and the creature department. Yes this film may be a total blood fest from beginning to end with the actors constantly getting sprayed with an over excessive amount of blood, but some the creatures or demons they use in this film are awesome considering the time the film was made. One of my favorites in this film comes towards the end of the film where the giant tree breaks into the house and it tries to eat Ash because that in my opinion was awesome.  The tree just looks so evil and they detail on him is incredible as well as all the other creatures in this film too. Some of the scenes in the film can be plain goofy like the battle Ash has with his own hand among others. When this film came out back in 1987, it was a minor hit only making $6 million in the box office, but it only cost $3.6 million dollars to make the film. A lot of the critics loved the film when they first reviewed it and the film holds a 98% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website because the general consensus believes that the increased special effects helped the film become great. I have to agree with everyone hence my opening sentence to this paragraph so I am going to give this film a B+ for a final grade because it helped set up my favorite film in the series Army Of Darkness.

evil deadI remember the first time that I watched the original Sam Raimi directed Evil Dead at my ex-girlfriend’s house. The movie starred b-movie legend Bruce Campbell and as a fan of horror I never took it seriously. I thought it was too goofy and over the top especially with Campbell. I wanted films that were going to scare the crap out of me not make me laugh. I can appreciate what they did with the original film and I can understand why fans love it so much, but when I heard they were coming out with a remake I was instantly curious on what direction they would take. In this version of Evil Dead, Jane Levy (Fun Size) plays Mia, a girl that is looking to her friends and family to help her through a drug addiction. So, Mia alongside her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez), his girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), friends Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), and Olivia (Jessica Lucas) try to help her sober up. The only problem is that one of them gets their hands on the book of the dead and he unleashes unholy hell on all of them. 

evil dead 2The one thing that I will say about this film is that if you are a fan of blood and guts then this is the film for you. They finally made it into a legit horror film in my eyes. Now, I know I am probably going to get a lot of boos on that statement, but that is just the way that I feel. This movie was intense from beginning to end and you got love the raining blood scene at the end. When I was watching that I kept thinking of Slayer’s Raining Blood the whole entire time. Some of the scenes in this film are so graphic that I had to look away a couple of times. I loved the set choice they made for the film because it was eerie and it made you believe that some weird sh** like that would go down in those woods. Director Fede Alvarez does an amazing job with this movie in my opinion which was why the film is getting an A- in my opinion.