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COMIC TITLE: Black Cat Annual #1 (2019)
Joey Vazquez– Artist
Jed MacKay–Writer
November 13, 2019
Marvel Comics 

IMG_5794There were not a lot of comics that were coming out this week that I was interested in unless you were already following some storylines. Out of all the various companies, Marvel Comics was the big winner this week and that is why I chose Black Cat Annual #1 as this week’s Comic Book Of The Week. For those that do not know what an annual is in the comic book world, it is a chance for publications to release an issue once a year that has a longer story or sometimes multiple stories that may not fit in the scheme of things with the regular monthly release. Black Cat’s series happens to be one that I have been enjoying  and this one gets interesting because Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) are getting married. Well, you see they are sort of getting married even though they broke up, but Peter is doing it because Felicia has asked for his help in the case of a Maggia crime family wedding. Meanwhile, Christopher Coffin is doing his best to break into some kind of vault while Bruno Grainger breaks into an old S.H.I.E.L.D. facility to prove that no one pays attention to big dumb looking guys. The issue was written by Jed MacKay (Spider-Geddon) and illustrated by Joey Vazquez (Magnificent Ms. Marvel).

IMG_5793I have to be honest in saying that I like annuals because you get stories sometimes that don’t exactly fit in the scheme of the series and sometimes it’s the crew just having fun with their specific title. I definitely felt that way about this specific issue and that it was Jed MacKay having fun with the title while keeping it as close to the series as he possibly can. Who would of thought the idea of a crime family that when both families are in a disagreement that two potential newlyweds have to fight each other to the death. If it’s someone that you truly love then how do you just kill them for the sake of two families? Nevertheless, it’s a wild and zany adventure like only Spider-Man would have in his comics and he goes on the adventure with the the beautiful Felicia Hardy which is a conflict of interest, but they used to date. At first, it has it’s moments where you are asking what is the point of these side stories, but it will all make sense when you keep reading on and it’s kind of cool because it’s like Ocean’s 11 where you see the main characters doing their thing before it goes to the side characters and what they are doing. The comic has plenty of action and the action is good and it’s funny when it needs to be. I love the artwork in the main story more than I do in some of the side stories. I felt in Bruno’s story that some of the artwork just got a little lazy, but that is OK. It’s easy to follow along with and the colors are vibrant as they bring it to life on your page. Check it out and check out the grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+